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(Mod note: This is NOT a request for medical advice, but for recommendations of NoVA-area dermatologists with a particular expertise.)

I'm a resident of Fairfax City. For about eight months, I've been having some chronic skin conditions - itchiness, flaking and oozing skin, and puffy eyes.

I have repeatedly visited a local dermatology practice, but they have no idea what's wrong with me. For reasons I don't understand, they won't connect me with one of their board-certified dermatologist M.D.s - they keep scheduling my visits with PAs, who have largely run out of ideas. Their recommendations are lotions that are ineffective, drugs that only mask the itchiness (and poorly at that), and "maybe try phototherapy?" ... not confidence-inspiring. They mean well and they're probably effective for garden-variety conditions, but it's clear that my condition is way out of their depth.

As it stands, I'm approaching eight months of struggling with a chronic skin condition of increasing severity. I have no clear diagnosis, no clear plan of care, and little hope for a near-term resolution. It is taking a huge toll on my personal life, my career, and my mental health.

I am in desperate need of a recommendation of an expert dermatologist in the area who specializes in difficult cases, including multifactorial cases with a possible immunologic component. My health insurer (Anthem) has a big list of covered providers, and I plan to spend tomorrow on the phone making new-patient appointments - but the website has no indication of specialties or practice quality, so it's like picking names from a phone book. (I contacted one that seemed well-suited based on Anthem's website, and was informed that they specialize in dermatology cancer surgery. Totally not suitable.) I'm willing to drive into DC for the right provider (or, for that matter, Baltimore or Richmond).

Please please please help with a recommendation - thank you.



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BertaniWasBehindIt t1_j3k89ye wrote

Just wanted to drop a note to avoid Integrated Dermatology. Dr. McElroy quoted me $250 and they charged me over $1200. Stay far away and good luck!


Crafty-You t1_j3k1yfr wrote

I just went to Dr. Vincenzo Gianelli to help differentiate between psoriasis and eczema connected to autoimmune arthritis. He couldn’t rule anything out because I have nothing to biopsy currently but 1. I had a great experience in their office; 2.his credentials checked out; 3. He was straight forward and explained his thought process which makes me trust him.


Just_Anon_Stuff OP t1_j3k2k1v wrote

Awesome. Thank you!


myfadedsupply t1_j3loodp wrote

I would not recommend him. He spends as little time as possible and often your waiting an hour or so in the waiting room. I also always get a large bill from them.


hil120 t1_j3k44zw wrote

Highly recommend Dr. Khan at Washington institute of dermatological surgery!


SenseiRaheem t1_j3khr3c wrote

Braun Dermatology (in the Foxhall building in NW) has been wonderful, but I'm not sure how deep their experience runs with your kind of situation. I think they also have a VA location.


Just_Anon_Stuff OP t1_j3kivdy wrote

Can't hurt to contact them and ask - I'll do so. Thank you!


Arqlol t1_j3mg5t9 wrote

I saw Thomas Adrian in the same building before. Straight forward screening but he was personable and to the point.


Terrible-Echidna801 t1_j3k9ma6 wrote

I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties with a diagnosis and follow up care—I know how frustrating it can be. My experience with GW Derm was okay but not very personal. I felt they were lacking in patient care and communications. I saw a second dermatologist (who I can’t remember the name but openly admitted they specialized in cosmetic stuff) who recommend both Dr R. Prussick (years of experience & very good with patient care) or Dr Ben Lockshin (has received derm awards). Good luck and keep your chin up!


Just_Anon_Stuff OP t1_j3kbq7x wrote

Awesome. Thank you!


minhtyfreshtea t1_j3m0sns wrote

I second Prussick who I've been with since moving into the area a few years ago. He and his staff are very good with patient care even when I leave feeling frustrated (chronic eczema since I was a kid, symptoms are under enough control that I am functional & living good enough lol).


SchrodingersCatfight t1_j3mwy2a wrote

FWIW, I've been going to Ben Lockshin's practice for over a decade at this point (his father, Norman, practiced there before him) and have always had a solid experience.

One thing I would recommend is coming with a full list of what you've tried so you can go through it with the doctor and don't forget anything. My derm (Saurabh Singh) is great, but it is a BUSY practice and I feel like I always have to be on my A game to go through everything before he's off to the next patient. I've seen other docs in the practice in urgent cases b/c it can take months for me to see him for routine check-ins and had the same feeling.

They're good, but they're also scheduled really tightly I think.


ResponsibleSwing1 t1_j3k3f43 wrote

I’ve been a life long sufferer eczema, atopic dermatitis and some amount of psoriasis. It sucks. I found some amount of help at Medical and Aesthetic Dermatology in Columbia, MD. There was a PA that actually listened to me and asked about the history and progression of my skin conditions. Unfortunately she moved to FL this summer. The PA she recommended was either Brooke or Rebecca (do not visit Julia)I haven’t gone back but would try them if I was desperate enough. FWIW a product that actually worked is Eucerin Urea face cream to the point i rarely use steroids on my face.


Ok-Dragonfruit-2041 t1_j3kjkw0 wrote

Dr Margaret Kopelman in Falls Church. City NOVA derm. I trust her so much. She is honest, patient, smart, humble, and thorough. She also is the sole doctor and has no NP or PA. She runs the show.


Reasons2BCheerfulPt1 t1_j3lcef5 wrote

Dr Tamjidi has offices in Chevy Chase and McLean. She is very good. Not sure she will be able to address your complaints but she will get you a referral to someone else if she can’t.


beaksy88 t1_j3lf2ec wrote

I second this!! She and her team are great!


messmaker523 t1_j3lwti3 wrote

Do you have a primary care. Sometimes a referral from one with a H&P of your visit will make a specialist look more closely at your case rather than just pawn you off immediately to a PA for your initial visit. Especially if your primary care expressed concern for your condition in the referral


FreelyIP109 t1_j3knffq wrote

If you think it could be an allergy/immunology issue, my wife is an allergist in Chantilly. You can send me a PM for more info.


Appeal_Mother t1_j3mni0u wrote

Arden Edwards in Bethesda (Apex Dermatology). She is trained in med-derm and super smart and thorough. Didn't take insurance but her office fees are low and my insurance paid most of it OON.


IDKJA t1_j3mrqmq wrote

I have no medical expertise, but based on your symptoms and as someone who has been through skin conditions/allergies - it may be worth consulting with an allergist as well. I highly recommend Dr. Nsouli's practice - he and his daughter are great! I hope you find the care you need and get some relief ASAP!


DCGirl50 t1_j3ofoq4 wrote

Off the wall idea but there is a version of celiac disease called dermatitis herpetiformus that causes similar symptoms. Maybe ask for screening for that?


skintwo t1_j3us47z wrote

Dr Katherine Ellison, near you!


DCGirl50 t1_j3ofkz1 wrote

Off the wall idea but there is a version of celiac disease called dermatitis herpetiformus that causes similar symptoms. Maybe ask for screening for that?