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PresidentHarambe1 t1_j5yjj5t wrote

Dude is going to be in DC for just three days.

Probably at a hotel. He can check out TSA about taking home one spent casting. Chill the fuck out.


JNO33 t1_j5zvw46 wrote

I am chill, You on the other head are recommending committing a crime that DC prosecutes. Including a single spent shotgun shell or single spent centerfire brass.

Spent casing is unregistered ammo in DC and prosecuted.

You obviously don't know the law so don't tell people to chill out while you are recommending that a visitor who doesn't know DC gun laws breaks one.


PresidentHarambe1 t1_j60ng72 wrote

Blah blah blah.nobody arresting a visiting Swede in town for three days over that. This isn’t Russia.


jj3449 t1_j61op2u wrote

How the hell do you register ammo? It’s a consumable and doesn’t have a serial number on it.