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tyrannicalOne t1_j9ytafx wrote

You are the one that claimed they were all nazis. I'm still waiting on any proof whatsoever. And then you claimed I support nazis. Still waiting on proof of that. Then resorted to calling me a cunt lmfao. So still no proof of anything you have said. And still just name calling and trying to divert from the actual facts of the matter.


Throwawaybcfu420 t1_j9yts3t wrote

They think that The Balkenkreuz is a Nazi symbol. They’re just ignorant, and don’t understand nuance or history.


[deleted] t1_j9yu5u5 wrote



Throwawaybcfu420 t1_j9yufs2 wrote

You’re wrong about The Balkenkreuz being a Nazi symbol.


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Throwawaybcfu420 t1_j9yvzvs wrote

No aha moment. I read that up too. You’re still missing a lot of nuance and context to the situation that I provided in another comment though. I highly advise you check it out.