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finnlaand t1_ja530jv wrote

Maybe for his survival.


Reptard77 t1_ja53y8f wrote

Let’s be clear. Putin would 100% be overthrown by the Russian people if he loses the war in Ukraine. Probably hundreds of thousands of dead men? Global pariah state to the worst point since the Soviet era? Good luck.


Basas t1_ja568m9 wrote

I think his propaganda team would just have to work extra hours and he would be alright.


twonius t1_ja57elv wrote

Yeah the Russians dont seem to want a return to the 90s. The aftermath of overthrowing putin would be a fiasco.

He might just find some juicy scapegoats, consolidate more power and move on.

The worry that prompted this war was that a liberalized Ukraine would make Russians ask uncomfortable questions but i think hes sucessfully driven a wedge between them at this point.


Dreamer812 t1_ja7hkvh wrote

Pretty much this. People just too scared; tired of revolutions; don't care so he can basically rule for as long, as he can. And if/when he will be thrown out of Ukraine, propaganda machine can just say: "To manage peace in the world, we have decided to let those territories go as whole NATO is fighting us and we would never fight a nuclear war with them. We are peacemakers, liberators - not killers of the whole world. *some patriotic speech about ancestors fighting fascism/nazism in WW2 and falling of western civilization under Nazism from Ukraine"

It's 1984 over here. Full-scale shit show


keragoth t1_ja8j5p9 wrote

I think a whole lot of Russian citizens have been "quiet quitting" since about ten years after the Soviet collapse. They have seen the massive corruption of the Soviet heirarchy, combined with the economic octopus of the black and grey markets merge into a system of looters and absconders and resource-partitioning oligarchs to a point where American corporatist capitalism looks like free market anarchy by comparision. They have checked out, ducked their heads, and "gone along to get along" so long that they have no tools to respond to pressure from above. This affects Putin, because by doing the bare minimum, or doing their jobs only on paper, they have allowed or even actively particiapated in a dissection, hollowing out and selling off of all the things that in Putin's view made the country great. He tried to attack a foreign state with a paper army, and now he knows he must win before it collapses of its oen weight and takes him--and a lot of the Russian system of governement--with it. Riding a tiger is only dangerous when you try to get off. Riding a Paper Tiger is dangerous when the rest of the tigers cease to be fooled.


URAPNS t1_ja5h8za wrote

That's alot of open windows, but I agree with you.


SiarX t1_ja8j7r7 wrote

TV propaganda does not work on his cronies, though. Coup is a possible threat.


sicariobrothers t1_ja5bkms wrote

Not the Russian people he’s afraid of it’s the cabal of oligarchs that have been team Putin this long. If they decide to make a move (and can kill his internal personal thug army) then it’s a wrap.


Wendigo_lockout t1_ja5dvfw wrote

>If they decide to make a move (and can kill his internal personal thug army) then it’s a wrap.

If ifs were fifths, we'd all be drunk


sicariobrothers t1_ja5filc wrote

Well losing UKraine war is the context of the “if”


Expensive-Document41 t1_ja6dl8y wrote

Not quite. Russia has already lost in every meaningful way. At this point all they can really do is take land.


Russia is still fighting the Ukrainians to secure the "annexed" portions. Right now the war has clear lines between Russian control and Ukrainian control, which is why Russia hasn't gotten to the hard part. If (big if) the Russians manage to hold any of what they currently occupy then they have to occupy it in perpetuity.


As an analogy, when the U.S. went into Iraq, the war part analogous to what is happening in Ukraine was over in months. Russia just rolled over into 1 year. The part where the U.S. lost the vast majority of it's soldiers was to unsymmetrical warfare. IEDS and partisans hiding in the general populace. If Russia can't win just the invasion then they have no idea how hard the occupation will be.


Russia has crippled a generation of it's youth, become an international pariah with crippling sanctions, shown to be an untrustworthy source of energy and doesn't have any of it's objectives comfortably secured.


TL;DR: Russia has already lost. Now it's just sunk-cost fallacy.


