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temporarytuna t1_j4aap5a wrote

This is downright petty. It's sad that they are wasting time on this when they could be doing actual work.


ScottyC33 t1_j4bmmf0 wrote

Democrats control the senate and presidency. Nothing the house generates is viable, it’s all DOA. There is no work to be done outside of silly stunts.


CrownStarr t1_j4bpiep wrote

There is work to be done in divided government if they accept that situation and find points of common ground. It doesn’t have to be this way.


huntertheram t1_j4cpo51 wrote

Common ground ceased to exist when sentient fatberg Newt Gingrich and house republicans took control in the 90s.


KTLRMD84 t1_j4ctyz9 wrote

"Sentient fatberg" is my new favorite insult


temporarytuna t1_j4bp4uz wrote

They could try something called "compromise", but that might be too much for their egos. So instead they will waste taxpayer money and do nothing.


uncalibrated619 t1_j4cqfp8 wrote

House Rules wouldn’t need senate approval. Only a majority approval is needed.


ScottyC33 t1_j4d1psz wrote

Do the rules even matter? The existing rules don’t even seem to apply already, who cares about new ones?


LilInterweb t1_j4elyzf wrote

There is plenty of work to be done. Republicans live in an earth warming at an unprecedented rate. They too can fix this. They also can “practice bipartisanship” like the democrats where asked to do under every GOP president. Why are journalist not asking republicans about bipartisanship?


88leo t1_j4cqbz4 wrote

Seriously, its time that we do what works best against spoiled brats and just ignore them for the next two years. So tired of the stupidity.


dbag127 t1_j4bx3zm wrote

Might still be less petty than allowing smoking again.


abcpdo t1_j4c8nr8 wrote

lol lung cancer is fake news?


88leo t1_j4cq78l wrote

Its the only real power they have.


CloudTransit t1_j4e6hls wrote

It’s horrible leadership. The GOP are goons. They know hurt people and break stuff. They’re divisive and cruel.


Hills_Dweller_22305 t1_j4cilal wrote

Lol. How much time do you think they wasted on this? Do you seriously think they deliberated for days?


TheTickledPickle_ t1_j4b8wpo wrote

Here’s the truth out loud…both sides are against doing actual work.


[deleted] t1_j4bjxhd wrote



SamTheGeek t1_j4brlnj wrote

Let’s point to a series of legislative accomplishments during this calendar year, but the guy will say “it hasn’t affected me yet so it doesn’t count.”

Never mind that most legislation goes into effect on 1/1.

Also there was a pretty big “codifying marriage rights into law as far as the federal government can do so” bill but everyone just ignores that.


indigo121 t1_j4bswbc wrote

To be fair the list of calendar year accomplishments is gonna be pretty short in January


TheTickledPickle_ t1_j4e1mj4 wrote

Getting “small wins” to quiet down the bootlickers on each side aren’t impressive, they’re part of the game. It’s so sad when someone does a whataboutism and points to something either so insignificant or a solve for nonexistent problem


WealthyMarmot t1_j4a6mhh wrote

What is the point of this?


Mr_E t1_j4be0ta wrote

Can't bitch about statehood if you can't even have a voice.


jbomble t1_j4bwhge wrote

Eleanor Holmes Norton would like a word.


strangechicken t1_j4bx7qe wrote

Did you hear her talk during the debate on adopting the rules? Respect to her, but she realllllly needs to have retired like 10 years ago.


jbomble t1_j4cf0xm wrote

Yeah, that's the problem with machines. Nobody wants to step in. Which is how people like Feinstein stay well beyond their prime.


Dry-Department-8753 t1_j4c93ak wrote

She literally saved us during the Insurrection by telling everyone to stay home and let the MAGAts have their little Pity Party on Jan. 6th

The ONE thing they counted on for their TRAITOROUS plot that didn't materialize, was anyone from the city to oppose them so they could claim "Antifa and BLM" and declare Martial Law to name Trump Dictator Forever like his hero Putin.

That GOD and Muriel Bowser that shit didn't happen


anonymous_aardvark2 t1_j4hd3q1 wrote

She may be old but the other candidates were all considerably worse than her unfortunately.

I say this as someone who was looking for a different rep but all of the other candidates had kinda wacky platforms IIRC.


slava_gorodu t1_j4e0r0a wrote

Her staff wasn‘t even in office or responding timely to cases because of Covid as late as last February at least. Had to get a family members’ rep to respond to an emergency (family stuck in Ukraine and needing asylum support and info ASAP). She needs to retire.


jbomble t1_j4gb8wi wrote

Hope your family was able to get help! Casework is important.


AADV123 t1_j4agsmo wrote

Absolutely shameful. How completely unnecessary and insulting to not only our Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton but also Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico Jenniffer González-Colón (who caucuses with the Republicans no less!)

