Submitted by According_Rough6527 t3_10ndcwa in washingtondc

I recently relocated to DC from the west coast and I've been surprised by how active the mosquitos are during the dead of winter. Everywhere I've ever lived (GA, NY, CA, WA) the mosquitos die off come winter time, but here in DC they are alive and well and somehow slipping through the tiny holes in my screen door. They're some form of ninja mosquito that makes me very scared for what's coming this summer.



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mastakebob t1_j684n2t wrote

That's out of the ordinary. They shoulda died off back in Oct/nov.


unl1988 t1_j688m00 wrote

They may have been inside all along . . .


DCTom t1_j6cvl4t wrote

Most def they are living/breeding inside. I had this problem in a former residence.


dobie_dobes t1_j68ieby wrote

I grew up in Alaska and Minnesota where the mosquitos are the size of damn birds. The ones here in DC are the spawn of satan. I’ve never swollen up from mosquito bites like I have with the species here. They’re maniacal.


fvb955cd t1_j68vo83 wrote

Those are native mosquitos. Most that you experience out here now are invasive tigers. Much faster, more aggressive, and longer active window. We have native mosquitos but tigers have mostly replaced them sadly.


ocelotalot t1_j68nyfy wrote

Yes, 100%. The bigger ones are far easier to deal with, you can spot them and maybe they even move a little slower so you can swat them. DC mosquitoes are very sneaky


dobie_dobes t1_j68qt5k wrote

Yes! They’re smaller. I live by the river and I can’t be outside for more than 15 seconds and get bitten. It’s crazy! I also think I’m one of those people that mosquitoes love, so that’s fun. 😂


fuckwatdateachersaid t1_j68lecb wrote

If regular mosquitos are original Covid, DC mosquitos are the Delta variant. I’m from AL, so I know mosquitos, and have noticed that I’d get bit just walking from my door to my car, especially in the evenings. We’ve had a pretty warm winter compared to other years, and the fact that they’re so bad where you are makes me wonder if there’s some standing water somewhere around you where they’re laying eggs.


NPRjunkieDC t1_j68qdkl wrote

What winter? 40-50 degrees is more like Spring .

Before Xmas 2 very cold days but otherwise very pleasant for them.


Beach_Kitten_ t1_j68j44u wrote

Summer is coming. Be afraid, be very afraid.


punkin_27 t1_j692c2j wrote

As a west coast transplant who is also a mosquito magnet, let me tell you that it sucks. I spent a whole summer getting bit every time I left my old rental. I have also been attacked at outdoor restaurant seating in the middle of the city, probably got 15 bites in 5 minutes. And during the summer I can’t use my second floor balcony in my current place. If you haven’t settled down yet I would recommend staying away from older row homes (someone will have an unkempt garden that breeds them) and look for apartments on a higher floor, but in general you just have to stock up on bug spray 😔


Outlaw_222 t1_j69ppde wrote

Oh man the mosquitoes are bad in dc for a very urban environment something that you just need to get used to.

When I was on my outdoor porch I just blasted a fan and they stayed away tho.


ErinBusiness t1_j687hgh wrote

We live in a swamp. It’s unseasonably warm.


Lazy-Jacket t1_j68djyi wrote

We always had tiny little ones coming in February on the Hill.


camelkami t1_j6benws wrote

Are you sure you have mosquitoes and not some kind of biting gnat or fruit fly problem? This is a really weird time of year for mosquitoes and there are other small biting flying insects that are more likely to infest a house.


Deep_Stick8786 t1_j6fh431 wrote

One of the many gifts to DC from visitors. Summer gets real bad here. The unseasonably warm weather has lengthened the active life cycle it seems.


merpderp33 t1_j6gvz4d wrote

This just happened to me the other night. I woke up in the middle of the night to FIVE bites. I heard the unmistakeable buzzing near my ear. It was BIG. I finally killed it a few days later.

Then my partner killed a baby mosquito. They’re somewhere, and we never open our windows, so either they’re traveling by vents in the apt building or something else … I’ve never experienced being bitten in the winter like this until this year and I’ve been in the area for years. It’s unreal.