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To give you’ll some background, I’m from Sweden where citizens have no rights to bear arms (unless under exceptional circumstances, and even then the firearms you can own are abysmal at best). I’m coming to Washington for 3 days for a conference and was wondering if there were any places near the center where I can shoot different types of guns in a range-like setting. Ideally, the place should have a combination of sniper and fully automatic weapons. Any recommendations?

Thanks :)



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DC2Cali t1_j5we19t wrote

Lol, unfortunately you’re going to the wrong city for all of that


element14040 OP t1_j5wedro wrote

You mean there are no gun ranges or gun stores?


that-gostof-de-past t1_j5weweh wrote

There are no gun ranges in DC.

Your best bet would be a short drive to Virginia i recommend silver eagle group or elite shooting sports. I can take you this Sunday if you’re interested I have a lot of guns and a few I need to test.


Drire t1_j5wv273 wrote

I'm optimistic that you're being sincere and friendly, but I'm betting a lot of people read this as "uhhhhh that's a weird invite"

Like I myself grew up with guns and owned a few back in Vermont but blinked a few times

I think it sounds like a pretty dope invite, just unexpected


MishimaWasRight t1_j5x2m7w wrote

As a Mississippian I don’t think that’s weird at all but be sure to check the laws on foreigners holding guns I’m not sure that’s allowed on like a tourism or student visa


Drire t1_j5x309u wrote

Yeah, I'm betting we have a culture difference on that one. Where I'm from the guys near-cold inviting to go shooting were likely not simply asking to go shooting.

Again, a culture thing. Rural Vermont gets weird


MishimaWasRight t1_j5x3fp7 wrote

What are they asking for?????


Drire t1_j5x3q2b wrote

A foreigner rolling in knowing no one and going shooting with a stranger?

Idk probably drug money, probably some captured attention speech about some stupid subject, probably exposure to a ton of bad folks. I doubt heavy crimes or anything

Granted last time I was in Rutland, VT human trafficking signs were everywhere


MishimaWasRight t1_j5x8jl3 wrote

From my perspective there is a social obligation to show guests hospitality and make sure they enjoy their stay. For people from many countries guns are a foreign and mysterious thing so this ensures they can go back home and talk about that time strangers in America took them shooting


Drire t1_j5x8u8g wrote

That might be the culture difference haha

Southern hospitality vs Northern efficiency -- in this case the northern bit being more predicted on giving the recommendation, the local condition, but not exactly going out of your way


MishimaWasRight t1_j642tue wrote

Northerners get a bad rap, last time my brother was in Philly there was a bunch of maintenance happening on one of the subway lines and he had to get back to his hotel (which was not in Philly) before they all closed, anyway he kept trying subway stops but they’d all be closed. So a homeless guy saw he was having trouble and offered to help. Anyway this guy walks 40 minutes with my brother to show him where an open subway without many connecting stops is and didn’t want any payment or anything in return

I have very positive feelings about Philadelphia and get excited when I meet Philadelphians because of this


that-gostof-de-past t1_j5wva74 wrote

I like to expose as many people as I can. The more Ally’s sensible gun owners can make the better


C0333 t1_j5x57wv wrote

Maryland small Arms range in Prince Georges County MD


chipmunksocute t1_j63hurh wrote

None. Dc has very strict anti gun laws. Virginia on the hand...Im sure there are ranges galore within a short drive.


jdeeebs t1_j5yi800 wrote

Lol why is this getting downvoted


PresidentHarambe1 t1_j5wni25 wrote

In DC you are not allowed to have live ammo if you don’t have a registered gun to match.

For souvenirs, pick up some spent ammo. Also you have that paper target too that you can keep.

I go to Maryland Small Arms. Call ahead to make sure target practice lanes are available.


DemureCynosure t1_j5wyprk wrote

Last I checked, you can't have the spent ammo in dc either.


argumentativ t1_j5x7xjh wrote

Correct, but, like, who's gonna know?


JNO33 t1_j5zv7oj wrote

Anyone you tick off. One of the more well know case it was an estranged wife. How do you think DC has found peopel with a single spent casing, and prosecuted them, as it has?


