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GarageFarm2020 t1_jaa8z88 wrote

Fuck both them clowns.


New-Highway868 t1_jaad7mz wrote

I agree with you.

Tom segura' Steven Segal is out of his mind the skit

Fuck both of these payasos (Clown in Spanish)


c0wtown t1_jaaebhy wrote

3 clowns


New-Highway868 t1_jaaibod wrote

You're right, 3. Have a good evening or day (it's evening in Canada where I'm from) .


callmejim1111 t1_jaa982e wrote

Seagal should stay in Russia


incognito2233 t1_jaao679 wrote

He’s not coming back to the US. He’s washed up and Russia is the only place that gives him any respect


Core2score t1_jabehdv wrote

Mhm agreed.. Russia seems to be collecting every fake thing under the sun.

Fake "special forces" who in reality couldn't outperform girl scouts? Check! Fake supertanks? Check! Fake 5th gen fighter jet? Check! Fake referendums? Fake body armor? Fake helmets? Check, check, and check!

So might as well add fake martial artist and actor to the list.


dr3adlock t1_jaa96yc wrote

Jesus hes a tool.


Ma1nta1n3r t1_jaabywo wrote

Putin, a walking tumor, is blinded by the magnificence of an overweight, human zucchini that can't act, can't stop farting and speaks as though he's talking around a mouth full of cock. A guy even Hollywood thinks is well past his "sell-by" date,...

You'd think that Putin would at least adore a Russian film star, but sadly, on the whole, Russian movies suck as much as their military.


openly_gray t1_jaaa1mb wrote

This guy makes Dennis Rodman look good


LoquatLazy t1_jaabe69 wrote

Did Seagal eat Chuck Norris? For the love of God someone find Chuck!!


WalkerBRiley t1_jabhxuq wrote

PSA: Chuck Norris is a giant tool himself. He supports a ban on same sex marriage. He was a birther conspiracy theorist. He spread tons of misinformation during the Obama presidency about the Obamas and other democrats. He believes in Intelligent Design. And he cheated on his first wife.


Vost570 t1_jaallyy wrote

He puts the dough in Aikido.


jokergrin t1_jaag9yy wrote

Is the "humanitarian work" that he's stopped making films? If so, bravo


Orqee t1_jaalhax wrote

Man who is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands souls departed way to soon, giving humanitarian award? That’s like Hitler giving award for helping most immigrants to Germany.


DeltaSR5 t1_jaamkuv wrote

Scum praises scrum. Soon both will be 6 feet under.


Core2score t1_jabagu1 wrote

LMAO it's like Steven Seagal is on a quest to suck at more things than humanly possible..

He's an obese fake martial artist pretender who makes some of the shittiest movies ever to insult the small screen.. He was literally married to 2 women at one point while lying to both, and now he's a pathetic mascot for one of the most terrible human beings on earth.


macross1984 t1_jaaj0fx wrote

Humanitarian work from Steven Seagal in Russia? What a cruel joke.


stonk_fish t1_jaatg0h wrote

Ah I see Putin pulled out the "now suck me off" table instead of his "stay away from me" table for this one.


thedeathmachine t1_jabdouj wrote

Does anyone have a pic from the last 20 years of Seagal standing? Even in his movies he doesn't stand, walk, or run.


MofongoForever t1_jaactpz wrote

Oh gawd, is he still around hanging with his buddy Puty? I figured he'd have gotten blown to bits in Ukraine by now since he is such a badass dude......NOT.


Chiraq_eats t1_jaatd2r wrote

Seagal has a thriving movie career in Russia. Space Ice Channel on youtube rips Seagal a new asshole with awesome reviews of shitty, modern Seagal films.


Ok_Wave_8522 t1_jab2zv3 wrote

He is now an enemy to the free world


Orqee t1_jae9wk0 wrote

He’s ass wipe that believes that there is no bad publicity.


2-Legit-2-Quip t1_jabeips wrote

Trump would probably make him an ambassador


Random_Mane_9009 t1_jabs5bx wrote

That award wasn’t for his recent acting work..that’s for sure.


MisterMinutes t1_jaae0zd wrote

What if Seagal has been undercover with the CIA the whole time and kills Putin?


nandos677 t1_jaapexb wrote

Dialing the phone: Hello Chuck Norris go show this Fuck what Red looks like


[deleted] t1_jabeazt wrote



-ATLienz- t1_jabeg6f wrote

Check out this podcast. It's hilarious and educational!


ariesdrifter77 t1_jaej6o2 wrote

He could’ve snapped his neck and died a hero. But Naw, he’s just a piece of trash like Putin.