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cosmic_fetus OP t1_ja76uk6 wrote


zoidalicious t1_ja7en0z wrote

While flying around the world to all the green conferences.. But never in Asia?


Propagation931 t1_ja7hqt9 wrote

>But never in Asia?

I mean realistically, she has more chance of success getting any changes done in say... Norway than in China. Even if China is the biggest polluter, what would be the point of going to China to protest only to wind up getting arrested? Better a small chance to make a small change than a 0% chance of getting anything done.


izit23 t1_ja7tt1d wrote

Is she flying or you just assumed?


zoidalicious t1_jabrdeg wrote

Oh no, she takes a sailing yacht.. and the skipper gets flewn in. But hey, the emissions are paid for.


qaktqtrL t1_ja78rk8 wrote

Like what ?


Own-Necessary4974 t1_ja7ibit wrote

Living in your head rent free. Just be sure to apply the same level of scrutiny to anyone telling you she is bad.


qaktqtrL t1_ja7iq9a wrote

Im just asking a question. What is she doing ? You can downvote or you can give me a clear answer i dont give a fuck.


maestroenglish t1_ja7o6fy wrote

You care more about Greta than you do the destruction of the Earth.

Weird, bro.


qaktqtrL t1_ja7pe9r wrote

I dont give a shit about her, she a fake ass like all of them. I was just asking a question and nobody is giving me an answer, just stupid statements.