JNO33 t1_j5yj4nj wrote

"Spent ammo" "souvenirs" are a serious crime in DC as well. Only registered firearms owners in DC are allowed to possess constituent parts to ammo. And spent brass, as it can be reloaded, is a crime to possess in DC. peopel in DC, committing no other crime, have been prosecuted for spent shotgun casings.


PresidentHarambe1 t1_j5yjj5t wrote

Dude is going to be in DC for just three days.

Probably at a hotel. He can check out TSA about taking home one spent casting. Chill the fuck out.


JNO33 t1_j5zvw46 wrote

I am chill, You on the other head are recommending committing a crime that DC prosecutes. Including a single spent shotgun shell or single spent centerfire brass.

Spent casing is unregistered ammo in DC and prosecuted.

You obviously don't know the law so don't tell people to chill out while you are recommending that a visitor who doesn't know DC gun laws breaks one.


PresidentHarambe1 t1_j60ng72 wrote

Blah blah blah.nobody arresting a visiting Swede in town for three days over that. This isn’t Russia.


jj3449 t1_j61op2u wrote

How the hell do you register ammo? It’s a consumable and doesn’t have a serial number on it.


JNO33 t1_j5zwi2o wrote

>In DC you are not allowed to have live ammo if you don’t have a registered gun to match.
>For souvenirs, pick up some spent ammo. Also you have that paper target too that you can keep.

Stop giving advice. Spent Ammo is EXACT same crime as unregistered ammo in DC.


that-gostof-de-past t1_j5wie2r wrote

Whatever you do don’t go to the NRA range The NRA is a cancer


ampersand_why t1_j5xfoxp wrote

If they really are looking for a “f**k yeah ‘Merica” experience though the firearms museum in the NRA building is wild. I took a couple visitors from Germany there a few years ago and stopped a Bob Evans for a bite after. They loved it.


that-gostof-de-past t1_j5ybabh wrote

Yeah but it’s the NRA. They don’t like black people and they don’t actual support gun rights…..


ampersand_why t1_j5yhjm1 wrote

I agree with you the NRA sucks but A) it’s free so you’re not supporting them and B) know your enemy


MediumPotato t1_j5yj1kx wrote

The year is 2050. America's main industry is gun tourism. Swedes flock to large gun ranges in abandoned amazon warehouses to fire .50 caliber sniper rifles at targets of hunter biden's son bunter biden. Used shells are saved and repurposed into food for underprivileged children. It is the sixth term of the Desantis administration.


DemureCynosure t1_j5wzzw9 wrote

Same thing everyone else has said: no ranges in DC proper. Get a rental car and head to VA. Avoid the NRA range. It's nice but the staff and attendees are douches. Finding full auto is going to be very hard in the DMV. You're not going to have a range that supports "sniper rifles" that's accessible to you. Most local ranges are 25-50 yards. Also, anyone local that has full-auto isn't allowed to let others shoot it under supervision anymore because the ATF just changed their stance without any warning, yet again.


Consistent_Ad7468 t1_j5wfpy3 wrote

Go to Maryland Small Arms Range. Nice selection of rental guns for the day and they are very helpful for those without a lot of firearms experience. It also isn't too far to take an Uber from DC.


jackson214 t1_j5zriei wrote

Newbies going to MSAR is not the best move. Unless they've changed since I last went, no RSO presence on the firing line. I've seen serious safety issues there over the years from inexperienced renters.


ChubsBronco t1_j5wewk4 wrote

Ask r/DCGuns

They will be able to guide you in the right direction.

On a sidenote, Atlantic Guns come to mind, I believe they have a shooting range and rent guns, but you would have to double check with them


jj3449 t1_j61plu2 wrote

You might be thinking of Gilbert’s in Rockville, Atlantic doesn’t have a range.


ChubsBronco t1_j61r210 wrote

Yes! I flipped them around in my head.

Atlantic is further up and less industrial than Gilbert's


FacitBull5O t1_j5weqsh wrote

Go to virgina. Just google ranges and you will find one. You may have to drive out a little bit.


newreddituser666 t1_j5wn6gw wrote

Maryland Small Arms range is the closest gun range to DC.


WontStopAtSigns t1_j5wpc61 wrote

It's all fun and games until you're rubbing the pad off your thumb reloading for 25 minutes.

