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JNO33 t1_j5ymk8p wrote

a few points:

  1. Do this with an instructor. you are going to have some difficulty arriving alone, having never rented a gun at the range you go to, and renting. Most ranges are reticent to rent to a first-time visitor to a range due to people renting and committing suicide right inside the range.

  2. Also if not concurrent with a lesson from an instructor you almost certainly will be yanked off firing line and thrown out of range once you make a mistake in handing/range rules. There is a very low tolerance for mistakes inside a range. simply being a bit excited and moving the muzzle anywhere but downrange will get you grabbed and thrown out by the range safety officer in most ranges.

  3. ) NRA range doesn't rent firearms. So that is pointless to go there without your own firearm. I recommend any of the close in ranges in Va, that allow in premise rentals. "sniper" type setups are going to be outdoors for long range shooting, and outdoor ranges tend not to rent.

  4. If you are coming for a couple of days, and/or since Sweden looks to be visa waiver your visa situation is probably ok. But a lot of people don't know that in fact if you come in on a student visa you can't possesses a firearm in the US. so triple check your visa type.

  5. Do NOT keep any souvenir ammo. Constituent parts to ammo, including spent/fired brass are a crime to possess in DC if you are not a DC registered firearm owner -- and a crime that is prosecuted. constituent parts are also controlled in a lot of European countries as well.