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NewCanadianMTurker t1_j9yew3d wrote

""Poland and Europe stand by your side. We will definitely not leave you, we will support Ukraine until complete victory over Russia," Morawiecki said during a visit to Kyiv, standing next to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Warsaw's commitment to its neighbour has been instrumental in persuading European allies to donate heavy weapons to Ukraine, including tanks, a move opposed by several governments, including Berlin, until recently."

Awesome! Way to go Poland!


godamen t1_j9yg106 wrote

Yea, if anyone knows what it's like to get fucked over, again and again and again it's Poland. I know there are inherent political reasons this is in Poland's interest, but I also believe there is a deep sense of "When we fell to tyranny, no one came to help, we won't let that happen to you" in the national memory.

Edit: Fixed grammar insecurities I had in my comment.


HaloGuy381 t1_j9yqakd wrote

And more simply: “Fuck Russia” from Poland. Although sending your message at muzzle velocity from a tank cannon does make it a lot easier to hear.


Darth_drizzt_42 t1_ja0yr4i wrote

No kidding. If Poland could've directly intervened on Ukraine's behalf without starting a NATO grade shitshow, you know they would've been in the airspace on day 0. They've been giving off that "bro just lemme at him!" Energy


DamNamesTaken11 t1_ja174lf wrote

I’ve meet a few Polish people in my travels. Nice people (and great drinking buddies after the tour) but they hated Russia before this so I can’t imagine what they’re thinking now.

There’s a reason why after the missiles landed and killed the two farmers there were so many Polish Wojak Article 5 memes.


NewCanadianMTurker t1_j9ygla3 wrote

It's good to see smaller countries helping protect each other from larger threats.

(And your use of quotes was indeed appropriate)


chunkerton_chunksley t1_j9zwkeb wrote

Lithuania has been punching so far above their weight class it’s insane. If you look at who supports Ukraine the hardest, it’s countries who used to live under Russian/soviet boots. They know exactly what’s at stake


TrixoftheTrade t1_ja02hhj wrote

"Today them, tomorrow us."

Putin's made it very clear that he considers not just Ukraine, but the entirety of the Soviet Union to be in the Russian "sphere of influence."


TheBirdOfFire t1_ja196vu wrote

Former* Soviet Union

I know that's what you meant but with some Russians claiming that Ukraine isn't actually a legitimate sovereign country I feel the need to correct things like this.


JustVGames t1_ja0sbw9 wrote

>t’s countries who used to live under Russian/soviet boots

Except Hungary. After USSR raped their country they still spoon feed pro-russian propaganda to their citizens.


chunkerton_chunksley t1_ja0sqt5 wrote

and the gop had their clan/cpac meeting there and plan to do it again, says a lot doesnt it


hotnindza t1_ja0enmm wrote

I agree, although neither Ukraine or Poland are small countries. Poland has around 50 million people, and Ukraine around 40 million, Russia has 130 million.


syringistic t1_ja20jnh wrote

U're a bit off... Poland is down to about 38 Million.


godamen t1_j9yh1mh wrote

Oh good, thanks! I guess I should probably take that last bit out then.


Elephant789 t1_ja2m800 wrote

> (And your use of quotes was indeed appropriate)

I agree. I hate how reddit users use quotes nonchalantly to make up their hypothetical conversations which then confuses the reader into thinking that that was a real quote.


VoraciousTrees t1_ja0zfu4 wrote

I mean, Poland had a very similar diplomatic situation a little over 100 years ago... If you ignore the fight for Lwow and Galicia.


MarBoBabyBoy t1_j9zzxx7 wrote

> if anyone knows what it's like to get fucked over, again and again and again it's Poland

If you're referring to WW2, the Poles, along with their Western allies, fucked themselves more than anything.


Diomedesnuts t1_ja04jt0 wrote

Please elaborate on how being invaded by both Germany and Russia counts as "fucking themself"


MarBoBabyBoy t1_ja0k0y7 wrote

Poland supported Germany's invasion of Czechoslovakia and even took some Czech land for themselves after Germany invaded. Stalin offered Poland to allow Soviet troops into Poland in the event Germany invaded, as Hitler's foreign policy was obviously become more and more aggressive. The Poles flat out refused, even though Russia was the only real power that could come to Poland's aid if (and when) Germany invaded. Even Britain and France asked the Poles to allow Soviet troops in because they knew they couldn't do much if Germany invaded.

