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MrPapillon t1_j9ywbfg wrote

The soldier looks tiny next to the tank in that picture, funny perspective.


screwhammer t1_j9zdpi2 wrote

It's not the perspective, they are huge machines. Here's one taken from an even lower perspective, while the one in the article is taken at eye level.


teeth_lurk_beneath t1_ja07465 wrote

Yeah, I remember seeing armored military vehicles being transported, I assume to Iraq, in San Antonio, TX back around 2004. They were absolutely gigantic, and that's because they were being transported in pieces.


MrPapillon t1_ja0zr4q wrote

Nope in that picture the size looks totally normal. A bit big, but not Jurassic big. Maybe that's another case of neurological drama like the blue/white skirt-gate.


ianpaschal t1_ja2696k wrote

It is the perspective. Or you don’t see what he means. There’s a guy in the background who makes the engine deck look 4m off the ground, which it is not.


flac_rules t1_ja2appt wrote

The tank looks like it is at least 3 times as high as the guy, it is the perspective. Sure they are large but they are noe anywhere close to 6 meters tall.


bienkoff t1_j9zfiim wrote

Quite symbolic - normal size politicians and toy soldier