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Docile_Doggo t1_j601x0k wrote

I swear I thought the Red Line was already down to 8 minutes on weekdays, as of December, and was supposed to be down to 6 minutes on weekdays by now.


Docile_Doggo t1_j60yn8t wrote

^^^ Someoneโ€™s got the receipts


FrogMan9001 t1_j5zcm48 wrote

Wonderfully quick restoration of service! After 497 days 2 out of 6 lines will have service every 8 minutes and on one of those lines it won't even be for all service hours.

To be fair green line actually has better service than right before the derailment. But that may just be because it's running more frequently to compensate for the yellow line.


MidnightSlinks t1_j5znta1 wrote

>But that may just be because it's running more frequently to compensate for the yellow line.

This is the case. There is no redundancy on green, and those people are also impacted by significant delays if their journey was originally to be on Yellow across the river, so green has been somewhat prioritized.

It's also why they're running Blue and Blue + trains, with the latter being the Blue line except where it diverts and covers the Yellow line tail in VA to Huntington.


NewUser22031 t1_j5zmsvd wrote

This is better than yesterday's announcement.


sdryden3 t1_j6193fd wrote

3-6 pm on Blue /Orange. Very odd, not fully peak rush hours.


DCanswers t1_j62iz0t wrote

I bet those times are when trains leave the terminals. Most terminal stations are 30-40 min from downtown (Ashburn is a whopping hour from Metro Center) so I expect for many riders in the core, the frequencies will benefit until 6:30 or later. Still not ideal but that's past the worst of rush hour.


neil_va t1_j62rkks wrote

Wtf is silver line staying 15min? This one kills me getting to work


sudsomatic t1_j63albe wrote

Probably because any train running in silver is taken completely out while itโ€™s running all the way out past Dulles, which is a long time during a single leg. Takes a lot more time resources per train vs one on another line. Sucks until they get more 7000s online.


neil_va t1_j63txyg wrote

Ugh ya. It's just brutal being in a rush in the morning and hitting a 14 or 15min wait.


time_man21 t1_j63jbvm wrote

๐Ÿšƒ๐Ÿšƒ๐Ÿšƒ๐Ÿšƒ๐Ÿšƒ๐Ÿšƒ๐Ÿšƒ๐Ÿšƒ THIS IS AN EIGHT CAR TRAIN


MortimerAdler t1_j60mp5t wrote

How do they measure this with stations being different distances apart?


pm_me_good_usernames t1_j60ufjr wrote

If a train leaves the end of the line 12 minutes after the previous one, and they go at the same speed and spend the same amount of time stopped at each station, then it should get to each station 12 minutes after the other one did no matter how long the line is or how far apart the stations are. Of course that's a lot of ifs, so these numbers are more of an average than anything. But they do try to keep them as consistent as they can--if you've ever been on a train that stayed at a station for several minutes because of "schedule adjustment" that means it had been going faster than the other trains on the line and needed to slow down to try to keep the timing consistent.


Capitol_Limited t1_j611pwf wrote

To piggyback on this great explanation, this is why the # of train cars/train sets is important, and why losing the 7000 series was huge. Not every line needs the same number of trains, because as the original asker stated, the distance between stations (and on each line) is variable.

For example, it takes about 102 mins for a green line train to complete a roundtrip, not including layover. For service every 8 mins, it would need about 12-13 trains to maintain that.

By comparison, it takes 186 mins to do a roundtrip (again, not counting layover) on the Silver line. For every 15 min service, though, which is nearly double the green line, you still need about 12-13 trains. If the silver line were to do 8 min headways (which I donโ€™t think is possible w/o svc cuts on Blue & Orange), it would need about 23-24 trains

For a final comparison, If you use the red line, which takes about 148 mins to do a roundtrip, and has 10 min headways, you need about 14-15 trains. That number shoots to 18-19 trains to do 8 min headways

Take all this into account with trainsets being 6- or 8-car trains and you basically have how headways work and why losing so many train cars was detrimental


ScoutOdst1711 t1_j6166kq wrote

I'm confused, the red line is already at 8 mins during peak. Did they mean 6 mins but they messed up the graphic? If this is them trying to hide the fact they are reducing red line frequencies to 10 minutes during peak on Mondays and Fridays, this is bull.


trev1997 OP t1_j61c2wn wrote

No it's increasing daytime service to 8 minutes Tuesday - Thursday on Red line. Nothing else changes.