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Bakanyanter t1_jab46h5 wrote

>If you think collapse is secondary to growth your shit is gonna get rocked by the next 20-30 years.

Life in luxury for 30 years is better than shit in 60 years...but I am not pessimistic like you. We figured out Ozone hole and covered it up and recovered it, we will figure out a way to sustain ourselves. My home is almost fully solar powered, my nation is on its way to be carbon neutral by 2070, etc.


fastone1911 t1_jab4sy7 wrote

you're ecologically illiterate


Bakanyanter t1_jabewqc wrote

You're a doomer. You disregard entire humanity's effort and the fact that we have faced multiple crises and have overcame them. You think there is only one solution and that is simply not the truth. We will overcome this as well.