The Western allies screwed themselves because of their appeasement of Hitler. Stalin viewed the appeasement as the allies aligning with Germany to destroy Russia. Russia wasn't even invited to the Munich Agreement even though giving Hitler Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland) made it easier for Germany to invade Russia.

So after basically be shunned by their supposed "allies" Stalin did the next best thing and signed a non-aggression pact with Germany.


Duffelson t1_ja2298y wrote

Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

The Nazi Germany and Soviet Union had LITERALLY divided poland before the first shot was fired.


MarBoBabyBoy t1_ja2qa71 wrote

This was made AFTER the West shunned the Soviets. Before that, Russia and the West were allies.


dudefromthepast3 t1_ja36gqy wrote

> and even took some Czech land for themselves after Germany invaded

Hmm, i wonder what Czechoslovakia did when Poland was fighting soviet russia in 1919.

> The Poles flat out refused, even though Russia was the only real power that could come to Poland's aid

Tell me what Russia did, when Estonia, Latvia AND Lithuania allowed russian troops in 1940


beerandabike t1_ja05ig0 wrote

As the original comment mentions “again” 3x, it’s a lot longer than just WW2. Poles have been harassed from the East for a very long time, many times.


Ludwigofthepotatoppl t1_ja066vs wrote

Seeing how Russia’s come between Poland and Hungary after centuries of dear friendship helps illustrate just how much Poland hates Russia.


Andy900_2 t1_j9z8tz8 wrote

Poland is one of my absolute favorite EU states, and I haven’t even been there. Lots of Polish people here in Sweden though, and they’re fantastic people! I have so much respect for the Polish people.


El_muscely_beardo t1_j9zb3hx wrote

I would highly advise going to Poland. Warsaw is a beautiful city. So clean and safe with great infrastructure. I’m very biased because my girlfriend is Polish but all of the Poles I’ve known are really nice as well.


Rogermcfarley t1_j9zedki wrote

I've worked with many Polish people. Really cool people. I never learnt to speak Polish but I can swear all day long in Polish.


Skydragonace t1_j9zfbwr wrote

Part of my family is Polish, and while I don't speak, read, or write in Polish, I can confirm that the culture is really interesting, and the food is amazing. My grandmother made polish food for us on every single holiday growing up, and it was so nice to have along side the usual fare.


Andy900_2 t1_j9zby40 wrote

The skyline of Warsaw alone makes me want to go there. It looks so beautiful!


FiNNy- t1_j9znome wrote

Honestly this comment made poland move up on my go to list. Hopefully ill be able to fly there next summer


Tjaden_Dogebiscuit t1_ja02y2t wrote

I haven't been either and its high on my list.

If you go to Warsaw you should aim to be there August 1st. At 5pm the city goes still to honor all the Poles that took part in theWarsaw Uprising in 1944. There are videos of it and it's surreal.


Inevitable-Revenue81 t1_ja0q5fh wrote

Just be careful of drinking polish Mead. Do not be “ballsy” while drinking it. Very good stuff but very strong stuff, stronger then Vodka!


ArthurBonesly t1_j9zdc41 wrote

Poland and Ukraine after this war are going to be like Poland and Hungary before the war.


Witcher587 t1_j9yf011 wrote

Poland delivered first tanks literary few days after the war has begun.


creativename87639 t1_j9z0kwr wrote

Yea it’s a bad headline.

It should say “first western tanks” as Poland just deliver a whopping four leopard 2’s which I’m assuming is mainly symbolic to get other countries to start donating.


AggravatingTaste7921 t1_j9zhrzc wrote

Also, with those Leopards,2 Poland donated further 30 modernized T-72 and 30 t-91 Twardy tanks.


Jacc3 t1_j9zxc16 wrote

Other countries are also sending Leopards, but most will need at least a few more weeks before they are ready for transfer. Poland were the first to actually deliver (some of) theirs to Ukraine


differing t1_ja08mth wrote

Canada has actually already delivered 4 Leopard 2’s to the UAF, they’re in Poland being used by Ukrainian crews for training.


