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Rexia2022 t1_ja99sqt wrote

Well, we've known about this for years and haven't bothered to do anything so far. What are the chances we act before it becomes a problem when acting is inconvenient?


momalloyd t1_ja9ikja wrote

Well, in our defense, we spent all that time not solving the global warning instead.


Onitsuka_Viper t1_jabbvj9 wrote

We do things though. Why do you think antibiotics require a prescription?


Rexia2022 t1_jabr3tn wrote

Antidepressants require a prescription but depression isn't developing SSRI resistance. It's not a measure we've taken to fight antibiotic resistance


popperinthere t1_jab78bs wrote

Nothing was acted on due to money. Big pharma makes a boatload from antibiotics. Why implement a permanent cure that kills profits when decades of antibiotics use results in revenue


Xert t1_jab8jow wrote

Uhh, what exactly is the permanent cure that negates the need for antibiotics?