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sadistbiker t1_j4vt1i2 wrote

More laws that won’t be enforced. If drivers can get away with hundreds of camera citations, how will this work?


dctexan202 t1_j4w9m6x wrote

Yup! More laws that will financially penalize law-abiding drivers… while the Maryland drivers will still face no consequences of driving like they’re playing Carmageddon


rektide t1_j55xq23 wrote

Carmageddon was such a great game haha.


unenlightenedgoblin t1_j4xblq9 wrote

The answer is simple—you boot the car if tickets aren’t paid. Driving is a privilege, not a right.


sadistbiker t1_j4xbre7 wrote

It’s working out great with those drivers who already have plenty of tickets. So simple.


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j4vtgrc wrote

Nearly all the excessive noise seems to be caused by Dodge Challengers and Chargers. So you could either ban those vehicles, or somehow prevent men with tiny dicks from driving.


sadistbiker t1_j4vu98d wrote

Are Honda Civics not an issue anymore?


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j4vv2bi wrote

Not in DC, they're all sitting on soda crates without wheels.


sadistbiker t1_j4vvdma wrote

Those are Accords. But you didn’t get my joke with Civics being known to be loud because people saw fast and furious so they would get the Autozone exhaust.


metrazol t1_j4zts7d wrote

Excuse me sir, but is that the V-Tech kicking in I hear?


Snow_source t1_j4wal8x wrote

Yeah, they still are with their coffee can exhausts.

Less so than Challengers/Mustangs that like to race up and down 16th street.


rektide t1_j55xff3 wrote

If you'd asked me 2 years ago I also would have said 80% of the problem is those two cars specifically.

Now a days though, I'm not noticing any core group of offenders, it's gotten pretty diverse.

The worst is the worst by a lot though: there is a regular Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk who shows up every couple weeks late at night & does as much as they can to be loud. You can hear coming & going for miles, screaming out of every start-stopping. There's a bunch of Audis and some Lamborghinis that seem semi-regular offenders. There's the guy who has a vespa-style scooter & locks up the brakes & has this absurd 'omg is someone going to die' near-accident wheels screeching sound as they approach every stop sign; that is a very special breed of asshole, and one who must spend a lot a lot a lot of money on their tiny tires to keep pulling that shit, but thankfully they only show up a couple times a year (again late at night).

Pre 2020 though, holy cow yes it was so wild how these two cars specifically were a constant menace to the public peace.


IcyWillow1193 t1_j4z92z8 wrote

Smalldicks also like souped up Civics, Subarus, Mercedes and BMWs. A lot of times it isn't even real engine noise, increasingly these cars electronically generate that noise.


EastoftheCap t1_j4vzncr wrote

Does this include the ATV or are they still protected from any form of enforcement?


Free_Dog_6837 t1_j4wiefu wrote

this will not be enforced. everyone is protected from any form of enforcement


RoeRoeRoeYourVote t1_j4w9sgv wrote

I know that we can do multiple things at once, but I'd really prefer literally any kind of repercussion or engineering deterrents so as not to get hit by drivers when biking and walking over noise issues. I can't be mad about loud AF vehicles if I'm in the hospital after being hit by one of them.


iwantsleeep t1_j4xsvix wrote

I would imagine there is a decent overlap between people with aftermarket exhausts that make their car obnoxiously loud and people who drive recklessly.


temporarytuna t1_j4x7dub wrote

Agreed, I'd gladly take more noise if it meant that bicyclists and pedestrians are actually protected. It's a mess out there.


Appropriate-Ad-4148 t1_j4w8677 wrote

Cops just need to pull more people over for traffic violations and nuisances.

I’m not going to be surprised if the man children riding their 3-wheelers(or Land Rovers) around alone blasting bass at 4 AM are riding dirty.


rektide t1_j55yjpk wrote

I'm really curious if that would change anything over automated enforcement.

