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AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j6jf7kd wrote

BYT deserves credit for making DC seem way more hip and stylish than it actually is. I'm not sure there's an equivalent, post pandemic.


BansheeLoveTriangle t1_j6jj8pw wrote

I just miss the museum night events


Bebop0420 OP t1_j6jnfg8 wrote

Yeah I did an event at the Newseum that was genuinely a lot of fun. I think they turned all the elevators into bars


MartinScorsese t1_j6jekke wrote

I doubt it.

BYT evolved from a specific group of Xennials hanging out on 14th Street and Adams Morgan in the early/mid-2000s. The whole point was the parties looked hip and exclusive, so when you got your picture taken and posted on the site the following Monday or whatever, it was exciting (crucially, this was also before smartphones).

Nowadays folks are posting FROM the events as they're happening, which effectively decentralized this kind of FOMO content on TikTok or whatever.


d1dzter t1_j6lexyb wrote

Great point re: atomization of media. But the parties were cool and semi-exclusive, in the sense they were ticketed events that sold out.

BYT had organizing power. The Hemerlein shows were cool, and it gave a chance for alternative acts to shine. I remember going to a lot of cool, unique showings: minor art exhibits, Indian music dance parties, food events, and more. You also saw familiar faces and it did feel like a tangible scene or moment in time.


clockoutdc t1_j6kbpjq wrote

Hey OP, I’d follow DCist or 730dc or maybe the District Fray magazine. I hope it helps 🙇🏻‍♀️ I know District Fray sometimes throws parties (?)

Personally I don’t really plan on ever throwing BYT equivalent parties, from what I gathered in talks to BYT, it seems like it was really stressful and usually ticket sales from one party would finance the next (?).

Edit; I honestly have to thank BYT because I stress called them million times planning clockoutdc happy hours and parties and I get the pivot.


Bebop0420 OP t1_j6ktrna wrote

Thanks! Like I said I’m a fan and you’re crushing your lane. Asking you or any one person to do what they did back in the day would be too much!


[deleted] t1_j6jb71k wrote

Damn, haven’t heard that name in forever.


Bebop0420 OP t1_j6jcgbb wrote

Yeah I hadn’t thought about it for a long ass time and went over to the old site and saw it got shut down and Svetlana opened an advertising agency


FSOTFitzgerald t1_j6k5xlu wrote

The modern incarnation is BMT: Brightest Middle-aged Things. We walk our dogs/children around our Capitol Hill neighborhoods, watch an episode of The West Wing in loose-fitting pants and then go to bed at 8:30. It’s wild.


teapup79 t1_j6j6p37 wrote

730dc has a pretty thoughtful events roundup, less kitchen sink style


gator_fl t1_j6j6mw0 wrote

BYT seems like a different dimension when things in DC could be, as you said, edgy.

Maybe focus on a subculture/specific pursuit. These new-fangled "influencers" try too hard and fail and it seems more about them than the events they promote/host.


spawtlight t1_j6jvrxu wrote

In terms of being an online guide to local events that legacy publications (Washington Post, Washingtonian, City Paper) might not pick up, maybe 730DC is the closest substitute. But even that is still bullet points in a newsletter, whereas BYT had an in-house publication that ran interviews, reviews, critical essays, and reported features.

As for the events, I agree with u/MartinScorsese that the universal ability to post live from events has largely sapped the FOMO effect that sites like BYT, Gaper's Block, Last Night's Party, or Guest of a Guest once fueled.

The nature of museum or venue parties, such as they still exist, has also changed from being less about the host and location and more about brands on display during the event — an effect that BYT fully embraced as it evolved as a company.


US3_ME_ t1_j6krulr wrote

Holy shit have I been looking for something similar being back around. BYT helped shape a good chunk of nightlife, I was sore when I found out they kicked out. I too would love something similar, thanks for putting it out there_


22304_selling t1_j6j3zfe wrote

Events are dead. Kids have tiktok these days to keep them entertained.


ortsed t1_j6k7wux wrote

City paper have anything?


Mostlyvivace830 t1_j6lpvqv wrote

BYT was great. I regret not going to their New Year's party at Capitol Skyline Hotel with the roller skating in the parking garage.

In a similar vein, I would love for Fatback's disco dance parties to return too. What a time.


madballoonist t1_j6lq55p wrote

I’m glad I’m not the only one reminiscing BYT