Submitted by cburro t3_10mo75l in washingtondc

My friends and I love going to trivia nights but are not fans of the app-based nights most bars do nowadays. TriviaMatic seems to be the most common app and it kinda ruins the fun when you spend a solid portion of the night trying to figure out glitches. This makes me feel old and crotchety to ask but does anyone know of bar trivia places that still do trivia on paper? We want a tech-free trivia experience! Extra points if the bar is close-ish to Columbia Heights but that would just be icing on the cake.



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veepeedeepee t1_j6448e5 wrote

It's been a while since I was there, but Nanny O'Brien's in Cleveland Park does trivia and it's a blast. It's done by TriviaKings, which I always found make a fun trivia experience.

Also used to hit Lou's City Bar in Columbia Heights for trivia, but it's been ages. I know they still do trivia but I don't know if they use the app or not.


mavwok t1_j644pbb wrote

Seconding Nanny O'Brien's in Cleveland Park. Good fun. Fairly wide age range and entertaining compere. All on paper.


aleca_zam t1_j647d5i wrote

Lou’s City Bar was the most bizarre trivia experience I’ve been to. No app, but you self score on paper and then enter your totals in a google sheet

Could have been a bad night, but the team next to us left about 3 questions in stating that they’d try Tail Up Goat the next week


broneal31 t1_j64udcf wrote

Self score is silly if you actually want to compete. And did you mean Fainting Goat?


aleca_zam t1_j662y5d wrote

Yeah probably! To be fair this was like 6 months ago and I was more focused on the weird format


veepeedeepee t1_j647osh wrote

Huh, it wasn't like that when I was last there, but that was before Covid, so... yeah. Also had no idea Tail Up Goat did trivia?


Brickleberried t1_j6546f7 wrote

And the questions are so weird. Many questions are hyper-specific.


MartinScorsese t1_j649a7j wrote

When I hosted trivia at Wonderland a while back, we would only use paper, but I don't know if they're still doing it post-pando.


GrossePointeJayhawk t1_j64f08e wrote

Yep! We still are. I host at Wonderland and we still use good old fashioned paper sheets with pens.


BlakeClass t1_j69m7ec wrote

When is this? My wife and I may want to go


GrossePointeJayhawk t1_j6abb93 wrote

It’s on Mondays at 7:30, but get there by at least 7 when they open the upstairs to get a table. It gets really popular because once again you can get 100 off your tab. I host next on March 20!


majesticunicron t1_j649abw wrote

Looking Glass Lounge! They host Trivia on Tuesday nights with no app.


theguvna505 t1_j64lpmv wrote

Sliced Bread Trivia at Hellbender brewing. 7:00pm on Thursdays. 2 stops from Columbia Heights metro on the Green/Yellow line. About a 10 minute walk from Ft. Totten metro.


metrazol t1_j68fwev wrote

Come for the trivia, stay for the beer and obtuse prizes such as vintage 80's tv trading cards, Walmart finds, and of course, more beer.


Bitterfish t1_j64jhcp wrote

Silver Branch Brewing in silver spring still use paper. Tough questions and stiff competition though in my experience!


trbl3mkr t1_j64okj6 wrote

Last Call by Union Market every Tuesday at 7. 5 rounds and you hand in your answers on paper.


sweep_27 t1_j65bsah wrote

Jackie lee’s


chaoticyetneurotic t1_j64x9mw wrote

Lost generation in Eckington is having their first trivia night this Sunday. I don’t know the details but I have heard the owner say that they don’t like trivia games played on a phone.


sybil_vimes t1_j64qdut wrote

Irish Channel in Gallery Place does pen and paper. Tuesday nights.


Defunktthepistol t1_j650m4y wrote

I haven’t been in a couple months, but they used an app when I went, probably October? Also it was Wednesday’s so may be different now!


BooksAndQueen t1_j64eshj wrote

Not near Columbia Heights but Union Pub every Tuesday has trivia and I’ve heard Calico does every other Tuesday as well (but haven’t tried it). If you don’t like Triviamatic, I’d recommend avoiding any trivia place listed on District Trivia’s site.


me_speak_computer t1_j64wj0m wrote

So sad. District Trivia was awesome pre-Covid when they still used pen and paper.


BooksAndQueen t1_j64y99g wrote

I actually enjoy District Trivia’s Triviamatic app! Vast majority of the time my team doesn’t have tech issues, the wait between rounds is a bit shorter, I like that it’s easier for the whole team to know what the question is and see the answers after the round, and I think they’ve done a good job w the bonus rounds on it (plus they’ve finally brought back the bonus music round, ending one of my two biggest quibbles).

But I get it isn’t for everyone and given OP wants it to be tech-free, I want to give them an easy way of eliminating some places without having to go and check in person


1000111010142 t1_j64prd6 wrote

Boardroom in courthouse, not DC technically but great host


unl1988 t1_j65u18x wrote

VFW Post 3150 in Arlington runs a Trivia Night on the second Friday of each month at 7:30 PM. All are welcome, you may be asked to sign in.

The Trivia normally lasts about an hour, it is Jeopardy style and kind of fun.

They will ask for a donation for the prize bucket.

2116 19th ST N.


campbeer t1_j65grma wrote

I host trivia as part of DC fray at Grand Central every monday at 7


20CAS17 t1_j67g9ac wrote

Metrobar Thursdays doesn't, I think


legalhandcannon t1_j687amj wrote

I dunno if he still does it but the guy at 4 Courts in Arlington was always great. I haven’t been in probably 5 years. Always a great trivia atmosphere and the food was good.