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HaloGuy381 t1_j9yqakd wrote

And more simply: “Fuck Russia” from Poland. Although sending your message at muzzle velocity from a tank cannon does make it a lot easier to hear.


Darth_drizzt_42 t1_ja0yr4i wrote

No kidding. If Poland could've directly intervened on Ukraine's behalf without starting a NATO grade shitshow, you know they would've been in the airspace on day 0. They've been giving off that "bro just lemme at him!" Energy


DamNamesTaken11 t1_ja174lf wrote

I’ve meet a few Polish people in my travels. Nice people (and great drinking buddies after the tour) but they hated Russia before this so I can’t imagine what they’re thinking now.

There’s a reason why after the missiles landed and killed the two farmers there were so many Polish Wojak Article 5 memes.