If someone has $4k in long overdue tickets & they get pulled over, could they potentially have their car booted or impounded? If so, then yeah pulling people seems like a decent plan to start handling some of the shitty drivers. But if the cop can only issue another ticket & send them on their way, there wouldn't be any advantage vs automated (un-)enforcement.


A_Swell_Gaytheist OP t1_j4vpwy2 wrote

Research has shown strong evidence that city noise has a wide range of negative health impacts, including higher blood pressure, stress, hearing damage, reduced sleep, and more. There’s also a link between noise levels and cognitive issues like dementia. Black and brown communities tend to be disproportionately impacted by these outcomes.


joe_sausage t1_j4w0spv wrote

I’d be SO INTO THIS except no one will give a fuck.


IndependentYoung3027 t1_j4vypx1 wrote

Lol another law that won’t get enforced. Why make things illegal if you won’t enforce misdemeanors anyway. Such a waste of time


Evening_Chemist_2367 t1_j4wwi8v wrote

And what if those cars are noisy? Send them a ticket, which will get ignored along with the other $1500 in tickets the car probably already has? If Council wants any credibility, they need to actually start enforcing the laws, booting them and/or towing them and so on.

And don't try to play the "oh, but it's disproportionately poor black people" card - anyone who can afford to pay $60k for a decked-out Challenger, Hellcat or Charger damn well can afford to pay their speeding and red light tickets too. And even if you're poor, that's still not an excuse to speed, run red lights and otherwise drive like a maniac to rack yourself up those tickets.

It's sad and pathetic that we see more vehicular enforcement from Secret Service and Park Police and other agencies than we do from MPD.


Kitchen_Software t1_j4vw7o4 wrote

So, lower punitive measures for violent/gun crimes, but increase them for loud cars?

Such strange priorities. I'd call murder and carjackings "frustrating disruptions" but hey what do I know


whatwasthatdudesname t1_j4w5qty wrote

>Such strange priorities

I do hope none of Pinto's voters were expecting her to be a pragmatic representative or at all in touch with real-world problems.


A_Swell_Gaytheist OP t1_j4wdd0z wrote

The punitive measures for violent/gun crimes are still very high. Have you even looked at the RCC?


Bushels_for_All t1_j4wlc1t wrote

How about you start with the ambulances that regularly drive under the speed limit while blaring their sirens at midnight? This is a common occurrence on my street.

The streets are empty at that time of night. Either 1) it's an emergency enough to drive fast so by all means use the siren to warn cars against pulling out, or 2) it's not an emergency enough to drive fast so you don't need the siren.


ChubsBronco t1_j4wpvgd wrote

Fun fact, DC law doesn’t allow for ambulances to go over the speed limit.


Bushels_for_All t1_j4wwhxa wrote

That is very interesting.

So I guess the only question left is why they think a piercing siren is necessary going 20 mph on an empty residential street.


DeliMcPickles t1_j4xiudm wrote

They're required to have both lights and siren activated.


ZuluYankee1 t1_j4wxage wrote

Former EMT here, if I got into an accident and my sirens were not on while running lights I could have lost my job for reckless driving.


Tekanid t1_j4ys7rt wrote

We all know red lights aren’t enforced here nothing to worry about


A_Swell_Gaytheist OP t1_j4xkszk wrote

There’s been research into this topic as well and sirens actually don’t speed up EMT vehicles. I’d happily support reducing siren noise as well.


Bushels_for_All t1_j4xseuq wrote

MPD sirens are those fantastic dull ones that don't disturb residential areas. I would love for DC ambulances to adopt something like that.


tpeterr t1_j4w95et wrote

Tire noise is a major culprit. Would be better for noise, pollution, and road safety for all users (cars, bikes, peds) to drop the speed limit to sub-30 throughout the city.


sadistbiker t1_j4wkhni wrote

According to DDOT, speed limit is 20mph if there is no posted speed limit. But as seen almost everywhere, speed limits are pointless unless enforced.


