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suffertunity t1_j4m16xh wrote

Another article with more detail.

WMSC says that in getting trains back to service, Metro has been avoiding its providing adequate training. Metro operators are supposed to get 8 hours training with no passengers before they move to training with passengers. According to Metro they allowed moving up to 2 hours of no-passenger training to with-passenger training.

As a I rider, I say just grandfather those operators in and require compliance going forward. WMSC is being punitive here except instead of punishing Metro leadership they're punishing riders.


mdtransplant21 t1_j4mpry9 wrote

Yeah, I'm not seeing how this helps anyone. These operators have already done however many hours with passengers. Making them do six hours without passengers feels pointless.


LoganSquire OP t1_j4mfmnu wrote

> As a I rider, I say just grandfather those operators in and require compliance going forward.

Unfortunately I have no faith in Metro complying with anything going forward. They’ve been caught over and over breaking the rules.


question_sunshine t1_j4mp2b6 wrote

>As a I rider, I say just grandfather those operators in and require compliance going forward

Metro has proven time and time again that it does not require compliance going forward.


A_Swell_Gaytheist t1_j4mv9qm wrote

Metro just announced that WMSC has stayed their opinion and there will be normal 15 minute service tomorrow


Gray_side_Jedi t1_j4n8ebc wrote

Well that’s fortunate, taking the Metro in tomorrow to try and see what I can do about driving less in DC - significant delays would be about par for the course with my past Metro luck. Glad it won’t be as bad as initially announced


palermo t1_j4q2i0h wrote

15 minutes is normal, is also the saddest part.


trev1997 t1_j4lm80t wrote

>Metro has filed petitions for reconsideration, as provided under WMSC’s program standard. The petitions seek a stay, pending reconsideration, of the train operator and 7K directives that reduce or prevent the restoration of customer service.

>In its petitions, Metro states the agency has worked transparently, collaboratively, and side-by-side with the WMSC to track and share data on all 7000-series railcars, in exceedance of the Return to Service Plan. Upon request of the WMSC and outside of the Return to Service Plan, Metro has shared with the WMSC the inspection records of all 7000-series railcars on a daily basis since the Return to Service began.

>Further, the 7K petition documents that there has been no confirmed wheel movement during the Return to Service period since May 23, 2022, which supports and reinforces the plan to move from Step 2 to Step 3 – extending back-to-back interval inspections from four to seven days.

>“We look forward to the WMSC’s timely review of the petition but there is really a larger fundamental issue that needs resolution,” Smedberg said. “The Board and staff are fully supportive of an independent safety oversight body; however, the relationship between WMSC and Metro is structurally untenable and does not advance the region’s mission of providing safe and reliable rail service. We are respectfully requesting assistance from the jurisdictions to help mediate a process to move the relationship forward and to meet our jointly stated goal of having the safe, world-class transit system that our region deserves.”


FreshYoungBalkiB t1_j4luii2 wrote

Never mind the fucking training, just run the goddamn trains!


OnYourLonesome t1_j4m01eu wrote

Ah yes, the exact kind of thinking that's led to this fucked up situation in the first place


ShylockTheGnome t1_j4mfjtw wrote

0 people died from the derailment. Meanwhile many people have probably died from car accidents. I would have ridden a 7000 the day after the derailment.


OnYourLonesome t1_j4mmpi8 wrote

Good for you. I'm more inclined to think the bar for the public transit that I ride nearly every day should be higher than "at least it's highly unlikely that it kills me."

Keeping up on training is also how you keep the risk of accidents and other failures low in the long run.


Here4thebeer3232 t1_j4mjr4r wrote

I dont think the training had anything to do with the derailment


OnYourLonesome t1_j4mm4ig wrote

The training failure, due in part to a lack of concern for due diligence, is exacerbating the 14 month ripple effects of the derailment, which was also due in part to a lack of concern for due diligence. It's not the cause, but another symptom of the overarching issue.


Here4thebeer3232 t1_j4n2338 wrote

Not denying the issues. But I need to get to work on time


OnYourLonesome t1_j4nchbw wrote

So do I, but I would think I'm more likely to continue being on time to work now and for years to come if public transit operators actually do the things they are supposed to do.


