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autotldr t1_ja7c8vz wrote

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> Ursula von der Leyen will meet with the King this afternoon as she discusses changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol in Windsor with the prime minister, Sky News understands.

> Sky News earlier reported King Charles was lined up by Number 10 to meet Ms von der Leyen on Saturday, but the meeting was called off.

> Former cabinet minister and leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg told Sky News: "If there were a plan to bring the King in before there is domestic political agreement, it would border on constitutional impropriety."

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teabagmoustache t1_ja7q9dy wrote

Isn't this the first time she has met the new head of state? It sounds more diplomatic, while she's in London, than political like the Brexit donkeys are crying about.


eggandbaconpie t1_ja7vtmj wrote

Even if the British head of state is a member of an unelected dynasty, that's all they have, so he must be treated like Macron, Matarelli, Steinmeier, Higgins, etc. no more, no less.


teabagmoustache t1_ja7xwv6 wrote

I know, it's the die hard Brexit supporters who are getting annoyed that the two are meeting, because they don't want to sign the new deal on the NI protocol.

They're accusing the PM of involving the head of state in politics but the deal has been all but agreed anyway and Charles would have zero influence, as the EU already want to strike a deal.

It's the same people who would claim to be incensed if Von Der Leyen didn't meet Charles under different circumstances.

They're a bunch of disingenuous dicks.


eggandbaconpie t1_ja804c8 wrote

Yup, and they are in for decades of being disingenious annoyed dicks. Populism, meet reality, problem is it's painful for everyone, including those who didn't want it.


teabagmoustache t1_ja82kiy wrote

To be clear I'm having a go at the likes of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage here, not the British public in general.

The NI protocol deal goes some way to improving relations with the EU and is a positive step forward. It's a minority of even Brexit supporters that will disagree with the deal.


whyreadthis2035 t1_ja86grb wrote

We’ve undermining our system. Why are visitors Doing things while they are here? We’ve got an economy to tank.