Jacc3 t1_ja0mllv wrote

I guess these are the first Leopards actually sent to Ukraine, i.e. over the border. Germany for instance has also started training Ukrainian crews.


Spiritual_Zebra_251 t1_j9zhvlt wrote

The first tanks (T72) were delivered by the Czech Republic…few weeks after the invasion.


Avennite t1_ja0st2q wrote

I think we can all stop trying to have a bigger who delivered first penis and celebrate the fact we're all eager to stand up to the neighborhood bully.


Spiritual_Zebra_251 t1_ja2544f wrote

Nobody is doing that! But internet is full of misimformation so we should all try to correct it and limit it. Especially when it is black and white like this case.

Also, Poland is a strong (I’d say politically the strongest) supporter of UA and not being “the first” with tanks is not important.


MrPapillon t1_j9ywbfg wrote

The soldier looks tiny next to the tank in that picture, funny perspective.


screwhammer t1_j9zdpi2 wrote

It's not the perspective, they are huge machines. Here's one taken from an even lower perspective, while the one in the article is taken at eye level.


teeth_lurk_beneath t1_ja07465 wrote

Yeah, I remember seeing armored military vehicles being transported, I assume to Iraq, in San Antonio, TX back around 2004. They were absolutely gigantic, and that's because they were being transported in pieces.


MrPapillon t1_ja0zr4q wrote

Nope in that picture the size looks totally normal. A bit big, but not Jurassic big. Maybe that's another case of neurological drama like the blue/white skirt-gate.


ianpaschal t1_ja2696k wrote

It is the perspective. Or you don’t see what he means. There’s a guy in the background who makes the engine deck look 4m off the ground, which it is not.


flac_rules t1_ja2appt wrote

The tank looks like it is at least 3 times as high as the guy, it is the perspective. Sure they are large but they are noe anywhere close to 6 meters tall.


bienkoff t1_j9zfiim wrote

Quite symbolic - normal size politicians and toy soldier


differing t1_ja08t0r wrote

So that’s 4 from Poland and 4 from Canada delivered, off to a good start! Apparently 14 from Germany and a few from Sweden will be arriving in the immediate future. Plus the massive shipment of Bradley and CV90 IFV’s- which are technically not main battle tanks, but have significant anti-armour capabilities against Russia’s ancient tank fleet.


ppablo t1_ja0cjlz wrote

germany added 4, now at 18


differing t1_ja0crwz wrote

Is there a published timeline for those? I wasn’t really including anything that’s in the horizon, but I know that Germany has committed quite a bit.


Maeglin75 t1_ja0ifim wrote

Germany plans to send the tanks until end of March. The crew training will also be completed until then.

I guess most of the Leo2s from the first batch are scheduled for that date. Hopefully at least enough to equid two full battalions. One with 2A6 (and similar versions) and one with 2A4.


differing t1_ja1d6hf wrote

Cool, plus whatever Leo 1’s they can round up!


T1mac t1_ja0w1oc wrote

> Bradley and CV90 IFV’s- which are technically not main battle tanks

Bradleys are meant to work in concert with the MBTs providing infantry coverage and the experts say that the Bradley “was purpose designed to counter [Russian BMPs]."


Darth_drizzt_42 t1_ja0zeur wrote

I mean I know it's almost become a meme in these these threads bus the fact that the Bradley's took out more T72's in the gulf war than the MBTs does feel especially relevant


Shuber-Fuber t1_ja1xk3v wrote

Simple numbers game.

There are way more Bradley's than any other MBTs.


MSTRMN_ t1_ja239w6 wrote

>and 4 from Canada delivered

Are their tanks in Ukraine already? I've seen ny official announcements


gribson t1_j9zgd1v wrote


Na zdrowie!

My mighty Polish tank!


the-kontra t1_ja0z0qf wrote

I didn't expect Sabadu in this thread. But I should have.

The Polish tank goes BOOM!


loulouana t1_ja0tcv1 wrote

February 2022: russian tanks in Ukraine.

February 2023: Polish tanks in Ukraine.

