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TrillboBaggins t1_j68nphm wrote

Folks take note: this is how you complain about DC. A funny post at 5 am on a Saturday lmao


anonbrono t1_j687xmx wrote

Kingman Island, how I’ve wanted to love you for so long, and how you’ve always made me feel so so so disgusted.

The final straw was getting into a f-bomb yelling match with the guy with three giant off leash bullmastiffs that knocked over my kids.

I’ll never return.


jblah t1_j68lo8n wrote

It's an annoying spot because folks will park right on the grass there to fish, literally ignoring the fact they're next to the largest surface lot in the city.


duodmas t1_j69xkay wrote

It drives me up the wall. Especially because MPD does patrols and bike training there regularly. Do they not care? Does anyone care?

I regularly see normal, non-work cars on Kingman that too drives crazy too.


stitchbones t1_j6a23u4 wrote

You're probably seeing the cars of the people who work on the island. The rangers and island manager all work for Living Classrooms. They keep the gate on Benning Road locked, so it's unlikely that anyone else can drive onto the island.


duodmas t1_j6agm9m wrote

That's what I initially thought, but just this week I saw a guy washing his car after hanging out 400 meters in and a photo shoot by someone from Costar (Tesla with their livery) at the same time.

There definitely are some official users but there are people slipping on.


cptjeff t1_j6aq6ci wrote

> Do they not care?


>Does anyone care?

Well, seems like two of you do. Nobody else gives a shit about parking on the grass on what's pretty damn far from a pristine environment.


WaterBubbly t1_j69z5sn wrote

Lighten up, Francis. People going fishing, deal.


jblah t1_j6a0jrz wrote

I don't mind the fishing, but parking your car in the middle of a park? Have some fucking respect and walk the literal thirty feet.


WaterBubbly t1_j6au20w wrote

It's a glorified parking lot on an abandoned sports stadium. You would have been appalled how people parked in lot 8 during DC United, Nationals or Redskins games


redditasa t1_j69i50p wrote

Dig that it's height adjusted 🤣


not_mispelled t1_j6931c4 wrote

Looks like classic Bardo furniture to me


ReticulatingSplines7 t1_j6a3fnk wrote

Ooooooo. Chrysler Town and Country edition. I swear this city is so so fancy.


born_to_kvetch t1_j6atiee wrote

I don’t know. Looks a lot more comfortable than most park benches I see around here. Now if it has one of those cup holders in the middle chef’s kiss


Empty_Value t1_j6botu0 wrote

Definitely has *fallout' vibes