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swampoodler t1_j68u2gv wrote

Just minimize office space and let people who want to be home be from home. Convert the rest into housing.

Unless you have a high level clearance. Then too bad, go in. 🫡


IfUReadThisURLame t1_j68v5km wrote

The thing that's bothered me about hybrid is that my office doesn't have a great solution for giving us permanent space for personal effects.


WR1206 t1_j6b5mox wrote

That’s the rub. That solution doesn’t exist


derpycalculator t1_j6cvpnm wrote

Seriously. Some people want to go into the office. Let the VPs, older people who live alone, and parents who have too many kids in their house come into the office since they want to. Let everybody else work from home.


alexmarcy t1_j6cwv4t wrote

Just take the docs home! Zero repercussions apparently 🫠