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marjoramandmint t1_j64pnxl wrote

This place is so dangerous. Easy walking distance from my home, the owner has the best friendly smile every time I walk in, and it's easy to think, "I'm just supporting a local business!" when the urge to replace dinner with ice cream comes up. 10/10 fantastic addition to the neighborhood.


solidrecommendations t1_j64yylt wrote

Is he making ice cream or selling it? I don’t live nearby, but if he’s making the ice cream I’ll make a point of checking it out at some point.


marjoramandmint t1_j658ye4 wrote

In a conversation with him early on, he said it was coming from a place in PA (and probably more, but that's the limits of my memory). Per a June 2021 article in Petworth News, "He is sourcing his ice cream initially from family-owned since 1894 Hershey Creamery (not associated with Hershey Chocolate) in Pennsylvania, but eventually wants to grow to include some more dairy-free options that he will be able to source more locally. For now, in addition to regular ice cream, they plan to also have sorbet, sherbet and yogurt." (

I don't know how far he's gotten on the plans to do anything more local or in-shop, but many of the flavors he's running now that I recognize are still from Hershey Creamery. He definitely does make waffle cones in-house.


lint_goblin OP t1_j65005g wrote

I don't think he makes it, I believe it's Hershey’s Ice Cream (not affiliated with the chocolate). Not an issue for me because I enjoy it.


No-Lunch4249 t1_j65c9it wrote

TIL that The Hershey Company (chocolate) and Hershey’s Ice Cream are not the same company.

I was so incredulous that I decided to google it and boy it’s even weirder than just sharing a name. Both companies were founded in Lancaster County, PA in the same year by different families and have sued eachother multiple times over the name thing.


marjoramandmint t1_j65bnwh wrote

And one more thought - I don't know of any place that is making the ice cream in-house these days, not since the guy that used to be just over the border in Takoma Park shut down. Do you know of any place that I'm missing for that?


solidrecommendations t1_j65cghr wrote

Ice cream Jubilee for sure … idk whether it’s actually at each location, but they make their own ice cream and are a local brand. Fantastic stuff.


marjoramandmint t1_j65faf4 wrote

D'oh - how did I forget them?! Used to go to her first shop all the time when she first opened in Navy Yard. Really love some of the less common flavors they've made, especially - cardamom and black pepper, or the cheese crackers one from a "childhood snacks" flight.


Falxman t1_j69plp9 wrote

They have a production kitchen up near Union Market which distributes to their 3 locations.


stitchbones t1_j664xfe wrote

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream in Mount Pleasant makes theirs in-house in small batches.


lanabear92294 t1_j68uwhy wrote

Just across the river in pentagon city, Mimi’s makes their ice cream in house. The flavors are really unique and the owner is so nice! Recommend you give it a try (I live in Maryland and travel for it lol). If you care about reviews it has 4.9 on google and five stars on Yelp… can confirm the hype is legit.


marjoramandmint t1_j6agz50 wrote

Ooo, don't think I've heard of this one before - might have to take a detour next time I'm in the area!


Brainjacker t1_j64z4pi wrote

making it, and they change it up pretty frequently. Live in the neighborhood and second the above!


johnbrownbody t1_j64jzzi wrote

The ice cream here is incredible and the owner is legitimately one of the nicest people I've ever met.


go4tli t1_j64onpf wrote

I’ve eaten there, owner is indeed super friendly.

Scoops were cheap compared to the usual gourmet places and the ice cream is on point.

Well worth a visit.


S-contra t1_j64w9ng wrote

Ya this guy is really nice. Ice creams pretty darn good too


AmericanRed91 t1_j65usnn wrote

A great neighborhood place! Good ice cream, great owner. We try to support then whenever we are craving ice cream.


shhhshaunna t1_j668fjc wrote

I went in once for a treat while my face was covered in hives cus of my allergies and he thankfully didn’t mention it and was so nice as I figured out what I wanted!


acdha t1_j6689av wrote

This is my favorite ice cream shop in the district. I’d suggest dinner at ANXO next door but that requires extreme discipline to have room left.


jaykell6ix t1_j68buth wrote

I’ve never had a more pleasant experience with a business owner than I had here


Totalanimefan t1_j68fq3x wrote

This story really made my day when I read it yesterday. I should go and visit their shop sometime.