But there’s a nuance…


NPCwithnopurpose t1_j9zdezu wrote

I don’t know why I’m imagining a couple.
“Happy Anniversary, honey! I got you some tanks!”


A_Soporific t1_ja0r34n wrote

That's dark, considering the history.

The Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth traditionally included western Ukraine with Lviv being a center of both Polish and Ukrainian identity for centuries and a major source of violence between the World Wars. But it was the Polish who ruled and the Ukrainians who were serfs. And when the Russians displaced the Polish nobility it led to a long period of violence.

It's good to see Poland and Ukraine finally getting along. The peoples had a frenemy thing going on for a long time. But it would have been quite toxic if they were a couple until recently.


Zehb-Mansour t1_j9zi7hq wrote

Orban, perhaps not surprisingly, is behaving just like Trump when he’s dealing with potential litigation; delay, delay, delay, until Putin is standing in Kyiv’s Constitution Square.


waffleconedrone t1_ja051v7 wrote

I've always imagined him in the trunk of one of his cronies cars with a black bag over his head.


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freestyle43 t1_ja2u7u2 wrote

If it wasn't for NATO holding their leash, Poland would have immediately surged into Ukraine the day of the invasion. They want Russian blood in a bad way.


leauchamps t1_ja4p7ao wrote

It's official, the cats are amongst the chickens


[deleted] t1_ja0s3t6 wrote

So Ukraine gets all these free “samples” of hardware huh. Those lucky ducks.


[deleted] t1_ja1nqvb wrote



Shuber-Fuber t1_ja1xbuc wrote

They were living fine without war for quite a while, until Russia got fucking involved.


[deleted] t1_ja0s34u wrote



Theemuts t1_ja2jtuk wrote

Tell me you know nothing about Poland without telling me you know nothing about Poland.


[deleted] t1_j9yhmqv wrote



Throwawaybcfu420 t1_j9yqgdl wrote

You posted a picture of a tank with the iron cross in another comment and called it a Nazi symbol. The iron cross is not a Nazi symbol. If I was mistaken and you were referring to something else then please elaborate.


[deleted] t1_j9yr2ur wrote



tyrannicalOne t1_j9ys5k3 wrote

This guy sure seems to have a lot of affection for the Russian dictatorship and the head dick in charge. Just check out his comments on all the Ukraine vs Russia posts. I'd say "big" but we all know he has a littleman complex lmfao.


[deleted] t1_j9ysczh wrote



tyrannicalOne t1_j9ysjzv wrote

Hahaha when they have to resort to name calling instead of providing any real facts for any argument whatsoever.


tyrannicalOne t1_j9z3iyh wrote

Funny how my account was attempted to be hacked into once this guy started attacking. Now his account has been blocked/deleted etc. Stupid Russians. Lmfao. Have your ip address hahahaha


[deleted] t1_j9yss3r wrote



tyrannicalOne t1_j9ytafx wrote

You are the one that claimed they were all nazis. I'm still waiting on any proof whatsoever. And then you claimed I support nazis. Still waiting on proof of that. Then resorted to calling me a cunt lmfao. So still no proof of anything you have said. And still just name calling and trying to divert from the actual facts of the matter.


Throwawaybcfu420 t1_j9yts3t wrote

They think that The Balkenkreuz is a Nazi symbol. They’re just ignorant, and don’t understand nuance or history.


[deleted] t1_j9yu5u5 wrote



Throwawaybcfu420 t1_j9yufs2 wrote

You’re wrong about The Balkenkreuz being a Nazi symbol.


[deleted] t1_j9yv3f1 wrote



Throwawaybcfu420 t1_j9yvzvs wrote

No aha moment. I read that up too. You’re still missing a lot of nuance and context to the situation that I provided in another comment though. I highly advise you check it out.


Throwawaybcfu420 t1_j9ytkiy wrote

The Balkenkreuz predates Nazi germany… it’s been adopted as a symbol of hate by neo Nazis, but they often put a swastika over it to get the point of hate across. By itself, it’s not a symbol of hate, nor was it created for the purpose of representing the Nazi party’s ideology.


