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app_priori t1_j65ci1p wrote

If it had been 5 White/non-Black cops arrested, I think it would have been very bad.

But given that it was 5 Black cops who got arrested, I expect that fact to lessen the tension a lot. There's an implied notion that after a decade of many highly publicized cases of police brutality, cops (especially Black men who are cops) should know better. Kudos to the family of the victim and their lawyer calling for calm as well. There's going to be more of a police brutality angle to this one than a race one.

I hope to read more about the service history of these cops. Most likely they all exhibited warning signs in their records.

Policing has a tendency to attract bullies and power-trippers. Given the police officer shortage throughout this country, it is easier for people of bad dispositions to become police officers. Police departments need to be empowered to remove people of poor disposition and tendencies towards authoritarianism from their ranks. Policing is a service, not an excuse to be a jack-booted thug of the state.


Skimster t1_j65wbxl wrote

I think it is also lessened by the fact that all five have already been fired and charged with murder.


go4tli t1_j667e0i wrote

This. There was accountability for the police.

The usual triggering issue is zero accountability for the police.


Skimster t1_j66b6vq wrote

Well, it wouldn’t be full accountability until the arrests were turned into guilty convictions with meaningful sentences, but at least the potential for accountability seems to be proceeding in an appropriate timeframe.


damnatio_memoriae t1_j6e8n8l wrote

accountability for the black police. there were white officers involved too who haven't been held accountable at all. you can see them in the videos.


d00n3r t1_j692dtm wrote

Sure, until it happens again in a few days.


RNconsequential t1_j66tx8u wrote

You did notice how fast they fired and charged the black officers did ya’?


Fit-Negotiation-2917 t1_j693rse wrote

Lol pulling the race card. A victim mentality.

Maybe it also has to do with how they clearly beat the shit out of him on camera?


jofijk t1_j69nwvs wrote

A lot of people from Memphis have posted on the bigger threads that the chief of police is directly responsible for creating the special unit that the 5 cops were on and she’s firing/charging them as more of a political move than anything. The unit is called SCORPION and apparently has received lots of complaints from brown/black neighborhoods that they are aggressive and go out of their way to intimidate. If this was just caught on police body cam the footage would never have seen any publicity. A major part of why the public knows about this is that a security camera caught the full incident. In the security camera video you can see the moment they notice the camera and the demeanor of everyone completely changes


RNconsequential t1_j697p5b wrote

You are funny.

You are willfully ignoring SO MUCH OF LIFE i don’t know how you avoid crashing into people when you drive.


Fit-Negotiation-2917 t1_j69av2n wrote

Lolwut? Shit makes no sense bro lol


RNconsequential t1_j69d5le wrote

You are right. A lot of shit in the real world doesn’t make sense to you. You might want to stop while you are behind. Your stupid is showing out your ass.


Fit-Negotiation-2917 t1_j69hd0z wrote

Good one dude. Glad you are bringing my driving ability into a discussion about the the manslaughter of Tyre.

Your username checks out with regards to your logic and opinions.


RNconsequential t1_j69ma4o wrote

(it is not about your driving but how little you pay attention or understand. now that I have spoon fed you how much you just don’t get it, please stop i am embarrassed for you.)


Fit-Negotiation-2917 t1_j6a50ox wrote

Lol you can’t even spoon feed yourself dude. You can barely type a coherent sentence.


CatsWineLove t1_j68br9l wrote

That was my reaction as well. Interesting that white cop killers cases drag out & rarely end in convictions.


DCArmory1229 t1_j66zovc wrote

Black Cops are always convicted, they don’t get the same pass


International_Ad8264 t1_j66d5dh wrote

I counted at least ten officers in the body cam footage


Existing365Chocolate t1_j69w0ji wrote

Yes which is why they said others are under investigation, though only that 5 actually physically committed the murder and beat down


International_Ad8264 t1_j69ykiy wrote

You can see a white officer kick him in the head at one point, this officer has not been charged


alagrancosa t1_j69o9lf wrote

Agree. This is really the first time-where the perpetrating officers were either fired immediately or charged criminally. Often, we only finally see these videos after months if not years of foi requests and then we often learn that the officer remains on the force.

This whole incident shows what is meant by “structural racism”. Our law enforcement infrastructure evolved from the patchwork of private and public jails and slave catching forces that were used to catch runaways and chasten rebellious or naughty slaves.