ZuluYankee1 t1_j4wxt47 wrote

Hello fellow Orange piller.


rektide t1_j55yx03 wrote

"Here's my take: car horns should be as loud inside the car as outside"


People who aggressively honk & freak out anytime they feel mildly inconvenienced are monsters, are absolutely some of the worst noise offenders. I try and try and try to think of what on earth we could possibly do about these garbage subhumans. This is such a great suggestion.


LostLongIslander t1_j4wplkw wrote

LOL this cities government is so dysfunctional it’s a joke


KatzMwwow t1_j4w0tvy wrote

That does not help me not get hit by a car when trying to cross the street.


rektide t1_j561zvl wrote

EV's for example have mandatory sound making requirements (the "hum" sound is fake). We're not talking about making cars silent here. We're talking about dealing with the very loud offenders. So I'm not sure what your qualm is.


no_sight t1_j4wgab9 wrote

Ahh yes, because existing cameras with nonenforcement has been going so well


dirtypinksweatshirt t1_j4x05lh wrote

I take the point that the enforcement mechanism for this kind of thing is broken in DC, but I do think that reducing vehicle noise is a worthwhile goal, so it’d be cool if something could be figured out. In an ideal world, it would affect the ATV’s and dirt bikes too, which are loud as hell!


AngelsGoHome t1_j4vv640 wrote

I think it’s a mistake to focus on the noisiest of the noisy. Just work on reducing single occupancy vehicle usage and turn more public space over to (quiet) buses, street cars, and bikes.


A_Swell_Gaytheist OP t1_j4vztic wrote

I don’t think this is mutually exclusive. Paris, for example, has been reducing car usage by turning over space and installing noise cameras on remaining roads.


jednorog t1_j4xlrer wrote

Seems like a good measure. I hope the Council pairs it with a way to make fines (or other penalties) meaningful again.


GhostDawg01 t1_j4zuftl wrote

Sounds oike a crock o' shit to me.


rektide t1_j561lkv wrote

Ah yes, public peace, how horrible that would be!

What don't you like about this?


GhostDawg01 t1_j564f9y wrote

You want quiet go live in the fucking forest! This is the city.


rektide t1_j57kljm wrote

Just my opinion here, but... there's only a couple ultra-problematic shits that make things unpleasant. Being in a city doesn't give them license to be giant prats to entire neighborhoods.

Have some respect & decency for your fellow man.


GhostDawg01 t1_j5a52b4 wrote

Agreed but most people who move here will complain about normal city things. Look no further than the silly bike lanes.


Macrophage87 t1_j4w3e5n wrote

Also, is there some reason that trains have to blow their horn at 2 AM? In virtually all parts of the district, you can't get on the railroad tracks accidently, because it's surrounded by fencing. It's not like rural areas where people regularly cross the tracks, it's grade separated everywhere. The idea that we need to give a warning signal seems silly. The only people on those tracks are railroad workers and passengers, who clearly know about trains coming; and trespassers, where it's their own fault.


hooliganswoon t1_j4wourf wrote


Macrophage87 t1_j4wvoap wrote

>Establishing Quiet Zones:

The final rule also provides an opportunity for localities nationwide to mitigate the effects of train horn noise by establishing “new quiet zones.” “No horn” restriction which may have existed prior to the establishment of the rule may be qualified to be “pre-rule quiet zones”. In a quiet zone, railroads have been directed to cease the routine sounding their horns when approaching public highway-rail grade crossings. Train horns may still be used in emergency situations or to comply with other Federal regulations or railroad operating rules. Localities desiring to establish a quiet zone are first required to mitigate the increased risk caused by the absence of a horn.

This is an option too. I like trains and all but should the entire northeast have to hear loud blasts at 2 AM if there are other options? Clearly we don't want to jeopardize safety, but shouldn't some allowance be made for quiet hours.