The language of the rule does let them be granted entry by the House, so in theory McCarthy could invite them for State of the Unions and other major events. Their privilege as an elected leader to do the basic act of walking into the chamber uninvited has been revoked, and that’s what’s so awful and demeaning about it.


[deleted] t1_j4cx9zf wrote



AADV123 t1_j4eu7y7 wrote

No, that’s why I never mentioned the mayor. I’m not sure why this article decided to focus on Bowser.


Uu550 t1_j4b2azb wrote

Is this part of their inflation plan or their border security plan?


GingerMan027 t1_j4b17hl wrote

Culture wars and "owning the libs" is all they have. Emotional symbolism without any substance is the game they play.


Vinny_Cerrato t1_j4b8kbl wrote

Bowser banned from the House floor but Reps can now smoke in their offices again. Add in Hunter Biden’s dick pics and inflation won’t stand a chance. Well done, GOP.


OctoberCaddis t1_j4bjttz wrote

Hate to tell you but members have been smoking in their offices the whole time.

There’s also an unmarked room in the basement with an impressive ventilation system used by AoC (facilities and maintenance) staff all day every day.


Pure_Contact5891 t1_j4b3zqw wrote

Its blatant pettiness on the part of the republicans. This video makes it sound like Mayor Bowser having access to the House floor is incredibly vital, but I don't recall Mayor Bowser ever being on the House Floor. I think the bigger deal here is the level of pettiness on display. These are our lawmakers and if they're willing to block somebody from the House floor who as far as I can tell has never been on the House floor, what other stupid petty things are they going to do.


Kalikhead t1_j4bgkbj wrote

Precisely. I live in DC and do not recall when the Mayor has ever gone to Congress unless summoned. Congress already has oversight and control of DC government - what’s the point of all this unless it is to be petty.


Less_Wrong_ t1_j4a2e9k wrote

How is this “governing”?


CriticalStrawberry t1_j4a3xg7 wrote

Really checking off those big ticket important items this session huh.


vtsandtrooper t1_j4b5pzm wrote

They want home rule gone so that the threat of the 51st movement is gone. Its all about retaining their minority populous control over government. Step one to remove home rule, stop people who can speak on the specific impacts of it, from being able to speak on it.


Hills_Dweller_22305 t1_j4deeoj wrote

You're giving them waaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much credit here. Kinda like Hillary Clinton and the "vast right wing conspiracy" stuff. Seriously, I doubt they spent more than 10 seconds thinking about this and it's likely a basic procedural issue.


vtsandtrooper t1_j4dvkv4 wrote

Right.. because theres never been any evidence that the GOP is trying to control procedural elements of governance to assist in elongating the relevance of the party through minority rule.


vtsandtrooper t1_j4dvs6j wrote

Or how about when the GOP had a post mortem meeting in williamsburg in 2009 after the landslide defeat in 2008, and decided to focus on Governors races, state legislatures, and “states rights”… Im sure 8 years later there were no repercussions or impacts from that concerted messaging and procedural sabotage.


LB20001 t1_j4atta8 wrote

Petty and shameful. But also, can we ban Bowser from all of DC too, please?


GuyNoirPI t1_j4ayklw wrote

What’s odd is that they did not take away the ability for delegates to vote on the committee of the whole (so, on amendments), which they usually do. It makes this move seem even more petty and bizarre.


Hills_Dweller_22305 t1_j4dewpw wrote

You sound like you've followed this for a while ... did the Mayor have unfettered access to the House floor under prior Speakers? If so, how many?


GuyNoirPI t1_j4dg1go wrote

The context here is that Governors have access to the floor, so this was a way to bring parity to DC, PR, ect.

Honestly, I don’t know when they first adopted the parity rule or if it’s gone back and forth much. The voting is more important so it’s what’s get the most attention.


Hills_Dweller_22305 t1_j4dl899 wrote

Got it. DC / PR / Guam / CNMI are also not states so makes sense they wouldn't have access.

This all sounds like much ado about nothing. Save the ammo for a real fight.


GuyNoirPI t1_j4dm2ok wrote

No one is using any ammo or anything, but it is just a reflection of disrespect


Whornz4 t1_j4c5iee wrote

When you don't have any plans to govern then you only try to score points with the lowest trash.


88leo t1_j4cq5zg wrote

The republicans are literally children.


Hills_Dweller_22305 t1_j4deqko wrote

In comparison to the Democrats, absolutely. Until recently, most Dem leaders were octogenarians. Hakeem Jeffries is a much, much needed breath of youth and fresh air in the party.


OctoberCaddis t1_j4bjjno wrote

When is the last time Bowser went to the House floor?


Successful-Plate3598 t1_j4cqw93 wrote

I'm a Republican and this is absolutely insane - the only reason to ban someone from speaking is either because they are causing irreparable harm or you don't like what they have to say.