As a result of this slave catching, us vs them mentality, a white person is far more likely to be killed by police in the United States or Brazil than a black person in any part of Western Europe.


masteryodaswisdom t1_j6cbr83 wrote

Until the perpetrators are convicted things are not settled. The charges definitely are justified and a good sign of improvement, but if these guys get off there may be additional retaliation. Also the overall nature of grotesque publicized gang violence under the name of law enforcement seems far more impactful than one disgusting cop with a bunch of standbys in the case of George Floyd. Even if everyone involved gets convicted it's still an unsatisfactory response for most people that are not ok with this behavior


DLive4285 t1_j69pg8s wrote

We definitely need more of them, but hardcore psych evaluations before hiring for sure.


releasesafeties t1_j65sybz wrote

MPD is expecting the worst, considering they've canceled our days off and put us all on 12 hour shifts. Obviously that's mostly just in case things get out of hand.


DistrictBaguette t1_j66bukc wrote

MPD trying to justify their budget and overtime


Formergr t1_j66pbim wrote

And if they didn’t try to proactively be prepared and shit went down with not enough of them to handle it, you’d be shitting on them for slacking, right? Pick one.

There’s a lot of legitimate things to criticize MPD for, but being prepared like this when many other cities are doing the exact same thing should not be one of them.


masteryodaswisdom t1_j6cb3c6 wrote

That's cuz after George Floyd they have experience knowing what to expect. If protests happen again, police will be even more equipped to deal with dissent. Especially since Tyre's execution was so much more violent than George's (imo) and they know people are traumatized, emotional, and upset


Shorseys22 t1_j695qr2 wrote

So you all prepare for this but not J6?

Edit: Downvotes are neat. Nevertheless, MPD knew about it in December. They were also asked to respond during.

Nevertheless, it proves my point. Our police department is a shitshow, and they need better leadership accountability. We as a community should vote to break up their shitty Union and put them on a civilian oversight board while also making all officers obtain liability insurance for actions unbecoming. I’m sick and tired of my dollars going to protect those who don’t protect us.


Acoustic_Ginger t1_j681czx wrote

Ah, so planning to make things worse when y'all get too upset that people are angry at you. Cool, just like every protest.


mimaiwa t1_j655goj wrote

Probably depends on just how horrifying this video turns out to be.

That said, I haven’t seen even close to the amount of online chatter there usually is ahead of major protests.


Brickleberried t1_j6553w2 wrote

No idea. I haven't seen the video to know how bad it is, but by the pre-response, it's probably bad.

However, relative to the George Floyd murder:

  • The cops have already been arrested, which negates one major purpose of potential protests

  • The cops are Black, which works to lessen the racial animosity this could provoke (then again, anecdotally, white cops seem to get arrested less than POC cops for similar crimes, so maybe that'll piss people off too).

  • However, there's also been very little actual police reform since George Floyd, and most police departments across the country have had their budgets increased, so there might be anger at the lack of response from 2.5 years ago.


Texas_Rockets t1_j688g0r wrote

I think the notion that if they were white they wouldn’t have gotten arrested so quickly will be a key factor. But this case was relatively unique in that there is no nuance to be explored, no further facts/evidence that could change the understanding of what happened, and it was all caught entirely on video. It was straight up just 5 cops beating a man to death. There’s no ambiguity here that might give the police chief pause.


Turtlepower7777777 t1_j68aupc wrote

Fun fact: if you treat all police forces in the US as a military, they would be the third most funded military organization in the world (only behind China and US military)


BellbergDC t1_j656cf9 wrote

Lol very little police reform? Did you miss the two huge bills recently passed by the council?

DC is ahead of everyone when it comes to reform.


Brickleberried t1_j65aeoa wrote

Police reform != criminal justice reform.


ThatsALovelyShirt t1_j65jfda wrote

The RCCA is literally reforming the criminal code. By reducing almost all penalties. Including for things like sexual assault and rape.

It's got very little to do with police, except having them spend $50 million on retraining. Most of the changes have to do with giving lenient judges more power.


BellbergDC t1_j664xg8 wrote

Umm you do know they have a huge police reform bill they passed as well right?


