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sonoma95436 t1_ja1q2xz wrote

Science is scienceing.


PuzzleheadedKing5708 t1_ja1xnrt wrote

Scienceing trumps politics. Hope that the new generations of Russians and Americans can keep this up once the confrontational Cold War era boomers die off.


ishmal t1_ja1zwpo wrote

As a boomer who witnessed the downfall of the Soviets, but then worked with the Russians at NASA, I have a strong opinion that you are full of shit.


kerelberel t1_ja2sl9f wrote

He just says he is hoping for something though, not stating it.


PuzzleheadedKing5708 t1_ja20ub3 wrote

I meant the boomers who are now political leaders of Russia (hope they die off soon), not the boomers who think that the political invasion of a sovereign nation is wrong.

Slava Ukraini!


vetus_turtur t1_ja2n5vp wrote

There are a lot of Russians who haven't reached retirement age that support Putin because the state controls the media. Stereotyping based on age is unhelpful.


BigDaddyCoolDeisel t1_ja33mb3 wrote

Hi! Post-Cold War kid here. Russia has given a whole new generation reasons to hate its guts. Arguably even worse than the Cold War era.


throwawayidknything t1_ja2kpv0 wrote

Ugh whenever I hear the phrase "something trump's something" I can't help but think of Donald Trump fml


perspicat8 t1_ja1s3iz wrote

Bullshit. The Russians are sending up a spare to replace their busted-ass spacecraft.

Bugger-all coming together involved.


mbda123 t1_ja4felz wrote

Who cares what’s the real reason behind it? They did send a spare one and there is a chance all three will come back alive. This is all that matters


perspicat8 t1_ja4ojd0 wrote

The point is that the headline makes it sound like some altruistic joint mission with Russians and Americans pulling together in some heroic endeavour.

And this when Russia is in the middle of a ruinous war of aggression in Ukraine that pretty much the rest of the world condemns.

It has the effect of being pro Russian propaganda.

Tell it like it is.

Russia launches a capsule since the second one of theirs in a few months has sprung a leak at the ISS.


Dry-Peach-6327 t1_ja1x698 wrote

The aliens still aren’t letting us into the galactic federation


[deleted] t1_ja2xvko wrote



centizen24 t1_ja4eaxp wrote

Attention all planets of the solar federation. We have assumed control.


HenryGoodbar t1_ja4fk2r wrote

Head of Intergalactic Space NATO here; your assumption of control of this system is deemed illegal and we will not allow it!


megaben20 t1_ja371m9 wrote

Yeah we tend to avoid letting train wreck species into our club.


PlateImpossible191 t1_ja3803p wrote

Still salty about your spaceships that we shot down I see.


megaben20 t1_ja38axa wrote

Those weren’t us surprisingly those were spy balloons even we were like is that our stuff.


PlateImpossible191 t1_ja38jkz wrote

That's what I would say too if I just lost some very advanced technology to a bunch of antiquated jet fighters.


megaben20 t1_ja4yy3y wrote

No seriously we don’t need to send scout vessels anymore we got a monitoring outpost orbiting Pluto sending all your info To us


PlateImpossible191 t1_ja5am88 wrote

Weird place to put a monitor station, could have chosen a much prettier place like Saturn or Jupiter, the view of the rings there is awesome.


megaben20 t1_ja5bdkz wrote

Gas giants are the galaxy’s version of a park you see one you seen them all. Plus this system doesn’t have a decent place to eat near it or a cool enough tourist trap.


PlateImpossible191 t1_ja5bwdu wrote

You filthy xenos can't appreciate the beauty of nature.

You better stay on Pluto before we send another F-22 to welcome you to Earth.


Freekydeeky1258 t1_ja1ssdq wrote

The article is even more useless. Perhaps 5 sentences dedicated to sending a new space craft capable of bringing the astronauts home. The rest is just legit astronomy related news: blackholes and what-not


BlakHearted t1_ja1u2uk wrote

ISS is a leftover from a time when such collaboration was possible. Putin’s genocidal regime must be crushed, and russia should not be invited to participate in whatever endeavor comes next to replace our aging space station. When that time comes let the ISS burn up over moscow I say.


Quadrenaro t1_ja28zbz wrote

This is a pretty fucked opinion that is divorced from reality. Read up on interagency relations and the lack of politics among space administrtions.


Smarterthanthat t1_ja41rbn wrote

My father's lady friend has a son that works with NASA. He spends weeks at a time in Russia working with his equivalents there. They share a common dedication.


Hurtin93 t1_ja4wuag wrote

If we were capable of working with Stalin during the world war and then during the Cold War, we can work with Putin now.


BlakHearted t1_ja4xlb9 wrote

Gross, I wouldn’t be proud of working with Stalin. Might as well talk about how we could have worked with Mussolini. I guess I just prefer to work with nations that don’t rape women, murder the elderly, bomb apartment buildings, and cut the genitalia off of prisoners of war.


Hurtin93 t1_ja4zas7 wrote

You’ll have to stop working with any country that engages in warfare, including the United States.


BuzzyShizzle t1_ja7cusd wrote

That is how we get WW3. We have to be better than hating people who were born near where a few asshats were.


NoDoze- t1_ja23d7q wrote

However, first we need to put a tile on Putin, then have ISS track to that tile. Drop the entire fucking thing right on top of him! Instantly World Peace achieved! LOL


ardweebno t1_ja2q8mq wrote

I understand your sentiment, but the scientific loss of the ISS would be significant. We have less costly things to drop on Putin's head if that is how we must deal with him.


Remarkable_Soil_6727 t1_ja2sp8a wrote

Cooperation with the Russians on the ISS should've stopped when they brought up the Luhansk and Donetsk flag and claiming they've been liberated from Ukraine.


jeffyoulose t1_ja1oh2o wrote

Great! US and Russia working together for "peace".


Magatha_Grimtotem t1_ja27uge wrote

I'm pretty sure peace is the last thing on Russia's mind. Failing to maintain their illusion that they're still a competent space power is the only thing they care about here. I.e. avoiding further embarrassment.


JMcGilanders t1_ja3lj6h wrote

Makes me think of the Navajo prophecy. The whole “falling blue star that had people inside”. I wonder if it will burn blue on the way down 🤔


JCnut t1_ja1nzn3 wrote



UpbeatAd1191 t1_ja3obwc wrote

Because it's so important to pollute the atmosphere all the while destroying the earth with another senseless war.


artiechokes1 t1_ja2cfic wrote

And to think, if Russians are in space they’d be the first humans that aliens meet. We’ll be banned from the Milky Way