255001434 t1_ja6rigi wrote

You're not wrong, but what matters for Putin is whether or not the Russian public believes they lost. They know it isn't going easily, but they don't know they have no hope of winning and that Ukraine will never be theirs. A difficult war is one thing, but retreating in shame and failure is another.

When they stop recruiting soldiers and instead they come home with nothing gained, Putin will look like a fool and will be overthrown. They will tolerate a brute, but not a failure.


sicariobrothers t1_ja95297 wrote

I agree overall. My point was specific to perception of winning or losing amongst the power elite in Russia related to turning on Putin.


SaltyBacon23 t1_ja6qege wrote

Exactly. It's why they are forming their own army's. They are prepping a force to take over. Russia is going to be an uuuuugly place to be by the end of the year.


ChomiQ84 t1_ja706ra wrote

For now everyone is afraid of open windows in high places.


diito t1_ja5wajk wrote

I'd put the chances at way less than 100%. I don't even think it's likely. The country is full of brainwashed morons who actually believe they are a superpower, Ukrainians want to be "liberated", and a whole bunch of obviously false bullshit. The smart ones have either left the country or are silent out of fear. People don't work that way. If you present them with evidence that runs counter to their worldview, they will just double down and dismiss it. Putin will just offer up some alternate reality where the whole war isn't his fault, blame the west and/or something else, prepare for round 2, and the brainwashed masses will eat it up. There is also the issue of no alternatives. Everyone who has any slight chance has blood on their hands with the war.

Putin gets overthrown when the war impacts average Russians ability to support their basic needs, when they can't afford to buy food. Nothing even close to that has happened yet. It may not. But that's what it will take.


indigo0427 t1_ja5gg4z wrote

I dont think he will be overthrown. They will just say they accomplished teaching a lesson to west and move on. Its hard to overthrow dictator aka xi and Kim Jung Un. Also their war propaganda is so powerful. Reminds Trump supporter level…


o_MrBombastic_o t1_ja5olbm wrote

Dude has cancer and looks like shit one way or another he's not making it to the end of the war


unpossible_labs t1_ja5ozng wrote

If Russian history shows us anything it's that forecasting what'll happen in the future is never a 100% sure thing.


raymmm t1_ja6brch wrote

100%? I doubt it. And people that says the oligarchs will betray him probably thinks the oligarchs are some warlords with their own private army or something. Let's be clear, within Russia, Putin has all the power. Oligarchs with money but without power doesn't mean shit else at least a few of them would have tried something significant by now. Our best bet is to hope Putin renovates his office/home and change his window since there seems to be a "people falling out of window" problem in Russia.


SiarX t1_ja8jmbo wrote

Oligarches are not warlords, true. But Putin buddies like Prigozhin, Shoigu, etc are not just rich people, they have a lot of power and influence.


Kastrenzo t1_ja63h12 wrote

The Russian "people" wont do shit.

the gangsters, oligarchs and disgruntled military, might.


Skrewrussia t1_ja6s5qj wrote

Do we still think russia will lose?
I mean if the chinese supply them with weapons, they could still win right?
I really dont know how things really are, theres too much news to sort through.

Plus, I just read that it might be possible the US pull out their support, is this also true?


BobbyP27 t1_ja6x2bz wrote

What exactly would a Russian “win” look like? They’ve turned Europe away from dependence on Russian energy exports. They have demonstrated that their military is far inferior to the strength it was perceived to have a year ago. They have made every neighboring country terrified of Russian aggression, prompting significant rearmament of European countries. Even if they destroy Ukraine’s military, they will be left with a huge country of people who hate them who they will have the choice of either trying to occupy in the face of a terrible insurgency campaign for decades, or to withdraw, and basically let Ukraine rebuild itself but with a blood soaked hatred of Russia for generations.


bjarkov t1_ja736cd wrote

The Russian objectives of the war have changed since the invasion began, starting with most of Ukraine under Russian control, then moving on to recognized annexation of the regions of Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zhaporizhzhia. Probably a Russian "win" would be recognized annexation of any of the above regions as well as a recognition of Krim as a Russian territory.