ThatsALovelyShirt t1_j66a09s wrote

OK so then both were passed. What's that got to do with my response or the RCCA?

I was responding to:

> Police reform != criminal justice reform


Itwantshunger t1_j65ibbc wrote

Dealing with MPD over major issues last year, I can say they disengage more often now. I don't think that was the lesson for them to learn, but that is the biggest shift they've made. They are highly aware of media optics.


BellbergDC t1_j664tox wrote

What’s the lesson you want them to learn? They are more passive and disengage to avoid community outrage. Why enforce minor crimes that can lead to horrible outcomes?


Itwantshunger t1_j667obr wrote

I don't know. I deal with a lot of vulnerable people in DC, and I have no idea.


BellbergDC t1_j66bsal wrote

Ok so you don’t know what the lesson was supposed to be, but you know MPD didn’t learn the correct one. Sure.


Itwantshunger t1_j6l744g wrote

Just to revisit, the MPD cops told me I had to remove mentally unstable intruders from my own building after several breaking and entering reports from me. But yes, make sure I feel bad about not solving policing in America.


BellbergDC t1_j6ll0i1 wrote

Were you the mentally unstable person by chance?


thriftshopmusketeer t1_j666pyb wrote

“Don’t fuckin beat and murder people so goddamn much”


BellbergDC t1_j66c996 wrote

Umm ok…so MPD is beating and murdering people? Maybe you aren’t from here but for the most part this sub agree that MPD isn’t aggressive: particularly after the reform bills started but if that’s what you want to believe have at it.


justmahl t1_j65508z wrote

Police were fired and expected to be charged with murder. Not sure there's much anger in any protest. If this were the case anytime these kind of scenarios happened, you wouldn't have had hardly any of the protests we've had in the past.


greetedworm t1_j65kng3 wrote

The anger will be about the fact that it keeps on happening, also the video is supposed to be pretty horrific and given the timing of the release people arent gonna be able to process it before protesting and they're gonna react with a lot of raw emotion.


justmahl t1_j65lo0z wrote

There's frustration that it keeps happening but what angers most is that our intelligence gets insulted and we're told no crime was committed. This is being treated as a crime and while there will be questions about how this even happened, this is the bare minimum of what we as a community want.


LilInterweb t1_j65k5bo wrote

I mean, the video is from a street camera. The police did not have their body cameras on. That’s an institutional issue that should have been fixed decades ago. The police decision the men were in was named Scorpion 🦂. Does that seem like a Community Safety based police culture? I know the acronym is stands for something about protection and safety but clearly the name was dreamed up by a room full of toxic male energy. Why were five officers called to a traffic stop? That should have been a red flag.

The police chief has seen the footage and she is trying to take the hot air out of the room but is she addressing how she could have prevented this? How her department policies could have stopped 5 men from going to a traffic stop?

You don’t just beat a man to death out of the blue, all five of these men no doubt displayed behavior prior to this incident that the department should have picked up on.

We also don’t know if this was a homophobic hate crime. And we all know police need reform ACROSS this country including right here in DC. A protest would show the DC police that we as a community will not stand for violence and murder against any one in our community.


rlezar t1_j665lx2 wrote

> The police did not have their body cameras on.

Where did you get this nonsense from? The video that's about to be released is from their body cameras.


Gilyon01 t1_j65xw93 wrote

Where the heck did you get the idea that this was related to homophobia or a hate crime? Are you just coming up with random suppositions?


LilInterweb t1_j664l89 wrote

I’m honestly wondering why five BLACK police officers attack and beat to death another black man. Normally the cops are white and racist. Something else seems to be driving this one. I fear it is either homophobia, gang, or someone knew something about the victim such as who he’s sleeping with or something. Black cops don’t just beat up black men.


mastakebob t1_j66fhk9 wrote

>Black cops don’t just beat up black men.



OctoberCaddis t1_j66vkmp wrote

Normally the cops are white and racist? I assure you, we have both cops and racists of all ethnicities in this country.


