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LilInterweb t1_j6ddtnb wrote

Same goes for cigarettes buds and trash. If you live those in the street, you’re TRASH 🗑️


RandomLogicThough t1_j6detnn wrote

A few years ago I almost got in a fight because I called someone out for flicking their cig in front of me. Lol. People insecure and reactive, especially when they, at least unconsciously, understand they're in the wrong.


LilInterweb t1_j6deywm wrote

I would have been like “yo, trash, pick up your trash. Then stared them dead in the eyes.”


LeoMarius t1_j6di6ra wrote

I once put out a small fire on GW's campus because some smoker had tossed a lit cigarette in mulch. The mulch immediately started to smoulder and then flame. I stomped it out with my shoe.


Gumbybum t1_j6dnupm wrote

I have also encountered human shit multiple times while "in the street" :/


carrythekindness OP t1_j6dpdoy wrote

This is honestly a great point and it could very easily be human shit


aghostofnothing t1_j6f7urj wrote

that's anecdotal, it doesn't cover the issues of infrastructure, housing, or general accessibility. if it's happening often (which it is) there's a bigger issue than the individual person you experienced; and you don't know the full accessibility needs or obstacles that person may have


GuerillaCupid t1_j6dxt6l wrote

Maybe if we had decent public bathrooms people would not have to shit in the street. It’s a sad situation, but you can’t just. Not shit yk


Gumbybum t1_j6dz2d4 wrote

One of my experiences was while walking through a neighborhood. Someone had shit their underpants, then thrown their underpants out their front door onto the sidewalk. This was not an accessibility issue.


GuerillaCupid t1_j6dz8ao wrote

That sounds fucked up, but definitely not the typical circumstances under which human waste is found in the street. My comment about public restrooms still stands


shit_fuck_fart t1_j6gtk1k wrote

How did you know it was human shit?


Gumbybum t1_j6hkm8x wrote

One of them was in human underwear. Another had lots of corn. And I know how to identify common animal droppings.


koolaid789 t1_j6dnqfw wrote

Does OP happen to live in navy yard? Because it is the worst I have ever seen it over in this area. Every. Single. Day. I am constantly avoiding stepping in dog shit smeared on the side walk. The other day I was about to step in a literal puddle of dog shit. I just turned around. Nope.


jnizzforizz t1_j6e9umd wrote

A huge problem with navy yard is that there are blocks and blocks of dog friendly apartment buildings but not a speck of grass in sight. The dogs are forced to go on the sidewalk, and then even when it gets cleaned up there are still smears everywhere. Ugh.


bajedee11 t1_j6er7y9 wrote

Navy Yard is disgusting in this regard. The entire sidewalk of any street has spots with poop


tantan_noodles t1_j6gn7ve wrote

Navy Yard every morning just has endless smears of dog diarrhea from the hundreds of morons here with big poodle mixes living in 1 bedroom apartments.


koolaid789 t1_j6inokq wrote

I will add that I also have a poodle mix, but I have never contributed to the dog diarrhea that is smeared on the sidewalks on a daily basis. Even when my dog has had diarrhea, he still has to find the perfect spot, which is usually in the grass. And when that has happened I still try to pick it up. They need to start power washing the sidewalks down here it’s gotten so bad.


[deleted] t1_j6em8l5 wrote



koolaid789 t1_j6fick9 wrote

Lol actually it was the one outside of the Park Chelsea on New Jersey so across the street 😅


AOBCD-8663 t1_j6findp wrote

I'm a dog owner in Navy yard and it sucks. So many entitled owners that don't pick up their shit and let their dogs off leash in canal park. So frustrating because it gives the rest of us a bad name


fist45 t1_j6iatut wrote

It's so bad in Navy Yard. It's because in all of these huge apartment complexes it seems like more people have dogs than don't. Maybe it's controversial, but I feel like people used to be more careful about having large breeds in small spaces. Seems like no one cares anymore.


Stephenitis t1_j6jfwnx wrote

Shout out to the poor trees there in front of the I street cvs. I'm terrified to let my dog stop anywhere near around those trees. There's so much poop.


Rymbra t1_j6ke2pv wrote

Thanks for the heads up. I live in NoMa and think it’s disgusting. Had no idea it’s worse over there.


