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PEVEI t1_ja87sau wrote

More evidence of "Israeli apartheid" I see. /s


Ok_Anything_5052 t1_ja884rd wrote

Watch what you say. The IDF is watching. Your going to get downvoted to oblivion


takeitineasy t1_ja8anr3 wrote

Hi, I'm the leader of the IDF, CIA, and Pizza Hut (yea, at the same time, cool, huh?). I'm very scary with my super effective downvotes.


[deleted] t1_ja9o0hz wrote



Ok_Anything_5052 t1_jaaqf0t wrote

don’t you have something better to do then stalk me on Reddit ? seems like your the paranoid one. why are you so afraid of the world finding out about the crimes committed in Palestine ? the human rights abuses and violations committed daily by the IDF ? It’s clear as day that anyone making any comment on a matter reported on here about Israel is downvoted to shit. I for one am not scared to voice my opinion nor do I give a fuck if your Jewish or not. you could be any religion in Israel and I wouldn’t give a fuck. it’s the fact that anything negative done by Israel is automatically considered anti-Semetic. That excuse is getting old. your crimes committed against the innocent people of Palestine will always be a subject I’m interested in and you can’t shut me up so suck my dick.


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Ok_Anything_5052 t1_jaasocd wrote

Looking at your comments you support them clearly. so your just as ignorant. and all those downvotes solidifies my point.


HiHoJufro t1_jaay524 wrote

>and all those downvotes solidifies my point.

Yes, of course, people thinking your comments are bad prove they're good!