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Material-Engineer177 t1_j9eokwe wrote

Eventually the people on the wrong side of the fence start to decorate that fence by hanging those who populate the right side from it


LiliNotACult t1_j9h590q wrote

That was before the era of high tech weaponry. A bunch of angry civilians with .50cals aren't going to do anything to a modern autonomous tank or bombing drone.


StupidPockets t1_j9hrjxv wrote

You’re underestimating how effect guerrilla warfare can be. Random civilians can make combat hard for a tank, and as well armed as Americans are they can effectively shoot down drones.


Material-Engineer177 t1_j9itfks wrote

It won't get to tank warfare, they will be ripped from their beds. Their families won't be able to travel. Everyday will be guerilla warfare. Don't delude yourself with silly notions It wouldn't.


SycoJack t1_j9eq681 wrote

No they won't.


Material-Engineer177 t1_j9eqe0y wrote

That is the course we are on. Every time this goes too far in history we see what happens.

Head in the sand if you want, but if we keep pursuing the current economic model then we will see large scale civil violence.


Sinaaaa t1_j9ey6cz wrote

That's how it would normally go yes, but where tech is today makes defense far easier to the rich side than during any other time period in history.


Zannt t1_j9gv181 wrote

Very true, just look what happened in Hong Kong the people revolted but we're still unable to make the government change. It's just a matter of time before the rest of the world gets to this point.


[deleted] t1_j9ijpjx wrote

True but no place is perfect, defenses arent about 100% its about rising the cost it takes to get passed them so high that the attacker is not willing to pay that cost. Usually the cost is lives


SycoJack t1_j9f2y9b wrote

>Head in the sand if you want

I think you're wrong about who has their head in the sand.

>but if we keep pursuing the current economic model then we will see large scale civil violence.

We already are starting to see violence, but it's directed at the people by the puppets of the elite, not the elite. Look at all the home grown terrorism that has gone down the past several years.

The absolute vast majority of it has been directed at the people and not the elite.

We aren't going to be eating the rich any time soon.