We live and breath guns in this country. When I wake up I spread the jam on my toast with the barrel of my glock. You're just going to have to head a few min down the road in VA.


jestervalen t1_j5wpzso wrote

Xcal shooting sports and fitness in Ashburn has automatics to rent. I would call and ask about what requirements they have in order to use their range well before showing up.


MasterofPhun t1_j5wvdca wrote

As a Texan who uses y’all regularly, I just had to comment how much your “you’ll” made me smile


PoorPoorCicero t1_j5wx7i5 wrote

You probably know this but be careful traveling home with ammunition; in the country my family is from, someone was jailed for having a bullet (from hunting) in their bag recently


Nomorelockeddoors_ t1_j5wyzov wrote

take an uber to Sharpshooters Range in Lorton which will let you shoot, rent guns and keep the ammo and targets that you buy. Plz double check that you can bring this on a flight.


Deep-Ruin2786 t1_j5wtevl wrote

Elite is nice. It's about 45 to an hour from DC


bingol_boii t1_j5yhv47 wrote

Just take a short drive out to either Maryland or Virginia!


jdeeebs t1_j5yi73h wrote

You gotta go to Maryland or va


JNO33 t1_j5ymk8p wrote

a few points:

  1. Do this with an instructor. you are going to have some difficulty arriving alone, having never rented a gun at the range you go to, and renting. Most ranges are reticent to rent to a first-time visitor to a range due to people renting and committing suicide right inside the range.

  2. Also if not concurrent with a lesson from an instructor you almost certainly will be yanked off firing line and thrown out of range once you make a mistake in handing/range rules. There is a very low tolerance for mistakes inside a range. simply being a bit excited and moving the muzzle anywhere but downrange will get you grabbed and thrown out by the range safety officer in most ranges.

  3. ) NRA range doesn't rent firearms. So that is pointless to go there without your own firearm. I recommend any of the close in ranges in Va, that allow in premise rentals. "sniper" type setups are going to be outdoors for long range shooting, and outdoor ranges tend not to rent.

  4. If you are coming for a couple of days, and/or since Sweden looks to be visa waiver your visa situation is probably ok. But a lot of people don't know that in fact if you come in on a student visa you can't possesses a firearm in the US. so triple check your visa type.

  5. Do NOT keep any souvenir ammo. Constituent parts to ammo, including spent/fired brass are a crime to possess in DC if you are not a DC registered firearm owner -- and a crime that is prosecuted. constituent parts are also controlled in a lot of European countries as well.


Mad-Dawg t1_j5wrk3o wrote

Our back alley?


TechByDayDjByNight t1_j5xq6w7 wrote

Got to go to virginia or maryland for that. Some places dont let you rent guns unless you are LEO or part of the ARMED FORCES


John-Basedow t1_j5yqsp4 wrote

Dans Cafe has a place to shoot guns in the back alley


Suburbs-suck t1_j6139yr wrote

Swedes don’t need guns, Murica will protect you.


foreverurgirl t1_j61r6qm wrote

Go to VA but you can’t take the spent ammo with you bc it has gun powder on it and you can’t have it on you or in your luggage.


internet_emporium t1_j624xyn wrote

Look up shooting ranges in Virginia where you can rent guns


Mayonnaise_Sunrise t1_j64gln0 wrote

Go to Virginia. Plenty of places to shoot guns, and enjoy freedom.


keyjan t1_j5wf0cb wrote

No. Wrong city for that. Go over to Fairfax; the NRA would love to have you, I'm sure.

Oh, and don’t try taking ammo on a plane. That probably won’t go over well, especially if you don’t have a license.


The_Darkhorse t1_j5witgf wrote

Might be able to bring some empty shells onboard, tho I’m not even sure about those. Live ammo is deff a no go


JustZee2 t1_j65nsl2 wrote

I would be wary of going through the airport even with spent ammunition, quite frankly. The bomb sniffing dogs might not like the smell.


PenisTriumvirate t1_j5wm87b wrote

"No. Wrong city for that"
You should tell all your firearm homicides that.....


keyjan t1_j5wnciv wrote

Well, I'm assuming OP means legally.

Although I can’t help but note that the US has had more shootings this month than Sweden has had in something like 50 years….