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element14040 OP t1_j5wedro wrote

You mean there are no gun ranges or gun stores?


that-gostof-de-past t1_j5weweh wrote

There are no gun ranges in DC.

Your best bet would be a short drive to Virginia i recommend silver eagle group or elite shooting sports. I can take you this Sunday if you’re interested I have a lot of guns and a few I need to test.


Drire t1_j5wv273 wrote

I'm optimistic that you're being sincere and friendly, but I'm betting a lot of people read this as "uhhhhh that's a weird invite"

Like I myself grew up with guns and owned a few back in Vermont but blinked a few times

I think it sounds like a pretty dope invite, just unexpected


MishimaWasRight t1_j5x2m7w wrote

As a Mississippian I don’t think that’s weird at all but be sure to check the laws on foreigners holding guns I’m not sure that’s allowed on like a tourism or student visa


Drire t1_j5x309u wrote

Yeah, I'm betting we have a culture difference on that one. Where I'm from the guys near-cold inviting to go shooting were likely not simply asking to go shooting.

Again, a culture thing. Rural Vermont gets weird


MishimaWasRight t1_j5x3fp7 wrote

What are they asking for?????


Drire t1_j5x3q2b wrote

A foreigner rolling in knowing no one and going shooting with a stranger?

Idk probably drug money, probably some captured attention speech about some stupid subject, probably exposure to a ton of bad folks. I doubt heavy crimes or anything

Granted last time I was in Rutland, VT human trafficking signs were everywhere


MishimaWasRight t1_j5x8jl3 wrote

From my perspective there is a social obligation to show guests hospitality and make sure they enjoy their stay. For people from many countries guns are a foreign and mysterious thing so this ensures they can go back home and talk about that time strangers in America took them shooting


Drire t1_j5x8u8g wrote

That might be the culture difference haha

Southern hospitality vs Northern efficiency -- in this case the northern bit being more predicted on giving the recommendation, the local condition, but not exactly going out of your way


MishimaWasRight t1_j642tue wrote

Northerners get a bad rap, last time my brother was in Philly there was a bunch of maintenance happening on one of the subway lines and he had to get back to his hotel (which was not in Philly) before they all closed, anyway he kept trying subway stops but they’d all be closed. So a homeless guy saw he was having trouble and offered to help. Anyway this guy walks 40 minutes with my brother to show him where an open subway without many connecting stops is and didn’t want any payment or anything in return

I have very positive feelings about Philadelphia and get excited when I meet Philadelphians because of this


that-gostof-de-past t1_j5wva74 wrote

I like to expose as many people as I can. The more Ally’s sensible gun owners can make the better


C0333 t1_j5x57wv wrote

Maryland small Arms range in Prince Georges County MD


chipmunksocute t1_j63hurh wrote

None. Dc has very strict anti gun laws. Virginia on the hand...Im sure there are ranges galore within a short drive.


jdeeebs t1_j5yi800 wrote

Lol why is this getting downvoted