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kirkl3s t1_j6o44gs wrote

I would love prior notification so I can run outside and watch the jets like a 10 year old.

Real talk tho - if you hear jets flying over and think "omg another 9/11" rather than "must be a missing man formation" you might want to talk to a therapist.


soulteepee t1_j6o5wrc wrote

OOh I'd sign it for that reason. And when the V-22s go over, too.


nsjc t1_j6olg4p wrote

Love watching an Osprey fly, magical


LoganSound OP t1_j6oy51f wrote

We considered including enthusiasts but seemed like a weak argument


keyjan t1_j6o3x53 wrote

No. The cemetery lists what funerals are happening every day; figure it out.


TastesLike762 t1_j6o66g2 wrote

The guy who started this is a fucking Karen


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j6oeunp wrote

So that makes you a Karen's Karen. Maybe you should send out KarenAlert texts to keep everybody informed.


empire88 t1_j6o3mzu wrote

lol this is going to go well


KerPop42 t1_j6o6qqn wrote

From a logistics pov, what would that look like? A mass text notification would be more of a nuisance, by and large, and a published calendar wouldn't get to everyone. I could see a text service you could sign up for, though


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j6odykw wrote

It's all in the petition: AlertDC, announcements on social media and websites, as well as issuing press releases in advance. Guess I'd mistakenly assumed that they did this already, like any other responsible organization might.


GuyNoirPI t1_j6owmfj wrote

Nothing responsible about increasing use of public alert systems so people start tuning them out.


LoganSound OP t1_j6oybvl wrote

Actually if you subscribed to it or read the petition you would see there are categories and they are inconsistently applied.


ChubsBronco t1_j6o8zex wrote

Even PoPville, as slow as Dan is to post some things, post about the flyovers in the mornings.


LoganSound OP t1_j6oi0oa wrote

he actually got yesterday's wrong as Arlington Cem' Media Chief told me it wasn't for Collins, but he couldn't tell me who it was for because the family declined media access. They are presently a team of 2, coordinates 25-30 funerals a day. Flyovers are coordinated between individual military branches and the FAA, AlertDC gets the information from FAA.
Considering whether this needs to be re-addressed to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin or head of the FAA acting Administrator Billy Nolen.


nsjc t1_j6okawg wrote

Oh, you are a serious and actually bothering the understaffed Arlington Cemetery staff who focus on making sure our fallen heroes receive a proper and dignified burial? I'm sure Sec. Austin will get right on that.

Yikes. You might want to move to somewhere like North Dakota, just avoid the area near Minot AFB.


onlyarri t1_j6pgzgd wrote

I just read the petition and it seems pretty clear the ask is that the FAA work with AlertDC, not asking Arlington Cemetery folks to do more... the FAA already has the flyover info and the ability to coordinate with AlertDC, it's just asking them to be consistent. Seems pretty uncontroversial IMO.