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district_cleanups OP t1_j6ai1ya wrote

The Saturday after January 6th, a group of strangers met up in front of the Capitol Building to pick up trash leftover from days prior. After a positive initial reaction, we decided to call it District Cleanups.

We've continued to meet monthly to hold community cleanups. Today's cleanup marks our 2 year anniversary (plus 2 weeks) and our 24th consecutive monthly cleanup. Thank you so much to everyone who comes out to support us - this sub has had a huge role in that!

E: Next cleanup will be February 18th near Howard University!


MajorGeneralPopcorn t1_j6c407z wrote

Do people bring their own supplies?


district_cleanups OP t1_j6d0x9a wrote

We ask people to bring their own gloves, if they have them, but we provide grabbers, buckets, gloves, and trash bags.


me_speak_computer t1_j6d8dq9 wrote

Yay this is awesome! We will definitely come to the next one. It’s near us!


sn315on t1_j6apgu7 wrote

Great job everyone!


Piracanto t1_j6bl7i3 wrote

Although I've only been to one, it's a great group! I can't wait to join you guys again


IguessUgetdrunk t1_j6caeq9 wrote

I would have loved to join when I was in DC for a few months for an internship in 2015! As a foreigner with 0 local network I had a hard time making friends or meeting people and volunteering would have been such a good way.


app_priori t1_j6dayla wrote

I was there yesterday! Thanks for putting the event together! Looking forward to next month's event.


dman7456 t1_j6dfdws wrote

Do you have any advice for putting together more localized/regular cleanups? I absolutely love what this group does, but I feel like a real, lasting effect could be made by smaller groups meeting semi-regularly to clean their own neighborhood.


district_cleanups OP t1_j6dlgbh wrote

Honest recommendation is to just start doing it.

Make a group chat or post on your neighborhood message board - announce when you're going to go pick things up and ask if anyone wants to join you.

We've found that people are generally extremely willing to join other people who are picking things up, but don't "know how" to start on their own - give them an opportunity to join you!


also_anon_dc t1_j6arvi7 wrote

This is great! Now come to EOTR.