Stimpy3901 t1_j69kq6r wrote

Race is a factor in all this because for one thing Black communities are more likely to be over policed and therefor Black people have a higher chance of interacting with the police in first place. But, police as a whole are the problem, they are trained to confront issues with violence and when your only tool is a hammer all your problems start looking like nails. You can diversify police forces all day and it’s not going to change this fundamental problem. There’s a lot more than I can get into in a Reddit post, but basically we need to radically reimagine public saftey


LilInterweb t1_j6am6e9 wrote

I agree. I see police is the misc catch all for the failure of other systems. Speeding, we need speed camera, domestic abuse, we need counseling and mental health as well as better paying jobs to prevent financial stress, burglary, we need locks and alarms and insurance that is affordable.

All the things police respond to can be addressed in other ways and more effectively.

Sorry about my comment above but I had hope that diversity would at least stop THIS level of brutality from occurring. But hey, that idea seems to have triggered a lot of folks based on the number of down votes. 🤷‍♂️


CriticalStrawberry t1_j6568t2 wrote

His family has asked for it to remain peaceful, despite the supposed extremely graphic nature of the video to be released tonight.

Hopefully people listen, but I don't have high hopes. Burning our cities and local businesses to the ground all across the country doesn't accomplish anything.


djslarge t1_j65an86 wrote

Protesting doesn’t either Until cops can be held accountable and it doesn’t take inhumane acts of violence for it to happen, this will continue


rosetape t1_j65qrc8 wrote

I’m not worried about protests. I’d be interested in marching in a protest. What I am worried about is certain people using this as an opportunity to smash windows and loot businesses.


throwaway6308 t1_j65r1eg wrote

I work near Lafayette Plaza. We were all told to leave the building by 6pm and there are a ton of police vehicles on Vermont Ave outside the Veterans Affairs office. But everyone seemed pretty calm and not expecting much violence.


[deleted] t1_j652i6g wrote



london_toby t1_j66s7hi wrote

So guess what? The Apple Store at Carnegie Library was indeed closed early today! I tried to go in around 5:30 today and they were closed. Just a guy stood at the door and a sign saying special hours. Maybe a coincidence but now you mention this … who knows.


turnip-taker t1_j66u39h wrote

I don’t think the protests will be that prominent. This is a horrifying situation, but these five sorry excuses for men were fired and charged with murder, so at least we’re seeing accountability—and a lack thereof is why these sorts of protests form. RIP Tyre.


Vortex2121 t1_j67zvvj wrote

My apartment sent out a long email to residents saying to make sure not to let anyone into the building we don't know. Apparently, the police or someone was contacting businesses letting them know that it could get out of hand.


Texasforever1992 t1_j66l15r wrote

I don’t expect it to be near as bad as after George Floyd, but I expect some significant protests. It’s really hard to predict how bad it will be without being able to see the video.


Formergr t1_j66pi8f wrote

The video is out and has been for over two hours. and it sounds horrific just from description.


Ninjroid t1_j65wwe9 wrote

They committed crimes and were arrested and charged with very serious offenses. What the hell are we going to protest??


Formergr t1_j66pf2x wrote

That police keep brutalizing and killing innocent people over and over and over again, maybe?

I’m just spitballing here, though.


Oneightyoner t1_j66axji wrote

I recon itll be more suburbanites and folks padding their CV that'll be out tonight. My general feeling from folks in my neighborhood (NE rhode island ave) is whats the point of protesting if they got arrested?


ottereatingpopsicles t1_j653dyy wrote

Do you think protests would be outside the White House or somewhere else in the city?


terriblymad t1_j667fj8 wrote

One gearing up at 13th & K NW as of about an hour ago


EqualLeg4212 t1_j68nmv5 wrote

I was at BLM plaza/Lafayette Square around 7-8 last night and there were more cops and than protestors. Considering the brutality of this murder it was disappointing to not see more folks out raising their voices.


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j6j346q wrote

More reporters than protesters too. Kind of confirms my previous, downvoted-into-oblivion statement about local apathy when it comes to speaking out about violent crime.


fatcIemenza t1_j651dam wrote

Depends on how bad the video is and how spontaneous the protests are


International_Ad8264 t1_j66dpag wrote

It’s bad, no matter how bad you think it is, it’s worse


Formergr t1_j66o0mn wrote

Just reading fairly detailed descriptions of the video was really really bad. I’m not watching it. Awful.


Fit-Negotiation-2917 t1_j694dhf wrote

I expected worse honestly how people have been acting


International_Ad8264 t1_j694iug wrote

How could it be worse tbh?