We are all here to help eachother. This is not the way. These people are not republicans or americans. They are bad people.


adstaylor77 t1_j4b88s7 wrote

Always tackling the common concerns with logic and grace…


Surrealisticnonsense t1_j4cuvj4 wrote

No mayor has gone on the house floor since Fenty. Bowser ain’t seem to care a bit about this.


Forensicunit t1_j4dct2l wrote

Didn't a whole bunch of colonists start an entire war because they were being taxed without any opportunity to offer input or feedback?


Funkles_tiltskin t1_j4b7hbr wrote

I’m not shocked that the House GOP would be this childish and petty, but I am shocked that Roland Martin no longer wears an ascot.


keyjan t1_j4b8eok wrote



Loki-Don t1_j4c7znx wrote

Lol..GOP just jelly that this supposed “shit hole” city is so economically productive it pays more federal income taxes than 22 states, 20 of the GOP states with significantly higher populations.


Hills_Dweller_22305 t1_j4chswv wrote

Out of curiosity, how long did the Mayor have this privilege? Did prior speakers change this rule as well? Has the Mayor actually exercised it?

This thread reminds me of when the Washington Post published an alarmist article about the Trump administration deleting information from government websites when it was actually standard operating procedure for presidential transitions.

Lots of folks on this thread alleging specific motivations to politicians without any supporting evidence.


zoom334 t1_j4ebsp9 wrote

F*ck Bowser!! She couldn’t care less. Developers still gon line her pockets. House floor or not.


Special-Literature16 t1_j4b3w4h wrote

Fascism at its best … Why would you want to be a republican… all the black and brown republicans stand by and say nothing


Hills_Dweller_22305 t1_j4cgwzb wrote

Since you're an expert on the topic, u/Special-Literature16, please educate me on what part of this rule is fascist. Honest question. I really want to learn.


Special-Literature16 t1_j4d0slv wrote

Go read Hitler's book Mein Kampf for starters ..


ohoneup t1_j4dak06 wrote

Yikes, would not recommended that to someone open to the material.


Special-Literature16 t1_j4dbpky wrote

You want to understand how fascism is connected to the conservative republican party. Reading this and listening to the propaganda trump desantis and the republicans are spewing you should be able to connect the dots... Also the ideology of right wing hate groups ... Fascism has come to america wrapped in the us flag carrying a bible.


Hills_Dweller_22305 t1_j4ddke3 wrote

You didn't answer the question, u/Special-Literature16. Please explain how the rule preventing the Mayor of DC coming to the floor of the House of Representatives is fascism.

To quote my dear friend, Inigo Montoya, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

I'll wait for a more serious answer than, "go read Hitler's manifesto."


Special-Literature16 t1_j4df9bl wrote

You should do more reading. .


Hills_Dweller_22305 t1_j4dm833 wrote

Ouch. Sick burn.

How about you actually learn the definitions of the words that you use? Or maybe focus on formulating cogent arguments?

I'm happy to buy you a dictionary and send it to you, but I think you'd do well to read the wikipedia article another redditor posted on this thread.


Southern_Name_9119 t1_j4ci0qn wrote

Good. Keep the District a district.


_Reliten_ t1_j4co5me wrote

If the District stays a district I shouldn't have to pay taxes. No taxation without representation.


ohoneup t1_j4daizo wrote

Agree in theory, but when every billionaire and corporation moves in to dodge taxes it would turn into some instant gentrified hell-scape with skyrocketing cost of living overnight.


_Reliten_ t1_j4gy8x0 wrote

Almost as if the solution is to make the District a state, give it real home rule, and let the ~800,000 citizens who live here (more than Wyoming and Vermont) have equal representation in the legislature to their fellow Americans.


Hills_Dweller_22305 t1_j4df5d4 wrote

Remember the days when Newt Gingrich wanted to make DC an empowerment zone with no taxes? Yeah, those were the days.


CodedRose t1_j4adupf wrote

Kinda expected this. With how petty the democrats were over the past 6 years I'm not surprised that they would do this.

Edit: wow a lot of people here are afraid to admit that their precious blue gods behave just as bad as the Republicans do. Be real people, both sides are trash and have been spending the last 6 years trading pettiness for pettiness. Gtfo of your echo chambers. If you want citations read news archives and educate yourselves. Not my job to foster a balanced world view in all of you.


PizzaTrader t1_j4ath08 wrote

Could you provide an example of that pettiness, please? Genuinely curious which elected officials were banned from Congress under the previous Speaker.


Formergr t1_j4b05gw wrote

> With how petty the democrats were over the past 6 years

Citation pls.


steveaustin69 t1_j4b63ka wrote

what a moron


CodedRose t1_j4c99az wrote

Same to you bro, congrats on being a mindless follower of a political spectrum you fucking dipshit. Good luck in life.