The question is if any of these objectives are compatible with a Western view of a Ukrainian "win", which so far amounts to reverting to pre-2014 borders.

The diplomatic and political price of a Russian win, however, looks like it will be very high and will affect regional safety politics for decades to come, firmly estranging Russian interests from the western world


BobbyP27 t1_ja759bm wrote

If that's what counts as a "win", then it does not bode well for Russia in the longer term if they do. The best they would get out of that is something like the situation in Northern Ireland, which involved decades of terrorist insurgency type fighting, and was only sort of resolved when the UK agreed to significant concessions of both autonomy and an agreed potential path to a united Ireland. Is Russia prepared to endure that?


bjarkov t1_ja77ir9 wrote

I don't disagree with you. The conflict and the consequences are far-reaching and infeasible, with no good way back to normality.

But to Russian autocrats, this conflict is becoming a matter of honor. Putin (and probably his successor) will be committed to seeing this through, until the conflict reaches a state where a peace plan involving territorial concessions to Russia is acceptable to Ukraine and the west. I worry that the conflict will continue (and possibly escalate) for years before we've reached that state. At which point your scenario of insurgency kicks in.


black641 t1_ja5vnmq wrote

This, and the fact he views all the old Soviet/Tzarist territories as “rightfully” Russia’s. The West stopping him from grabbing Ukraine is seen as a direct attack on Russia because, according to him, Ukraine has no independent culture or history worth respecting. It’s similar to how China views Taiwan. Dude wants to be a new Peter the Great and is mortified at the possibility of failure. His legacy, worldview, AND life are all on the line. I don’t have an ounce sympathy for the bastard.


xenoghost1 t1_ja6iaw2 wrote

he bet the house and he already lost, he just hasn't caught on yet and thinks tripling down might save him.


Armand74 t1_ja8862i wrote

Turn that around, it is Russia who has NO INDEPENDENT Culture or history worth respecting. Ukraine is the mother culture of all Russians.


thereverendpuck t1_ja8dglw wrote

The man does and will have a legacy.

Not entirely sure Putin will like becoming the Russian Nero but here we are.


PerspectiveCloud t1_ja82kvk wrote

It’s not just that this is some off-beat Putin opinion. Most of the older generations of Russians, especially retired, have a very strong opinion about “the motherland”.

I mean, if California succeeded from the US in an economic collapse, it’s pretty plausible to believe that Americans would still consider it to be an “American” territory, vassal, or rebellious state. If several states broke apart from the US, there would be a strong following of people who believe the US deserves to reclaim and reunite and that should be a political goal. Now imagine if Russia started arming these breakaway states.

It’s still an unjust and unethical war in Ukraine, but the perception in Russia is just different. Most of the opposers to the war are young people, who don’t have any government power.


Ofwa t1_ja85av9 wrote

California is not to the US as Ukraine is to Russia. Also Californians identify as Americans. The Ukrainians I know do not identify as Russians neither do their ancestors.


PerspectiveCloud t1_ja86ggz wrote

The point isn’t how Californians view themselves. It’s how Americans would view a succeeded state, California being a likely candidate for its GDP and ideal borders.

The point also isn’t how Ukrainians view themselves. It is how the older generations of Russians view Ukraine.

I don’t know how you missed that point of the post.


Ofwa t1_ja8yywq wrote

I think I understand what you are saying : Older Russians may view the Ukraine as a succeeded state. But Ukraine has had its own language and culture since the 800’s CE. Probably before. (With perhaps a total of two centuries of conquest and division between neighboring states during that time.) After the Bolshevik revolution, USSR claimed it as a constituent state in 1922 till 1991 when it regained independence.

In contrast to older Russians, I think the older Ukrainians and younger ones who speak their language and know their culture, history and landscape, do not view their independence as a secession. They view it as their rightful homeland. Maybe parallel to California for older Russians and Putin’s propaganda, but not parallel in history.


canadave_nyc t1_ja8fp7s wrote

> If several states broke apart from the US, there would be a strong following of people who believe the US deserves to reclaim and reunite and that should be a political goal.

