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temporarytuna t1_j4aap5a wrote

This is downright petty. It's sad that they are wasting time on this when they could be doing actual work.


ScottyC33 t1_j4bmmf0 wrote

Democrats control the senate and presidency. Nothing the house generates is viable, it’s all DOA. There is no work to be done outside of silly stunts.


CrownStarr t1_j4bpiep wrote

There is work to be done in divided government if they accept that situation and find points of common ground. It doesn’t have to be this way.


huntertheram t1_j4cpo51 wrote

Common ground ceased to exist when sentient fatberg Newt Gingrich and house republicans took control in the 90s.


KTLRMD84 t1_j4ctyz9 wrote

"Sentient fatberg" is my new favorite insult


temporarytuna t1_j4bp4uz wrote

They could try something called "compromise", but that might be too much for their egos. So instead they will waste taxpayer money and do nothing.


uncalibrated619 t1_j4cqfp8 wrote

House Rules wouldn’t need senate approval. Only a majority approval is needed.


ScottyC33 t1_j4d1psz wrote

Do the rules even matter? The existing rules don’t even seem to apply already, who cares about new ones?


LilInterweb t1_j4elyzf wrote

There is plenty of work to be done. Republicans live in an earth warming at an unprecedented rate. They too can fix this. They also can “practice bipartisanship” like the democrats where asked to do under every GOP president. Why are journalist not asking republicans about bipartisanship?


88leo t1_j4cqbz4 wrote

Seriously, its time that we do what works best against spoiled brats and just ignore them for the next two years. So tired of the stupidity.


dbag127 t1_j4bx3zm wrote

Might still be less petty than allowing smoking again.


abcpdo t1_j4c8nr8 wrote

lol lung cancer is fake news?


88leo t1_j4cq78l wrote

Its the only real power they have.


CloudTransit t1_j4e6hls wrote

It’s horrible leadership. The GOP are goons. They know hurt people and break stuff. They’re divisive and cruel.


Hills_Dweller_22305 t1_j4cilal wrote

Lol. How much time do you think they wasted on this? Do you seriously think they deliberated for days?


TheTickledPickle_ t1_j4b8wpo wrote

Here’s the truth out loud…both sides are against doing actual work.


[deleted] t1_j4bjxhd wrote



SamTheGeek t1_j4brlnj wrote

Let’s point to a series of legislative accomplishments during this calendar year, but the guy will say “it hasn’t affected me yet so it doesn’t count.”

Never mind that most legislation goes into effect on 1/1.

Also there was a pretty big “codifying marriage rights into law as far as the federal government can do so” bill but everyone just ignores that.


indigo121 t1_j4bswbc wrote

To be fair the list of calendar year accomplishments is gonna be pretty short in January


TheTickledPickle_ t1_j4e1mj4 wrote

Getting “small wins” to quiet down the bootlickers on each side aren’t impressive, they’re part of the game. It’s so sad when someone does a whataboutism and points to something either so insignificant or a solve for nonexistent problem