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differing t1_ja08t0r wrote

So that’s 4 from Poland and 4 from Canada delivered, off to a good start! Apparently 14 from Germany and a few from Sweden will be arriving in the immediate future. Plus the massive shipment of Bradley and CV90 IFV’s- which are technically not main battle tanks, but have significant anti-armour capabilities against Russia’s ancient tank fleet.


ppablo t1_ja0cjlz wrote

germany added 4, now at 18


differing t1_ja0crwz wrote

Is there a published timeline for those? I wasn’t really including anything that’s in the horizon, but I know that Germany has committed quite a bit.


Maeglin75 t1_ja0ifim wrote

Germany plans to send the tanks until end of March. The crew training will also be completed until then.

I guess most of the Leo2s from the first batch are scheduled for that date. Hopefully at least enough to equid two full battalions. One with 2A6 (and similar versions) and one with 2A4.


differing t1_ja1d6hf wrote

Cool, plus whatever Leo 1’s they can round up!


T1mac t1_ja0w1oc wrote

> Bradley and CV90 IFV’s- which are technically not main battle tanks

Bradleys are meant to work in concert with the MBTs providing infantry coverage and the experts say that the Bradley “was purpose designed to counter [Russian BMPs]."


Darth_drizzt_42 t1_ja0zeur wrote

I mean I know it's almost become a meme in these these threads bus the fact that the Bradley's took out more T72's in the gulf war than the MBTs does feel especially relevant


Shuber-Fuber t1_ja1xk3v wrote

Simple numbers game.

There are way more Bradley's than any other MBTs.


MSTRMN_ t1_ja239w6 wrote

>and 4 from Canada delivered

Are their tanks in Ukraine already? I've seen ny official announcements