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Wwize t1_ja9ix02 wrote

It's going to be very difficult to explain to stupid people that they shouldn't be taking antibiotics for everything or that when they do have to take antibiotics that they finish taking everything the doctor told them to take. This is especially dangerous in countries where pharmacies sell people antibiotics without a prescription.


rikkitikkitavi888 t1_ja9kkfn wrote

That’s true, but the major contributor is from feeding antibiotics to livestock.


Wwize t1_ja9op3f wrote

Both are problems, and both are caused by idiots who don't understand or don't care about the consequences.


spamholderman t1_jaaqhwl wrote

Bro I had a homeless dude with 2 superbugs resistant to everything except 1 IV medication just straight up leave the hospital walking with a cane. Security couldn't find him. He left for his ss check. We’re fucked.


rikkitikkitavi888 t1_jabfhth wrote

It’s disgusting how much people are spreading this shit. You’re definitely right about that.


sancho_panza66 t1_jablpl5 wrote

Or convince people to stop or at least cut their meat consumption. The global demand for meat can only be met because antibiotics are used in animals. Through the consumption of their meat and their excrements (that are also used as fertilizer) a lot of antibiotics get into the environment and promote antibiotic resistant bugs. Less meat consumption would also be effective against other major threats to humanity (climate change, overfishing and zoonoses), yet convincing people to switch to alternatives seems impossible.


BonusPlantInfinity t1_jaao0u8 wrote

Dude your meat products are slathered in antibiotics - go vegan.


Wwize t1_jaaxxxm wrote

It's not necessary to go vegan. There is meat available that doesn't have any antibiotics.


sancho_panza66 t1_jabm2sj wrote

It is absolutely impossible to meet the global demand for meat without antibiotic use in livestock. If the meat consumption doesn't go down significantly antibiotics will always be used for meat production. Less meat consumption would also be the easiest solution to slow down climate change, to prent zoonoses, overfishing, ... People with access to lternatives to meat have to cut their meat consumption.


ghoulyogurt t1_jabt0vb wrote

How is it possible that the eu banned them for farm animals then?


sancho_panza66 t1_jad3vl5 wrote

It is possible because they were willing to sacrifice their competitivness in meat production to combat antibiotic resistance. This measure will impact the production volume as well as meat prices. If the whole world would implement this measure, less meat consumption would not be a choice anymore but just a consequence.


theresnoyinhappiness t1_jabz0ie wrote

Because even in the EU only around 5-6% of animals are held on "farms". There aren't as many animals on such farms, diseases don't spread as easily. However, you cannot satisfy the populations meat consumption "needs" with only these farms.


SnooLentils4790 t1_jaah4h2 wrote

Luckily for us most people are the underclass. The underclass having their things taken away is much more likely than the upperclass having their things taken away. This, unlike fossil fuels or COVID mutations, is solvable.


aStoveAbove t1_ja9bq1u wrote

Well given how we the US handled COVID, I'm sure it will wipe us all out whenever it happens.


shazoocow t1_jabfd4q wrote

Hundreds of millions of people may be dumber than rocks conspiracy theory lunatics, but the way the world at large handled COVID was simply amazing.

We went from nothing to super safe, space-age mRNA vaccines in 1.5 years. We substantially shut down major global economies and many industries transitioned the way they work practically overnight. We made reasonable, evidence-based choices about healthcare and personal protection, and people mostly abided.

Humans are poorly prepared for everything and only ever do anything when it's an emergency, but we've got good hustle and we get it done.


aStoveAbove t1_jabhuh2 wrote

You're right, I changed my comment to better reflect how covid actually went lol


[deleted] t1_ja9ukgj wrote



Spobely t1_jaa9o8z wrote

youre the only one dreaming this up


Rexia2022 t1_ja99sqt wrote

Well, we've known about this for years and haven't bothered to do anything so far. What are the chances we act before it becomes a problem when acting is inconvenient?


momalloyd t1_ja9ikja wrote

Well, in our defense, we spent all that time not solving the global warning instead.


Onitsuka_Viper t1_jabbvj9 wrote

We do things though. Why do you think antibiotics require a prescription?


Rexia2022 t1_jabr3tn wrote

Antidepressants require a prescription but depression isn't developing SSRI resistance. It's not a measure we've taken to fight antibiotic resistance


popperinthere t1_jab78bs wrote

Nothing was acted on due to money. Big pharma makes a boatload from antibiotics. Why implement a permanent cure that kills profits when decades of antibiotics use results in revenue


Xert t1_jab8jow wrote

Uhh, what exactly is the permanent cure that negates the need for antibiotics?


macross1984 t1_ja9cabs wrote

Over usage of antibiotics brought this about.


WoodsieOwl31416 t1_jab4smf wrote

Over use and not finishing the course of antibiotics when people take them. The resistant ones are the last to die. People feel better and stop taking their antibiotics then the infection returns. It's a resistant organism this time. Then they spread that. Another antibiotic stops working for that organism.


TonyComputer1 t1_jab51cu wrote

I think for that reason we should just use them less no?