FaithInGovernance t1_j4maefw wrote

No wonder they are trying to get the robot drivers reinstalled. Has to be a better way to fix the issue than 30 minute headways.


SamTheGeek t1_j4objtk wrote

They never should have been turned off in the first place. The accidents 15 years ago weren’t related to ATO and we’ve been running worse, slower service for no reason ever since.


slyfox1908 t1_j4m8n59 wrote

Rather than skirting WMSC’s decisions and trying to get enough public support that WMSC lets them slide, WMATA should try just doing what WMSC says. They’ve been getting caught every time.


aa_flo t1_j4nel9e wrote

Its so funny how DC business and the Mayor want ppl to come back to work downtown during all this.


ComradeShyGuy t1_j4nozmk wrote

It doesn't affect them, only the worker bees, so it's fine.


[deleted] t1_j4mdfdo wrote



scheenermann t1_j4minkb wrote

24 hour subway service is not ubiquitous in Europe. Asking about the last train is a perfectly valid question in many countries.


MFoy t1_j4mnuwd wrote

You're just making this up, right?

London's underground closes from midnight to 5 am, except for a select few lines that are open all night on weekends link.

Paris' metro operates from 5:30 am to 1:15 am during the week and until 2:15 on weekends. link

Barcelona is 5 am to to midnight Monday - Thursday, 5 - 2 am on Friday, and 24 hours on Saturday and public holidays only. link

Madrid is 6 am to 1:30 am every day. link

Lisbon is 6:30 am to 1 am link

Rome is 5:30 to 11:30 during the week and 5:30 to 1:30 on weekends. link

Berlin is 4 am to 1 am link

Munich is 4:15 to 1 am. link

Amsterdam is 6 am to 12:30 link

Brussels is 5:30 to midnight during the week, and 6 to midnight on weekends and holidays link

Copenhagen is the only place I can find with a subway system open all night, but it is a smaller subway system, only 3 lines, 30 something stops, and still only every 20 minutes during the night, not every 10. It is a newer system (they only had 2 lines and maybe a dozen stops when I was there in 2004). link

Stockholm runs 5 am to 1 am during the week. It is occasionally open all night on weekends, but not regularly. link

Prague runs 5 am to midnight link

Vienna runs from 5 am to midnight. link

I'm sure there is a small city that runs a small metro all night, but I can't find it at any major city in Europe. The only place I can find that runs all night is Denmark, but not at your "every 10 minutes" that you claim is the norm everywhere in Europe.


otosoma t1_j4mpbli wrote

This is very much correct and probably overkill trying to prove your point. But that being said, in most major European cities, there are night busses that run to get around when the trains aren’t running. We don’t have that here and that’s a huge problem, in my opinion.


MFoy t1_j4mppy1 wrote

Sure, but limited night bus schedules are a far cry from “trains going all over the country every 10 minutes 24 hours a day”


Here4thebeer3232 t1_j4mk9bm wrote

Majority of metro systems around the world don't run 24 hour service. Found this out in London the hard way


el_sh33p t1_j4mxqt4 wrote

The day my user flair stops being relevant is the day I leave or die.


Less_Wrong_ t1_j4mj4dm wrote

This is why living in Virginia is cheaper


FreemanCantJump t1_j4mjjea wrote

Whelp, guess I'm ubering to DCA tomorrow. Feels like it's getting harder and harder to live without a car in this city.


MFoy t1_j4mxe9u wrote

Before you schedule anything, it now looks like everything is ok for tomorrow, there was just an update.

Edit: link


panther254 t1_j4m9diw wrote

The relationship between WMSC and Metro being as bad as it is only results in poor service what ever the beef is they need to get over it.


Comfortable-Pick-590 t1_j4n4evn wrote

Gee, I wonder why federal agencies aren't flocking back to their offices, couldn't have anything to do with a shit commute and crumbling city infrastructure


osmumten_faang t1_j4mvly7 wrote

Literally never-ending. Problem after problem. No accountability.