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Jefethevol t1_ja7v209 wrote

they better preorder 1.5 million body bags if that ragtag group of unmotivated civilians are forced into armed conflict. it will be a slaughter. Like the time those Russian mercs decided to roll up on an american FOB in Iraq/Syria. The US asked Russia if the convoy was theirs...the russians denied it and the US went scorched earth on the russian mercs. total slaughter.


chazzmoney t1_ja834yo wrote

I don’t remember the exact details, bit I think the Syria situation was more like:

the US knew it was Russia, they called up and down the chain of command for 4 hours while restraining their defense and avoiding significant attack. Every person they spoke with denied it was Russian. The US then let everyone know that they would attack if the attackers did not retreat. Another hour went by, and they destroyed all enemies.