[deleted] t1_j9yuj0q wrote



Throwawaybcfu420 t1_j9yvgnp wrote

This link provides a lot of context i think you might appreciate. There are plenty of reasons why they have that symbol on their tanks. Jumping straight to labeling them as Nazis just stinks of propaganda. It’s up to us to wade through the misinformation and arm ourselves with context and facts.


[deleted] t1_j9ywf5v wrote



Throwawaybcfu420 t1_j9yzpsq wrote

Or, now bare with me, you’re bending over backwards to push a narrative forward despite there not being enough evidence. We can go back and forth on this all day. Perhaps we should just call it a day?


[deleted] t1_j9z00zx wrote



Throwawaybcfu420 t1_j9z0t4n wrote

Not an accident as it’s not a nazi symbol. Now if they had swastikas all over the place then I would agree with you. These aren’t Nazi symbols. They never were intended to be. You’re peddling propaganda to make Ukraine look bad. Let’s not forget which country decided to start this war (Russia) and how their actions bare striking similarities with Nazi germany’s play book.

Btw the cross already being on some of those tanks just encourages them to paint the rest so they can easily be identified in the battle field. Kinda like how russia is putting the Z on all theirs. It’s not because they’re pushing Nazi ideology. It’s because the symbol is already there, easy to get paint for and replicate, and distinguishes their forces from the enemy. If they really wanted to look like Nazis then why didn’t they just paint swastikas?


[deleted] t1_j9yljdx wrote



Theseus-Paradox t1_j9yospe wrote

You’re right, Russia should stop sending guns and ammo, and there would be peace


[deleted] t1_ja0gr3t wrote



Theseus-Paradox t1_ja0i3qw wrote

Well, if Russia doesn’t stop being a selfish asshole, we provide peace through superior firepower and push Russia back to where they came from.


[deleted] t1_ja0m0nw wrote



Theseus-Paradox t1_ja0pdpn wrote

I mean, Russia can stop killing any time it wants to. Either be killed fighting for your freedom from Russia or die under Russian rule. Looks like the Ukrainian’s want their country to be their’s, NOT Russias…


[deleted] t1_ja0pqtc wrote



Theseus-Paradox t1_ja0sqp4 wrote

I mean everything was fine and dandy until Russia attacked. If Russia stopped and went home, there would be 100% peace. Remember, Ukraine didn’t attack Russia, Russia attacked Ukraine and invaded them.


[deleted] t1_ja0uaaq wrote



Theseus-Paradox t1_ja0vcp5 wrote

What I actually believe is Russia invaded because they never tried Lobster Boat’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits. By pushing west, they get closer to the delectable morsels and can satisfy their craving for them.


[deleted] t1_ja0vtre wrote



Theseus-Paradox t1_ja15iju wrote

No I actually believe Russia has heard all the hype about Lobster Boat Cheddar Bay Biscuits and can’t fathom living in a society without them. Depriving their citizens from these delicious biscuits is clawing at them in ways that are unimaginable. It’s a serious problem they have, which is understandable as they are amazing.


[deleted] t1_ja17omi wrote



Theseus-Paradox t1_ja17w61 wrote

Are you getting discouraged because of your lack of Lobster Boat Cheddar Bay Biscuits in Australia?


[deleted] t1_ja18b0d wrote



Theseus-Paradox t1_ja1cq0l wrote

Oh that’s good. I hope you get to try some Lobster Boat Cheddar Bay Biscuits because they are great.


420trashcan t1_ja15nqp wrote

What's yours?


[deleted] t1_ja182q4 wrote



420trashcan t1_ja19ls7 wrote

So normalize wars of territorial conquest.

Why do you believe Russia can't be stopped?


IlluminatedPickle t1_ja1dtx9 wrote

Vatniks tend to have an inflated sense of Russias might. Check the dudes post history. It's a wild ride.


Shuber-Fuber t1_ja1xxlp wrote

The Russian might of sending their ethnic minority to die for them.

Much strength, very macho.


[deleted] t1_ja1dh45 wrote



[deleted] t1_ja1en08 wrote



IlluminatedPickle t1_ja1f41h wrote

Fuck me, you really are a tool.

Every war is settled at the negotiation table, when one side is pushed to the point of breaking.

