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El_muscely_beardo t1_j9zb3hx wrote

I would highly advise going to Poland. Warsaw is a beautiful city. So clean and safe with great infrastructure. I’m very biased because my girlfriend is Polish but all of the Poles I’ve known are really nice as well.


Rogermcfarley t1_j9zedki wrote

I've worked with many Polish people. Really cool people. I never learnt to speak Polish but I can swear all day long in Polish.


Skydragonace t1_j9zfbwr wrote

Part of my family is Polish, and while I don't speak, read, or write in Polish, I can confirm that the culture is really interesting, and the food is amazing. My grandmother made polish food for us on every single holiday growing up, and it was so nice to have along side the usual fare.


Andy900_2 t1_j9zby40 wrote

The skyline of Warsaw alone makes me want to go there. It looks so beautiful!


FiNNy- t1_j9znome wrote

Honestly this comment made poland move up on my go to list. Hopefully ill be able to fly there next summer


Tjaden_Dogebiscuit t1_ja02y2t wrote

I haven't been either and its high on my list.

If you go to Warsaw you should aim to be there August 1st. At 5pm the city goes still to honor all the Poles that took part in theWarsaw Uprising in 1944. There are videos of it and it's surreal.


Inevitable-Revenue81 t1_ja0q5fh wrote

Just be careful of drinking polish Mead. Do not be “ballsy” while drinking it. Very good stuff but very strong stuff, stronger then Vodka!