And, coincidentally enough, this actually happened, and Americans call it "The Civil War."

You're right. This is what's so discouraging--the Russians' "claim" to Ukraine is juuuust plausible enough, historically, for many people there to be won over by Putin's rhetoric. Add to that claims of "persecution of Russians" in eastern Ukraine, "Nazis" in the Ukrainian leadership who want to destroy Russia, and the general anti-Western and anti-NATO paranoia that there's always been....well, that's all very tough to try to argue against.


medievalvelocipede t1_ja9op94 wrote

>well, that's all very tough to try to argue against.

No it's very easy as it's all total bullshit. You don't argue with bullshit, you just dismiss it.


PerspectiveCloud t1_ja8jc9a wrote

Yes but I don’t feel like the Civil War is nearly a good comparison. It’s a completely different era and the Confederacy was never a Sovereign nation. A succeeded union, sure, but pretty conceptually different. An ongoing civil conflict with a short few years of independence.

Also it’s interesting when Russians talk about Nazi’s, because so many westerners are contextualizing “nazi” to be a universal term. “Nazi” to Russia has never meant “Nazi” the way the US see it. Lots of interesting reads out there on this topic. In short, it is about the invaders from the west that caused the Great Patriotic War, or WW2.

The Nazi terminology in the Ukraine war is much more about the western favoring government that “infiltrated” this ex-Soviet state back in 2014. Which makes sense, since Kiev has suppressed and attacked the Russia-favoring republics of Donetsk and Luhansk for nearly a decade. The Nazi narrative makes some sense when you look at it from that perspective, “invaders from the west”.


canadave_nyc t1_ja930ci wrote

The "invaders from the west" thing also resonates very strongly with many Russians such as Putin, because the West sent troops to Russia during the Russian Civil War that ended the Russian Revolution. As the Wikipedia page on the subject says:

"Soviet and Russian interpretations greatly exaggerate the role of the Allies in the Civil War and try to portray these as attempts to suppress the Bolshevik revolution and to partition Russia."

So yes, there is a very strong sentiment against "invaders from the west" that doubtless plays a part in Putin's/Russians' thinking.


PerspectiveCloud t1_jabbkce wrote

It makes sense why the west and Russia fail to see eye to eye on foreign policies when you look at these things. There’s a really good Youtuber, a Russian citizen who interviews folk from all demographics about their opinions on literally anything related to current events. Goes by the name “1420 by Daniil Orain”. Great translations with raw footage.

It really helps grasp why the sentiment is so different.


Icommentor t1_ja55rob wrote

He must have meant “one Russian’s survival”


Sparkycivic t1_ja5rbua wrote

He could offer his own life right now to save the 1991 borders of Russia


realnrh t1_ja5y0he wrote

He's a "l'etat, c'est moi" type, so probably.


HugheyM t1_ja6b4aw wrote

I keep wondering if the average Russian looks at this one person and realizes their entire culture and history does not hinge on him at all.

I wonder how long they’ll walk into the meat grinder for this ex intelligence dork pretending to play conqueror.


seitung t1_ja6eyrz wrote

Well when you see yourself as your country, and you’re the leader, and you’ve provoked the exact encroachment of the West you were paranoid was happening by acting aggressively to prevent it in a self fulfilling prophecy, then yeah. Same thing really from Putin’s perspective.


DCNY214 t1_ja6b58s wrote

His billion dollar per month salary survival


grawies t1_ja53oos wrote

"They have one goal: to disband the former Soviet Union [...]" says a lot about his world view, the dissolution in 1991 didn't happen.


Gumbulos t1_ja557yp wrote

And Russia still holds Kaliningrad.


