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chunkerton_chunksley t1_j9zwkeb wrote

Lithuania has been punching so far above their weight class it’s insane. If you look at who supports Ukraine the hardest, it’s countries who used to live under Russian/soviet boots. They know exactly what’s at stake


TrixoftheTrade t1_ja02hhj wrote

"Today them, tomorrow us."

Putin's made it very clear that he considers not just Ukraine, but the entirety of the Soviet Union to be in the Russian "sphere of influence."


TheBirdOfFire t1_ja196vu wrote

Former* Soviet Union

I know that's what you meant but with some Russians claiming that Ukraine isn't actually a legitimate sovereign country I feel the need to correct things like this.


JustVGames t1_ja0sbw9 wrote

>t’s countries who used to live under Russian/soviet boots

Except Hungary. After USSR raped their country they still spoon feed pro-russian propaganda to their citizens.


chunkerton_chunksley t1_ja0sqt5 wrote

and the gop had their clan/cpac meeting there and plan to do it again, says a lot doesnt it