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Totalanimefan t1_j68fnxy wrote

This is great news. Although I wish they would install them on the roof instead of the parking lot. I would think it would work better installed on a roof and that way if someone decides to change that parking lot into something else, they don’t have to tear down the solar component.


sinclave t1_j68pc3t wrote

Solar canopys provide ample benefits including reducing the urban heat island effect, providing shade and shelter for vehicles, and providing infrastructure to expand electric vehicle charging. RMI did a solid write up of the benefits of solar canopies here.

Also let's be honest, parking lots are usually just single use spaces. Creating solar canopies can increase the utility of paved parking lots.


Totalanimefan t1_j68rc3s wrote

In urban areas we are starting to see a trend of parking lots getting converted into other things. If the trend continues I wouldn’t want to have to sacrifice a solar canopy for it. We could also add some trees to the parking lot to add shade and reduce the heat island effect.

I feel like I can already hear future NIMBYs saying we can’t build something else because of this historic solar canopy.


Existing365Chocolate t1_j69fljf wrote

Sure, but in a place like DC where parking lots are often being redeveloped into other stuff like buildings why waste solar panels for that when building roofs will be there for much longer


18_USC_1001 t1_j6glls4 wrote

I’m working on roof solar for our downtown building. It’s not easy. We keep running into issues with both code and practicality. It will all get sorted out, but it adds cost and complexity that just slapping a pre-designed canopy over a parking lot doesn’t require.


Totalanimefan t1_j6gmxm9 wrote

Thanks for your insight. I’m sure the parking lot one also has its problems but different than what it requires on top of a roof.