ContributionDry2252 t1_ja55ul0 wrote

There have already been some talks about its independence. Might be interesting.


xenoghost1 t1_ja6ihm6 wrote

i mean, considering the 2014 invasion has made life there noticeably worse, they might come to the Crimean conclusion of "well, we are Russians but Russia can't provide for us"


Gumbulos t1_ja6uqfj wrote

Putin coined the idea that Russia would split up when the war effort fails. As it is doomed to fail given the current Russian losses...

I think a territorial disintegration of Russia will be good for Russians. And another Baltic state will benefit its ethnic Russian population. And this will also apply to all the other provinces.


xenoghost1 t1_ja6xhb4 wrote

a free Russia on the baltic, hell they can bring that Prussia name back.


random_nohbdy t1_ja73rpo wrote

Better yet, they can reunify with their rightful Czech rulers under the name and banner of Královec


xenoghost1 t1_ja74ybz wrote

lmao, i advocated Královec yesterday.

you're right tho.


ContributionDry2252 t1_ja75dps wrote

Well, at least he got that one right. There are people who are even looking forward to it, I've seen some maps about the assumed new independent countries. I think they were on Instagram.


Strict-Square456 t1_ja55g6y wrote

So it. Began to “ denatzify” ukraine and now its for Russias survival…. Ahh. Ok.


WittyUsername816 t1_ja5cj2h wrote

Let's not forget, from his ever growing list of bullshit:

The gays

The Satanists

The biolabs

To reclaim historical territory

To stop NATO expansion

To protect Russians in Ukraine


macross1984 t1_ja53g52 wrote

Putin can surrender and give himself up as war criminal and Russia will have chance to survive and hopefully recover without another corrupt leader (big if) taking over.

But since you behave like Hitler you might want to take an alternative means of exit with pistol.


WillyLongbarrel t1_ja5ag9x wrote

That would require Putin to actually care about the future of his country over his blurb in future history books.


dnuohxof-1 t1_ja68nzp wrote

Could you imagine a world where Putin voluntarily submitted himself, with evidence to take down all of his supporters, oligarchs and global connections to The Hague for a plea bargain and sits in a Dutch prison for the rest of his life.


SiarX t1_ja8jtrd wrote

There would be no Putin in such perfect world.


DraziBlack t1_ja9j42w wrote

It's not even as complicated as that. The Russian military just needs to go back to Russia. That's it, crisis averted, Russia saved. One Hero of the Russian Federation medal plz. K thx bye.


Aggressive-Cut5836 t1_ja5ntji wrote

I don’t know why Putin feels the need to actually win the war in Ukraine. Since he has ironclad control over Russian media, he can simply lie to the Russian people and claim that Russia has already won and ban/censor any discussion that argues against this. He can also make up reasons why Russians can’t visit those areas (where they’d obviously see the true situation) and prevent Russian troops in the area from coming back. As for Russia continuing to be treated like a pariah on the world stage, that would have happened anyway. So it doesn’t detract from the narrative.


princeps_harenae t1_ja7mv6g wrote

Probably, because his entire leadership has had one aim, to eventually bring Ukraine back into Russia. I think this is important to him because he wants to be remembered as a great conqueror that united Russia again. He likes to compare himself to Peter the Great who conquered Crimea and Ukraine in the 17th century. They were part of the Russian 'Empire' until the fall of the USSR in the 90's.

He doesn't seem to understand that these now sovereign countries want nothing to do with Russia ever again!


SiarX t1_ja8jwyd wrote

The problem is, TV propaganda does not work on his buddies. Coup is a possible threat.


TeaBoy24 t1_ja57ol5 wrote

Russia is a military state. If military can't perform then the whole state can't.


gregs1020 t1_ja83fxw wrote

i'd say more of a dying petrol state. their population is in decline, they are sending what youth they have to die.

it will reverberate for generations to come, they will never be a "power" of any sort for 100 years.


TeaBoy24 t1_ja8faj6 wrote

Military state means it's run by it's military. They enforce the laws , control media, exact conscription and supress protests.

You called it Petrol due to oil but that's a different matter all together.


gregs1020 t1_ja8i6sm wrote

I follow, thanks for the clarification, I completely agree.


