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releasesafeties t1_j65t916 wrote

No one injured, minus one individual who was hurt trying to run from the area. The report will likely be for "sounds of gunshots" which is MPD's non-criminal classification for gunfire incidents that don't result in injury or damage to property.

EDIT: The report was actually classified as 'unlawful discharge' and 'destruction of property'


PanAmargo t1_j65vjz4 wrote

That’s one way to get the city safe - just keep the stats low


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YosemiteMyHeart t1_j68voig wrote

☝️This made me laugh. Plan to visit for spring break and paused after seeing the title, reading story. But we live in So Cal, so really is it any different? Plus I want to show kiddo my fav places from when I lived there as a kid. You know 100 years ago 😊


Birdytaps t1_j66ugnl wrote

Haven’t you seen The Wire?


DaBake t1_j67rgd1 wrote

Roland 'Prezbo' Pryzbylewski : I don't get it. All this so we score higher on the state tests? If we're teaching the kids the test questions, what is it assessing in them?

Grace Sampson : Nothing. It assesses us. The test scores go up, they can say the schools are improving. The scores stay down, they can't.

Roland 'Prezbo' Pryzbylewski : Juking the stats.

Grace Sampson : Excuse me?

Roland 'Prezbo' Pryzbylewski : Making robberies into larcenies. Making rapes disappear. You juke the stats, and majors become colonels. I've been here before.

Grace Sampson : Wherever you go, there you are.


DC-COVID-TRASH t1_j68nc30 wrote

Under the current criminal code it's actually very difficult to charge for gunshots if nothing/no one is damaged (may not even be illegal). The new criminal code that people are calling "soft on crime" actually creates a new crime that is solely discharging a gun to allow charges in these cases.


skratchpikl202 t1_j68xxjp wrote

I looked into the criminal code revisions. If anything, it enhances penalties, but some folks can't read beyond the headlines, and right-wing talking heads need to keep the "DC is the 9th circle of hell" narrative going to keep folks who will never visit here angry at the "libs."


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McEstablishment t1_j6dlam2 wrote

You do you man, but some of us really love the place. I've lived across the north and south for a couple of decades, and DC is my favorite place to live by a good amount. Love the transit, love the walkable communities, love the culture, and love the good jobs.

It's got it's problems - but if you compare it to other USA cities it's doing pretty good.


DeliMcPickles t1_j69rvwo wrote

The update has the correct crimes for the stats. Also, the department tracks dischargings, just for clarification.


HalcyonDias t1_j66avy2 wrote

Anyone who still supports defunding police, this is your moment to chime in.


OrtizDupri t1_j66cvgd wrote

What did the police do here to make us want to fund them?


HalcyonDias t1_j66d7yq wrote

They ran/drove towards the sound of gunfire.


FatChicksOnly17 t1_j66dlg9 wrote

After it was over.


sumpdiddlyump_ t1_j66dz3m wrote

Well, since they ended the pre-cog program, we no longer have advance warning of crimes.


johnbrownbody t1_j66d89f wrote

So we got a fast police response, what did that do?

Chime in. You haven't said anything intelligent yet,but I'm not holding my breath for it


HacksawJimDuggen t1_j66fgn1 wrote

im not defending the police but it doesnt seem like there was anything for them to do ultimately. putting aside that jackass with the “defund” comment for a moment, as a society we do need some sort of police to show up fast when guns are being fired in the city right? i hate how these right wing jackasses always try to hijack the morale high ground


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spkr4thedead51 t1_j66p4sx wrote

That's not a thing they're good for, it is just a thing they try to do and usually fail at