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walkandtalkk t1_jaaf77c wrote

But why must "we" maintain the stereotype that progressives are snidely condescending jerks?


Riff316 t1_jaagiry wrote

Because I feel no need to be polite to people who consider other groups of people less human than I do, consider planet scale phenomena to be trivialities, and consider everyone else to be guilty of the heinous misdeeds they perpetrate. My arrogance will not change facts. My conceit will not change the fact that one side tends to prioritize logic, fact, and compassion. I have no patience, and honestly no sympathy, for a group of people who deny science and humanity on a daily basis and then have the gall to call me condescending. Their every remark is how they know better than the experts. They use condescension like other artists use oils. They constantly point out which groups are coming for them because they’re so jealous and threatened by how great they are. If it’s unclear, I’m talking about the right. Condescending enough for you?


pk10534 t1_jaasbci wrote

You may be right about the climate but people like you are hurting rather than helping the cause with that douchebag mentality. God you sound insufferable


Riff316 t1_jaaskat wrote

Yes. Because of my mean Reddit comments, all of these monumental gains we’re making to curb climate change will surely be stymied.


pk10534 t1_jaat4e5 wrote

With a personality like that, I think convincing people of climate change is probably the least of your worries


KelbyGInsall t1_jaczob1 wrote

How can you know a person’s whole personality based on this interaction? Condescending to the condescending for being condescending about condescension? Very odd. Tough stuff, tone policing.


[deleted] t1_jaaldr8 wrote



Riff316 t1_jaao5g1 wrote

“This is why your father slapped you.” Is this like some sort of idiom that I’m ignorant of? Or are you using my familial abuse as a witty retort? What a strange thing to say to someone, even anonymously.