Ukraine hasn't come close to breaking yet, why would they negotiate? They've got objectives to complete, and they're doing it.


IlluminatedPickle t1_ja1dct6 wrote

Then we send more, and we send better. Ukraine and the west aren't the ones in the wrong, why the hell should we roll over?


[deleted] t1_ja1eh1a wrote



IlluminatedPickle t1_ja1ejk5 wrote

If needs be, I'll join in the family tradition of heading to Europe to fight fascists.


[deleted] t1_ja1ewfa wrote



IlluminatedPickle t1_ja1f64a wrote

"This guys willing to fight in a war, he mustn't be willing to die for the war!"

Reading is hard.


[deleted] t1_ja1fk27 wrote



IlluminatedPickle t1_ja1fxmn wrote

> Very little is stopping you.

The AFU doesn't want volunteers with no combat experience. If Australia deploys troops, I'll have a chance to go. Without that, I have no ability to do so and still be able to return home either, because of the foreign fighter laws.

So yeah, there are things stopping me.


[deleted] t1_ja1hdjj wrote



IlluminatedPickle t1_ja1i1dx wrote

The AFU only wants combat experienced troops. The only way I'd be able to fight would be via joining a militia, which would run afoul of the foreign fighter laws.

It's like explaining why the sky is blue to a goddamned toddler.

E2A: > under s 119.1 of the Act, a person commits an offence if they enter into a foreign country with the intention of engaging in a hostile activity in that country or any other foreign country [14]. A person will also commit an offence if they engage in hostile activities in a foreign country [15]. However, liability under s 119.1 will not apply to an act done by a person “in the course of, and as part of, the person’s service in any capacity in or with ... the armed forces of the government of a foreign country”


[deleted] t1_ja1j598 wrote



IlluminatedPickle t1_ja1jm70 wrote

> we are lucky enough in Australia to live in peace and stability.

We sure are. And that's why I think everyone deserves it, including my Ukrainian mates. I don't think my responsibility to humanity ends at the shores of my country.

Y'know, because I'm not a glorified cockstain like some.

Nice goal post shift though. Now that you've realised you made a tit of yourself.


americosg t1_j9ysdog wrote

True. I never understood why Europe fought nazi Germany since surrendering would bring peace immediatelly.


Inevitable-Revenue81 t1_ja0r1qv wrote

What many people in the world seems to forget is that Russia started WW2 along with Germany, not only Germany!

And Russians still don’t have shame for that!


akmarinov t1_j9yp00r wrote

You think the Russians would leave without being beaten back?

There can’t be peace until Russian troops leave Ukraine’s territory.


WarriorofSpectra t1_j9yrzaw wrote

I’m curious, why do you have issues with Ukraine protecting themselves?

The only way for peace to happen is if Russia leaves.


lordofedging81 t1_j9zf4aj wrote

He has issues with it, he would prefer the West stop giving Ukrainians weapons to defend themselves.


phungus_mungus t1_j9yoqmt wrote

“You kill enough of them, they will stop fighting...”

General Curtis Emerson Lemay, Father of the USAF Strategic Air Command.


IlluminatedPickle t1_j9yp2x9 wrote

How do you expect Ukraine to defend their lives and their territories without them?


tonyangtigre t1_j9zc2rr wrote

Get your head out your ass. You should be posting this on Russian threads sending their prisoners and full time college students to die.


lordofedging81 t1_j9zewug wrote


Get the Russians the fuck out of Ukraine.

Then Ukrainian civilians can live peacefully, and Russia stops losing huge amounts of soldiers.

Win win!


Basas t1_j9zf8qe wrote

How do you imagine peace in this scenario?


Inevitable-Revenue81 t1_ja0qs3h wrote

How do expect peace if there’s someone, raping, torturing, brainwashing and murdering your neighbor/ relative?

You tell me!


MartyKei t1_ja0g57m wrote

Your assumption is as logical and intelligent as your post history -- it seems you're not even capable of writing two sentences in consecutive order which leads me to the sad conclusion that your brain development must've stopped prematurely. Yikes.


kathia154 t1_ja17ieb wrote

If you saw someone being beaten up in the street would you try to do something to help or just stand by and watch as it happens?