Skips3000 t1_jabdeqz wrote

No, if we stopped them entirely tons of people would die. Black Plaguesque, have to act and behave like modern humans in a modern world


mattaman101 t1_jaby5ob wrote

Right so we're all going to die then.


Skips3000 t1_jacv18s wrote

Sure, that’s what i said lol. Keep living in your own little world buddy.


mattaman101 t1_jacziny wrote

I was making a little joke about people being unable to act like modern humans.


Skips3000 t1_jadhjnm wrote

Hard to pick up the sarcasm online, sorry friend. Apologies.


rikkitikkitavi888 t1_jabfccu wrote

In commercial agricultural applications for sure (main source of developing resistance) and yes also judicious use in humans (run culture and sensitivity and tailor antibiotic therapy).


WoodsieOwl31416 t1_jaep3m9 wrote

If we use them responsibly they may last until we find new antibiotics.


Adhdbanana t1_jaazyq0 wrote

Speaking as someone who had a drug resistant staf infection post lumbar surgery it sucks and not something you think about until it happens to you. The infection was resistant to cefazolin and a few other meds. I had a PIC line inserted into my arm that ran close to my heart and I would inject vancomycin 3 times a day for around 8 weeks. When you are sitting with the ID guy at the hospital and he says "We can only hope it works" you get really nervous that the work "hope" was used.

Long story short, finish ALL your scripted meds and save a life.


DoorFacethe3rd t1_jabxveu wrote

Are you alright now?


Adhdbanana t1_jaewerf wrote

I have degenerative issues directly associated from that infection. Apparently it compromised the disk and bone. I have long term pain management and once NY state allowed medical cannibals' I migrated off the oxy. Is is really sad there are still states where I do not qualify for that type of pain management and its back to the Oxy. I travel for work so I have a script every time I fly as my meds from NY are illegal in any other state. It only takes 1 TSA agent with a pension for busting pot-heads and you just caught a felony charge for possession with intent to distro as you moved it across state lines.


Mango-Dad t1_ja9eeyp wrote

Dr. Margret Chan (direktor? of the WHO) said 2012 that we will live very soon in a post antibiotic era..


Test19s t1_ja9f75q wrote

Disasters that affect every continent, along with incredible AI/robotics/vehicle innovation, are a core theme this decade it seems.


RollyPollyGiraffe t1_ja9jg1u wrote

So Death Stranding was an accurate prediction.


Test19s t1_ja9jwia wrote

With a dash each of Fallout, Wall-E, Idiocracy, and the Transformers continuity of your choice.


[deleted] t1_ja967ji wrote

New looming crisis just dropped.


Vaxtonio t1_jabpre5 wrote

I once almost died from pneumonia that can easily be cured by antibiotics, because the doctor was hesitant to prescribe them. It is not as easy as it sounds to stop the overuse antibiotics, and we must weigh the drawbacks that come with it.


autotldr t1_ja95ea0 wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 88%. (I'm a bot)

> The report, published by the CSIRO and the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, describes antimicrobial resistance as a "Looming global health crisis" with the ability to render some of the most critical drugs to modern medicine ineffective.

> The report focused on emerging technologies that could prevent the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

> A previous report, published by the CSIRO and the Australian Antimicrobial Resistance Network in November, estimated that superbugs currently result in 1,000 deaths in Australia each year.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: resistance^#1 Antimicrobial^#2 drug^#3 report^#4 Australia^#5


JhymnMusic t1_jaa60jm wrote

Action needed... Cool... So take action world leaders. Any day...


[deleted] t1_jabmyng wrote

I'm currently on antibiotics, so thanks guys for convincing me to take them all.


Pillowsmeller18 t1_jabzs28 wrote

I thought there were plans to develop nano machines, because no super resistant bacteria can handle being physically ripped apart.


Varolyn t1_jac5jub wrote

We really need to put as much research as possible into bacteriophage therapy. It may be our only hole in stopping superbugs in the future.


ChocolateRAM t1_jab7jdh wrote

Instead of relying on the governments and pharmaceutical industry, everyone reading this should learn how to naturally boost your immune system. There are many plants and mushrooms with beneficial effects in this direction, aside from the obvious not drinking alcohol, eating quality foods, getting proper rest, wear masks etc. r/herbalism and pubmed are your friends.


Are_you_blind_sir t1_jabx4tm wrote

Wont do shit for you when a super resistant bacteria has colonised your intestines and nothing is working as you shit and vomit to death


Fit_Equipment_7793 t1_jaaotn6 wrote

Oh yes it's going down. The FDA has had to explore using drugs that were previously rejected or taken off the shelf for safety reasons.

I think the widespread use of sanitizers and cleaners has to be a contributing factor. And I'm a nurse and use/order cleaning supplies all the time. Animal antibiotics and lack of antibiotic stewardship, plus food production en masse... is why superbugs are going to thrive.

The reality is that the microorganisms will always evolve and therapeutics will probably be able to keep up because of science. But watching a woman get IV antibiotics every 4 hours for 6 weeks, in multiple instances, makes me nervous.


spamholderman t1_jaaqnc6 wrote

Bacteria can’t get resistant to sanitizers and cleaners any more than you and I can develop resistance to bullets.