SiarX t1_ja8jzwx wrote

No, it is FSB/mafia/police state. While image of mighty military is important for Putin, military is not one in charge of things.


BozoidBob t1_ja5eebf wrote

He’s a bigger liar than Trump, and that’s really saying something.


kmurph72 t1_ja5520i wrote

It is now. One or two more mobilizations and some of these regions are going to break away from Russia.


Foodspec t1_ja5axjs wrote

I mean…not invading Ukraine would’ve assured Russias survival but that’s not good enough for the scrotum with eyes


NoPoint6957 t1_ja5ecfa wrote

He's just a lying pathetic man, hopefully his colleagues will take him down soon.


SuperSprocket t1_ja5v4eg wrote

He's not wrong, this war has put Russia on a course for almost certain collapse, and nothing short of a complete victory offers any chance of diverting that.

If he makes peace or loses and the current projections are a fracturing of their state authority.

Of course never invading would've prevented that.


HolyGig t1_ja6r37k wrote

Pretty high stakes for a 'special military operation' if you ask me


Full_Echo_3123 t1_ja55i3x wrote

Yeah like if I willingly run into traffic and call it a battle for survival.. Just get out of danger, Puto.


joho999 t1_ja58jdo wrote

A battle for putins survival, more like.


fiah84 t1_ja5a6eu wrote

I wonder how long it'll be until he unironically says "We have always been at war with NATO"


VAG0 t1_ja6ib21 wrote

The last time there was an incursion into Russia's territory was WWII.

This was also the last time anyone said " Lets invade Russia"

Putin is losing his war on every front, and the only thing he has complete control over is his populace.

Russian people are not stupid, but they know that they are powerless. They need to show courage like the brave Iranian people, who have my deepest respect for their courage and bravery in the face of oppression.


CplFry t1_ja6nh4r wrote

He is absolutely correct for “his” Russia


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boottrax t1_ja5rdii wrote

Putin is said to have been obsessed with watching Colonel Khadafi’s anal execution by a Libyan mob over and over again.

Why do you think that is?


DeltaSR5 t1_ja5sp86 wrote

He's clinging to anything that can keep him in power. Such a loser, liar and all round piece of shit. WAKE UP RUSSIAN PEOPLE......... Your future , kids future depends on it.


cookingflower t1_ja69llw wrote

No, no mister Putin. It’s a war, which you started, for your survival.


Mathias797 t1_ja6iho1 wrote

Didnt have to be this way Putin.


UpLeftUp t1_ja6il7r wrote

Kinda feel stupid for starting it now, don't you?


Velvy71 t1_ja73kqs wrote

Well there’s only one person who’s put Russia in that position, they were doing quite well until he took over.


Alundra828 t1_ja77lwl wrote

"Come on, Morty. Let's go, in and out, 3 day adventure" - Putin 1 year ago



TheFartApprentice t1_ja7qr1b wrote

It is now, and his stupid fucking decision making is the reason they are in that position


AlphaOne69420 t1_ja7xj5b wrote

"They have one goal: to disband the former Soviet Union and its fundamental part - the Russian Federation," Putin told Rossiya 1 state television”

Can someone remind this guy that the USSR was disbanded in 1991? He’s lost the plot…


VengeanceTheKnight t1_ja91iqk wrote

Well, yeah. That’s why we all think you’re stupid for starting it.


Dseltzer1212 t1_ja93wji wrote

He’s correct and Putin only has himself to blame for it!


frekaoid333 t1_ja55xwd wrote

As the situation grows more disparate the need to distort increases


YouStylish1 t1_ja56bzg wrote

he might just turn rogue due to his sheer desperation. Statements reflect that lately..


EquivalentPast5947 t1_ja594q6 wrote

the fact that they allowed themselves to be kidnapped by a lunatic will make them a pariah nation for generations. If that does not happen, it's a signal for others to claim : " but , we did not know , he lied to us, we innocent "


Thracybulus t1_ja5a6qc wrote

Up next; can Russia survive Putin? Stay tuned to find out.


