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SunsetKittens t1_ja2uydd wrote

Houses and apartments are cool. But North Korea really needs more food at the moment. It's been a recurring problem. It's all mountains there. Harder to grow food in mountains. So you need to trade for food. But what are you going to trade? When your communist system can't seem to get any competitive industries going?

I mean the globe is hella competitive now. Even powerful nations get an industry wiped out every now and then because another powerful nation did it better. North Korea? Fuck man I don't know.


No-Economics4128 t1_ja3oczh wrote

It is not even communist system at this point. It is some weird feudal lord, isolationist, leader worshipping regime. The communists are authoritarian, but there is some kind of check and balance between the politburo (there are usually 4 positions, and each of those guys try to undermine the other 3). This is a 30 something years old assholes doing whatever he feel like doing and no one oppose it.