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Throwawaybcfu420 t1_j9yzpsq wrote

Or, now bare with me, you’re bending over backwards to push a narrative forward despite there not being enough evidence. We can go back and forth on this all day. Perhaps we should just call it a day?


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Throwawaybcfu420 t1_j9z0t4n wrote

Not an accident as it’s not a nazi symbol. Now if they had swastikas all over the place then I would agree with you. These aren’t Nazi symbols. They never were intended to be. You’re peddling propaganda to make Ukraine look bad. Let’s not forget which country decided to start this war (Russia) and how their actions bare striking similarities with Nazi germany’s play book.

Btw the cross already being on some of those tanks just encourages them to paint the rest so they can easily be identified in the battle field. Kinda like how russia is putting the Z on all theirs. It’s not because they’re pushing Nazi ideology. It’s because the symbol is already there, easy to get paint for and replicate, and distinguishes their forces from the enemy. If they really wanted to look like Nazis then why didn’t they just paint swastikas?