Fit-Negotiation-2917 t1_j6950cc wrote

They could have beaten on him more. What they did was bad of course, but I think they could have been more brutal.


TrillboBaggins t1_j65368v wrote

I think it’s gonna be uniquely bad given the response so far


-Sean_Gotti- t1_j652k53 wrote

Memphis Police chief said it’s as bad, if not worse than the Rodney King beating. US Capitol is already barricaded, they know it’s going to get bad.


xscott71x t1_j66c9z6 wrote



Animaled t1_j653t4a wrote

Does anyone know which federal agency sent out this out? It was posted on popville.

“Please be advised that the US Marshals Service is recommending that federal employees evacuate from federal facilities today no later than 3 PM Eastern time (or your equivalent local time).”


NalorakkBotoBoneBros t1_j65d1oj wrote

This isn’t real. We would have received it at my office if it was. Edit: and it would never say “evacuate.” These messages never have that kind of sensationalist language.


darthjoey91 t1_j669zts wrote

Even when they should have that sort of language, like that snowstorm a few years back.


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j655m4o wrote

I have yet to see any proof that it's actually real. Not the first time that Popville has been punked. Absolutely nothing about it on the OPM site.


mastakebob t1_j66fr7z wrote

Yea. US marshalls is a weird source, I've never seen them issue anything general like that. If anything, federal protective service would send that out. And I'm not aware of fps ever doing that either.


MarinaPinotLover t1_j655pvr wrote

I texted a few other fed friends and nobody seems to have gotten this notice haha


dobie_dobes t1_j65eo5g wrote

Fed here. Definitely have not gotten this notice or anything like it.


kalamawho t1_j65hhzd wrote

Which federal agency sent it out? The department of making shit up on the internet.


Formergr t1_j66o7eu wrote

I tried to get a job there last year, but the stupid USAJobs site is so awful.


IcyWillow1193 t1_j65v9me wrote

>“Please be advised that the US Marshals Service is recommending that federal employees evacuate from federal facilities today no later than 3 PM Eastern time (or your equivalent local time).”

that's pretty obvious BS. Popville is a joke as a news source. Usually it's fun to mock the site and its commenters as a relatively harmless haven of hapless urban naïfs, but this seems harmful and clearly intended to stir trouble.


rajits t1_j659d70 wrote

I know that USCP has not sent out any such alert.


throwaway6308 t1_j65r7rq wrote

I didn’t get this message. Marshals in my building said to clear by 6 but it didn’t seem super urgent the way it has been in the past.


HAlbright202 t1_j65th0h wrote

Going to call bullshit on this. Not going to name my employer but it is someplace that would be in the know to this. This post is categorically false and misinformation.


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j653tvo wrote

I don't expect much. For the most part, people here are pretty apathetic about the violent crime that occurs in their own streets, so I don't see them burning down the city over something that happened a thousand miles away, no matter how horrific it may have been.


johnbrownbody t1_j6551dr wrote

People react differently when those with power and authority murder people, more at 11.

Try not to make everything about your pet grievance it's gross.


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j655qm7 wrote

Oh, OK, what is my "pet grievance"?


johnbrownbody t1_j655xj9 wrote

You know your comment history is public yes?


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j6561jh wrote

I do. Now what is this "pet grievance" you speak of?


johnbrownbody t1_j656t2m wrote

> For the most part, people here are pretty apathetic about the violent crime that occurs in their own streets,

Buddy, it's right there. Again your post history is public as well. Why don't you just sit this one out champ.


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j658rhb wrote

Oh, so you don't find that statement to be true? Will you be out there tonight?

There have been 14 homicides in the District of Columbia so far in 2023. That's practically one every other day. But funny, I can't seem to recall 14 protests about a god damned thing. So yeah, I stand by my statement, and I'm flattered that you care so much about my words.


johnbrownbody t1_j65bn6p wrote

>Oh, so you don't find that statement to be true?

What part of "your pet grievance" do you not understand? Also just because you aren't involved in your community or understand how people involved in their community engage with these issues doesn't mean people don't care. This is a complex idea for you, but again based on your post history, you don't have much insight here so it's always good to spell out obvious things for people who dont know any better.

>So yeah, I stand by my statement, and I'm flattered that you care so much about my words

Whatever it takes to make yourself feel better. Sure.