CaptchaCrunch t1_j6dwwh4 wrote

Also food please, I hate when dogs get slivers of chicken bones slicing up their insides


Awesomesauce1492 t1_j6eb10y wrote

Fyi the chicken wings are generally due to rats pulling them out of the trash, not people being shitheads. Doesn't make it any better though


reeleet t1_j6eim80 wrote

>Fyi the chicken wings are generally due to rats pulling them out of the trash

The fuck they are.


rlpw t1_j6ejgmb wrote

Idk - once saw a pile of chicken bones on metro. I doubt a bunch of rats piled them on the chair lol


14u2c t1_j6fko5n wrote

I, of course, agree with the OPs point, but this one seems a little too close to asking the city to adapt to your personal lifestyle. If you are walking a dog on the streets, it's your responsibility to make sure it doesn't eat random shit. This is one of the reasons I don't own a dog despite liking them very much.


chickunsendwich t1_j6ftk6v wrote

What a deranged take. Bones and rotting flesh littering the street is unpleasant for just about everyone, dog owners aside.

As for the dog owners, it's not so simple as just 'making sure it doesn't eat random shit'. Chicken bones are small. They often blend in with the sidewalk. A dog will smell it long before the owner sees them.


14u2c t1_j6g51dh wrote

Then why do you own a dog and walk in an environment that is harmful for it? Do you not see that expecting the city to adapt to your lifestyle is a bit entitled?


chickunsendwich t1_j6ggfee wrote

It’s not the dog-owner’s lifestyle that i would expect the city to adapt to. It’s the life (not life-style) of household pets. Not sure why anyone would have a problem with making a city more pet-safe, given the fact that pet ownership has been core to the human experience since pre-civilization days. I could understand the reluctance if the pet owners were issuing pain in the ass demands, but in this case it’s literally just “don’t throw chicken corpses on the sidewalk”.


Markelle-Fultz t1_j6iedvu wrote

When I take my dog for a walk in the park and they sniff out a chicken bone in the grass that I can't see, that's my fault? Hell, the other day I turned a corner with my dog and there were more than a dozen chicken bones scattered on the ground, each with a possibility of tearing up my dog's insides. I couldn't have seen them until we rounded the corner, but she could smell them and was ready to go. Luckily, I managed to get her away before too much damage was done but there was a garbage can maybe 5 feet away.

I feel like asking people not to throw something that is both delicious and deadly to dogs on the ground is a reasonable ask.


Zwicker101 t1_j6e6y4w wrote

This. Also, if you have food, throw it away in a garbage can when you're done. No one wants to see your nasty stuff


SeattCat t1_j6glk9t wrote

I walk dogs and I’ve had to pry so many chicken bones and ribs out of their mouths! People just toss them on the sidewalk and it’s such a pain.


Zwicker101 t1_j6gn4q0 wrote

Disgusting! Every time I walk the dog or just by myself and see a chicken bone, I'll either try and throw it away or kick it in the street so that dogs don't get it


Baryon-Sweep t1_j6f3yxt wrote

Common sense and basic consideration for others like this doesn’t fit the [insert scapegoat] narrative.

God forbid you intervene and call out someone and it escalates, because then you end up the bad person nowadays.


GenericReditAccount t1_j6dh2bk wrote

Stepped in a giant pile of shit last week, walking my pup deep on our own front lawn. Some people are entitled fucks.


babbymoccasin t1_j6e5t71 wrote

I understand if u ran out of poop bags on a rare occasion and went to look for some. But yeah, seriously not hard to pick up your dog’s poop.


caroline1928 t1_j6ef3g9 wrote

I’ve gone back to get poop bags when I forgot to refill and felt like the biggest POS for leaving it for those few minutes. Also, if you stand on most streets in DC and just wait for like five minutes a fellow dog walker will usually pass and be willing to give you a bag.


babbymoccasin t1_j6egwou wrote

Ive felt like the biggest POS ever doing that too. And true, fellow dog walkers are happy to give you a bag. Probably don’t even have to wait 5 mins most times


AOBCD-8663 t1_j6fqgel wrote

Sometimes you gotta get creative. I've grabbed an empty pizza box from the gutter to pick some shit up before.