Berova t1_ja5euem wrote

Not Russia's survival, but certainly Putin's survival is at stake.


Clever_Bee34919 t1_ja5gyzs wrote

He's technically right: Russia went from "surviving" before the war to "probably not surviving" after it. Contradictory to his claim however, it is a) Russia's unequivicable fault and b) the more they fight the less likely they will survive.


nobadhotdog t1_ja5hvsw wrote

Man on trial for murder casts trial as a battle for his survival


Tiny_Ad_638 t1_ja5iomc wrote

He is just grumpy because his pants are full and the changing table is cold.


BeefPieSoup t1_ja5k5e3 wrote

Well, it didn't have to be.

But sure, maybe Putin has made it that.


HybridEng t1_ja5vxx4 wrote

In a Russian roulette sort of way...


moderntimes2018 t1_ja5w2j9 wrote

Putin casts war as a battle for his survival


190gold t1_ja5y1m0 wrote

Alright old man, time for your nap.


Playertee t1_ja62vno wrote

I’m pretty sure it’s a special military operation


PracticalJester t1_ja6eq2t wrote

All these actions and saber rattling starts to look an awful lot like WW1 history. Sigh.

May you live in interesting times indeed


Riversmooth t1_ja6f8hq wrote

At this point it’s a battle for Putin’s survival. If he loses he’s finished.


CmdrMctoast t1_ja6hr0m wrote

He is going down as one of the largest clownshows in history.


Trelefor t1_ja6kiuv wrote

Survival in the news cycle maybe


Mouserman145 t1_ja6mru9 wrote

Give it up Putin. Your whining is pathetic. Especially after all the bully statements and nuclear threats.


Pants__Goblin t1_ja6re9j wrote

He’s going to use nukes before he’s finished.


ClubSoda t1_ja74iju wrote

He won't be allowed to. He was told by Xi and Biden.


izit23 t1_ja6v6vb wrote

Indicator for stupidity is if one believes his BS. Always moving the goalpost.


DamonFields t1_ja6ztdq wrote

Self survival is the game.


testedonsheep t1_ja7304g wrote

He is not wrong. But he’s the one who started the war that exposed his military’s incompetence.


ClubSoda t1_ja74fcw wrote

NATO has bordered ruZZia since Turkey joined in 1949. Get real, Mr. small p.


iMissTheDays t1_ja7cjiq wrote

Comrade dickless is starting to find out what happens when you don't abandon a strategy because of the sunk cost fallacy.


SciFiCahill t1_ja7mquz wrote

Putin was failing Russia - and is now able to hide it under claims that those failings are consequences of the war. Damn clever.


Five-and-Dimer t1_ja7z482 wrote

Putler did all this himself. Perhaps his future is on a pike.


0110010001110111 t1_ja82nxz wrote

Surely a special military operation for russia's survival.


Ofwa t1_ja84c5j wrote

OK. What if we promise not to bomb Russia if he promises not to bomb Ukraine.


Grumpicake t1_ja85slp wrote

Ah, he’s pulling the ol’ Robert Kelly.


Woffingshire t1_ja8fnq2 wrote

Sounds like he's basically admitting they're losing.

You're not having a battle for your survival when you're winning.


Speedy059 t1_ja9fho7 wrote

Yeah....for his own survival. The rest of the Russians survival is at risk when he decides to use nukes.


DATCO-BERLIN t1_ja9l07f wrote

This tedious, murdering, monkey.


Alert-Noise4174 t1_ja9loox wrote

Time for someone very close to him to take him for a ride... before everyone in the world thinks most Russians are alcohol babies. 😮


80schld t1_ja9xwsr wrote

Only in as much as he risked Russias standing with the rest of the world over his little personal vision quest.


ds2isthebestone t1_jab8s96 wrote

Went from battle for Russia's prosperity and projection of power to battle for survival. My boy, I think something went wrong with your plan, dontcha think ?