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onlyfacts2000 t1_ja4czon wrote

> They're being refused by what is essentially a dictatorship, and none of the offers were particularly fair to begin with.

What dictatorship? I don't follow. Also the offers were extremely fair. The last one Olmert made was so good I doubt they will ever get anything even close to it.

Very stupid of their leaders, but you can always count on the Palestinian leaders to fuck up their people ever since the 30s.

> But yeah part of the issue is that there is no offer that "makes sense" to both sides. It doesn't make sense to Israel to vacate settlements they annexed decades ago, and it doesn't make sense for Palestine to become the only country since WW2 that accepts the legitimacy of losing territory by military conquest.

Israel has already agreed to dismantling settlements historically, as it actually did in the Gaza strip (And only got tens of thousands of rockets in return) and as it offered to do in many of the suggestions to the Palestinians. Again, your comment is factually not true.

Regarding the Palestinians losing territory: Hey buddy, you declare a genocidal total war attempting to (Actual quote) "Annihilate" the other side? Better be prepared for a total lose as well.

The Palestinians are extremely lucky that Israel is not even 1% as cruel as their leaders, or there would be exactly 0 Palestinians in the WB and Gaza ever since 67.


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onlyfacts2000 t1_ja4vt57 wrote

Yes, there are. You try and declare your intentions to murder someone and engage in an armed conflict with him, you lose, you are lucky to be alive. It's not that hard logic to follow.


LargeSubject8 t1_ja4wsp9 wrote

You’re talking about wiping an entire people off the planet. There is no excuse or justification for that.


onlyfacts2000 t1_ja4xee3 wrote

............... 🤦‍♂️

"Wiping entire people off the planet" Was factually the Palestinian leaders goal, still is by the way.

I said, that Israel is clearly not interested in such barbaric things, as it factually could do it military wise.

Are you even paying attention? Or just looking for reasons to hate me?


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yaniv297 t1_ja5evcq wrote

You know if Israel actually wanted to annhalite Palestinians, they could have done it in about an hour, right?

That guy you're talking with is absolutely right, Israel were far from perfect at times but they were never ever genocidal. While a genocide is the stated intention of Palestinian leadership even today.