ProbableSpam t1_j6i3oo6 wrote

The other day my husband used an old face mask in place of a bag. Luckily had only a short distance to a bag station.


app_priori t1_j6dgavk wrote

Some of you Zoomers don't know this, as a Millennial, there was a time when there were no laws mandating disposing your dog's poop. I remember growing up seeing dog shit all over the place as a toddler. My mom would warn me not to touch the "brown stuff" that was in the sidewalks.

Where I grew up in Massachusetts, it was only until the late 1990s when Boston passed an ordinance ordering people to pick up after their dogs. They even posted signs all over the place. After that the dog shit disappeared off the streets, though some dog owners were a bit late in terms of getting along with the program.


SSSS_car_go t1_j6e6ool wrote

Even earlier, in 1978, New York City passed poop scooping laws that were hilariously enforced by fed-up New Yorkers leaning out their windows and yelling at the scofflaws. I was there when the law was passed and remember hearing that people were letting their dogs loose rather than agree to pick up poop, with a radio announcer saying, “If you’re looking for a purebred dog, there are many to choose from in city shelters.”


TGIIR t1_j6erwti wrote

I am a Boomer and we grew up with German Shepards. Whether in our yard or while we were walking the dogs, we cleaned up after them. My Dad had a term for it - “honey dumping.” It was the kids’ job to do it, as well as changing the cat’s litter box at home. Although we weren’t fond of doing it, we had no other chores at home besides clearing the table and loading the dishwasher after dinner. There were three kids, so not onerous. Not going to comment on why you have to be told to pick up poop.


born_to_kvetch t1_j6e767v wrote

>If you leave your dog’s shit in the street middle of the hallway of your apartment building, you are also dog shit.

This happened twice last week in my building. Both times, the piles were dry and hard as if they had been sitting there for hours because the owners couldn't be bothered to come back and clean it up.


suffertunity t1_j6dxf78 wrote

Someone near me puts dog shit in bags and leaves them on the sidewalk. Why even bother with the bags. All it does is keep it from degrading so it stays there forever. They're working hard at being an asshole.


Hills_Dweller_22305 t1_j6e9su3 wrote

I agree with you. 100%. But how do you feel about people putting their dog's crap (bagged, of course) in other people's trash cans?


carrythekindness OP t1_j6ecbg0 wrote

Also not cool but better than the street because at least it’s going where it should (in the end at least).


Evening_Chemist_2367 t1_j6f5fbi wrote

If people can't properly care for their dogs and pick up after them, they shouldn't have dogs.


rbur70x7 t1_j6dzksw wrote

They were too busy taking Instagram photos for their dog to get clout.


No-Conversation6699 t1_j6fhcno wrote

NE DC needs more public trash cans, only 1-2 in a ten block radius near my house. And the few we have are almost always overflowing. Meaning there is usually dog shit all over the ground and it’s a biohazard and breeding ground for parasites for other dogs. People also need to just pick up the dog poo and put it in their own trash.


jon_esp t1_j6gmhx8 wrote

Username checks out.


Emmyyemmyy t1_j6jtz77 wrote

Navy Yard literally smells like dog piss and there is so much dog poop everywhere


gator_fl t1_j6e7b8x wrote

It's gotten so bad, there's a video camera developed to record dogs taking a shit and no poop bag used by owner.


Some_Donkey_6382 t1_j6fgnzm wrote

I've been stepping over more than usual lately


HockeyMusings t1_j6fxw9j wrote

Your dog.

Your shit.

Your responsibility.

And that means not using someone else’s trash can.


Smarkie t1_j6iy88x wrote

I' m in Foggy Bottom and I see dog shit all the time.


GlobalWild t1_j6l9dig wrote

Bold of you to assume it is from a dog....could be very likely human 🥴


Late_Operation1692 t1_j6fwhly wrote

This rule especially applies to the person that keeps defecating on the corner of Potomac St NW. Ain’t no way that is a dog doing that.


MatrixMaven t1_j6fyp6u wrote

The city of Perpignan, France has such a problem with this that they pay someone to ride around on a motorbike and vacuum it up into a special poop backpack.


