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HanaBothWays t1_j69q9c4 wrote

My company’s internal metrics indicate that we’re all as productive now when most of us are primarily WFH as we were when most of us were in the office pre-COVID, so I figure I am too.

Same productivity, less stressed, overall happier.


tameobo t1_j69rc51 wrote

Do you not miss the personal/non work related conversations that you may have had with co-workers/managers that may no longer exist? I think there is a lot of value in getting to know your boss, which is much harder to do when you’re remote.


BlueCollarGuru t1_j6abbz9 wrote

We’re here to work. Not socialize. That’s what friends are for.


HanaBothWays t1_j69tuw4 wrote

??? We still have those conversations all the time on teleconferences before and after meetings and on Teams chats.


tameobo t1_j69xgtu wrote

Teams chats and the 30 seconds of “how’s it going” before a meeting replacing a lunch or happy hour? All I’m saying is there is a ton of value being left on the table when you are working from home.


HanaBothWays t1_j69z6z3 wrote

> Teams chats and the 30 seconds of “how’s it going” before a meeting

You assume that is the extent of my non-work social interaction with my co-workers.


3rdAmendment1st t1_j6a9r8m wrote

If you want to work in an office, go right ahead, but don’t presume that you can judge everyone else by your own standards. My productivity and cohesion with my coworkers (many of whom are based internationally) while WFH has been absolutely fine and in many cases better since I’m not spending two hours a day commuting every day.

Ordering everyone back into an office because corporate landlords and Mayor Empty Suit have the sads isn’t a compelling argument.


ComfortableInterest8 t1_j6a8w1p wrote

Absolute false, I can get things done instead of making meaningless small talk about what people did over the weekends. Also I’m incentivized to get things done because once I’m done I can go workout or take a walk, unlike at the office where you have to sit there until some arbitrary time. You may like the social part of the office, I don’t really look to my job for that aspect of my life. Both of us are right, but why dictate what the other group has to do?