TangerineBusy9771 t1_j6h90ae wrote

Have this issue where I am too… people just let their dog poop on the sidewalk and then leave it. Someone is also letting their dog have massive diarrhea in the grass… not picking it up but just marking it with a fucking stick so no one steps in it…


Stephenitis t1_j6j9wix wrote

I have a dog, I pick up my dog's poop. It's that simple.

I wish DC would do what Vienna does and put poop bag stations and trash cans on more corners.


jonnygrip t1_j6lscri wrote

The city took our trash can away because it was always full of lil baggies of doo and they couldn't be bothered to empty it weekly. There isnt a can in several blocks now and lots of trash.


5th and M NW


JohnnyLaw281 t1_j6fydcx wrote

Damn, thankfully, I leave mine on the sidewalk.

That was close.


nonthrowawayaccount4 t1_j6g22ci wrote

While you're at pick up the foxes and cats and squirrels mess while you're at it.


ekkidee t1_j6en48c wrote

And do not EVER dump your shit in someone else's trash bin. It is YOUR shit so please deal with it properly and don't make it someone else's problem.



Hills_Dweller_22305 t1_j6enm0t wrote

Interesting. Where I live, the bins are public, owned and provided by the city. How does one acquire a "private" trash can in DC? IS this an HOA or apartment thing?


ekkidee t1_j6fqplp wrote

It's a city bin but it's assigned to a household, so it's not "private."

If someone dumps their dogshit in the bin, it falls to the bottom and it is not collected by the city. It then sits there until someone in the household goes in and fishes it out.

Yeah. No. Dog walkers are making their dogshit my problem. Fuck that all week long.

The end.


JustHereForCookies17 t1_j6es56t wrote

I'm not who you asked, but I believe that most single-family homes and similar dwellings (duplexes, rowhouses, etc.) are typically provided with a trashcan & recycling bin by DC govt. In my neighborhood the weekly pick-up is from the alley, so lots of folks leave their bins in the alley 24/7. I'm assuming u/ekkidee is referencing a similar set-up.

Personally, I'm torn on this particular circumstance. If the trash collectors dump the entire can/bin into the truck, then a couple loose poop bags shouldn't really matter. But if they instead grab the bags by hand & toss them into the truck, then those little poop bags will usually get left behind, sometimes for weeks, and that's a very unpleasant smell, especially in the summer. Obviously trash rarely smells good, but aged dog poop is it's own special level of yuck.


ekkidee t1_j6fqtd3 wrote

>But if they instead grab the bags by hand & toss them into the truck,

That is exactly what happens. And I don't leave bins in the alley; the dumping seems to happen on trash collection days.


JustHereForCookies17 t1_j6ftuh8 wrote

Totally fair. I've grown up with dogs in addition to being a paid dogwalker, and I hear you.

I wish there was more consistency in how the cans were emptied, so that walkers could use any old bin & it wouldn't affect the bin owners like yourself. But heaven knows I'm not about to try & tell garbage collectors how to do their jobs.

IDK if it would solve anything, but if you feel so inclined, you could put a "No Poop Bags, Please" sign on the inside of your trashcan lid. Some people genuinely might not realize that the bags are grabbed individually, rather than the whole can getting upended into the garbage truck.

Edit: actually, this would be a great opportunity for an XKCD-esque diagram illustrating why you don't want poop bags in your bin. Should such a sign be necessary? Ehhh, probably not. Could it be effective? I'd like to think so, but I'm an optimist. YMMV.


ekkidee t1_j6fznwd wrote

Honestly I wouldn't mind at all if the bins were totally emptied. You know, out of sight, out of mind. It's gone when I roll 'em back up to the rear.

+1 on the XKCD thing.


Zwicker101 t1_j6f6i66 wrote

But if it's going into the trash either way?


ekkidee t1_j6fr1fn wrote

It's not. City trash collectors grab the bags one by one and toss them into the truck. That causes the poop bags to fall to the bottom, uncollected. I can't blame the collectors because the bins are too heavy to pick up as a unit, and there is no equipment to grab the whole thing and turn it upside down.


Zwicker101 t1_j6gf3ww wrote

So then if they tie the bags, then it's fine?


TheMegaBenson t1_j6e7lms wrote

My thought on this is that the people doing this have experienced a world that has been unkind to them. In turn, they treat the world unkindly.

It's not an excuse but just some food for thought.