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GoodAndHardWorking t1_j9kh0xk wrote

Netanyahu really needs either an intifada or a war now. What'll happen if he gets both?


aaden08 t1_j9mir40 wrote

Something to distract from protests and unrest


yoyo456 t1_j9n9a0y wrote

Don't worry, Ramadan starts in around a month and that's what Bibi is counting on.


GiantAxon t1_j9pczm5 wrote

How does Ramadan help bibi?


yoyo456 t1_j9qg383 wrote

Ramadan almost always bring more tension between Israeli and Palestinians. Last year with with a Bennet-Lapid government, we saw a much quester than usual Ramadan. We'll see what is going to happen this year, but National Security minister Itamar Ben Gvir already announced he plans on making fireworks illegal (a usual Ramadan celebration especially towards the end and Eid al Fitr) meaning that he is opening the door to tons of arrests of Arabs. Meanwhile next week is the Jewish holiday of Purim, when Jews also often like to light off fireworks. And I can guarantee you that no Jews will be arrested for this either.


GiantAxon t1_j9qh1c1 wrote

Why would he be banning fireworks? Any ideas? Do the Palestinians ever use them to launch at police or civilians as part of their Ramadan celebrations?

I looked up what you said about last year. This article seems to suggest 2022 was the worst since 2015 in terms of casualties, which doesn't quite fit what you said. Any ideas why?

>The number of casualties is the highest seen in such a short period of time since 2015. Unlike then, however, when the majority of the attacks were characterized as “lone wolf” knife attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank, the latest attacks in Israel were boldly carried out in major cities in the heart of the country with the use of automatic weapons.

Also, I thought Israelis light fire works on independence day, not during Purim. Is it common to have fireworks displays for purim? Isn't that the holiday where they eat hamentachen?


autotldr t1_j9k7y9y wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 80%. (I'm a bot)

> Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly held a series of secret high-level meetings with top military officials aimed at upping preparations for a possible confrontation with Iran.

> According to a Channel 12 report on Tuesday, the premier huddled five times in recent weeks with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi, Mossad head David Barnea, Military Intelligence chief Aharon Haliva and other military brass to discuss readying for a possible attack on Iran's nuclear program.

> Barak also said there were plans in 2012 for a similar strike, but the operation was called off because Israel was conducting a military exercise with the US at the time and Netanyahu did not want to draw the American military into a war with Iran.

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PopeHonkersXII t1_j9n6l1s wrote

I watched a documentary on the Cuban Missile Crisis recently. I'm seeing parallels here


cobrakai11 t1_j9lsh5j wrote

Unfortunately that this psycho is back in power. He did everything he could to end the Iran nuclear deal that has been pushing for a war for the better part of 20 years.


KONGSSMASHED t1_j9orffn wrote

How the hell did Netanyahu end up back in government, thought he had criminal charges ?

Dick vs dictator with small pp, w/e, just don't ask for help. Aslong the Persian's are freed in the process


moltenmoose t1_j9m8yuk wrote

The US needs to stop funding right wing terrorists like the Israeli government.


jesteron t1_j9nerfx wrote

You do know that the US benefits from the funds they give to Israel, right? Or they don’t teach you that between shootings in high schools


moltenmoose t1_j9nic17 wrote

Lol, I'm good on the minimal to non-existent benefits that come from funding Israeli terrorists considering the damage they do. This sort of thinking is so shortsighted and braindead, it's sad that it's so prevalent.

Let's also not pretend like the US funding Israel is anything more than Christian Evangelists trying to fulfill a prophecy or politicians trying to avoid the ire of the pro-Israeli SuperPACs. Or did they not teach you that between geocidal campaigns? I'm just assuming you're from Israel, considering your strange post history.


stellarblackhole1 t1_j9md4f8 wrote

The US better stay out of that one, and Israel better be on its own, even with sanctions Iran is a regional power not to be messed with.


jesteron t1_j9neypx wrote

Lmao the US should get involved even if it wasn’t for Israel’s security.


stellarblackhole1 t1_j9niw6g wrote

Why? Because only the US could have a nuclear program?


Hawkay t1_j9o7iwt wrote

No no, it’s a great idea to let a country run by religious zealots who constantly call for the destruction of Israel and kill their own citizens access to nuclear weapons.

Just perfect.


stellarblackhole1 t1_j9od5l0 wrote

The US and Israel should not be dictating who gets to have the weapons that stop people from invading it. Or antagonizing it further. The actions already by the US cut off the country to the point where they lost 10's of thousands of people from Covid due to lack of proper medical protection. I'm sorry, but Isreal doesn't get to decide which country no matter their government can have nuclear weapons or not. They see what everyone else sees, nuclear weapons are literally the only way that stops a full blow invasion of their country. The Israeli government seriously needs to cool the hell down. They've been repeatedly bombing countries around them, not to mention treating Palestinians as second-class citizens and beating the living crap out of them.


Hawkay t1_j9oh30k wrote

So much bullshit in one paragraph, it’s almost impressive.

I won’t waste too much time on an answer because honestly, if you’re not seeing the problem in a radical theocracy having nukes - there’s just not point in talking to you.

Iran, while having a crumbling economy, has chosen its side. It allied itself with Russia, provided weapons to it, supplies weapons to the houthis, to hezbulla, to Hamas, to Syria. They killed thousands of protesters in 2019 and 2022. They hang gays from cranes. They executed people who spoke against the government.

This is a country that cannot hold nukes (not to mention it would start a nuclear arms race with Saudi Arabia, maybe even Egypt..)

Regarding Palestinians - they are not treated as second class citizens. In fact, they are not treated as citizens at all - because they are not Israeli citizens. They have their own government.

Israeli Arabs on the other hand are, in fact, citizens, and they have every right an Israeli Jew or Christian or Druze or atheist or whatever. Because they are Israeli citizens.

There was a Muslim Arab party in the last coalition for god sake. There is a Muslim arab judge in the Supreme Court (who ruled against an ex prime minister accused of bribe and sent him to jail). There are arabs in the army. Because they are Israeli citizens.


stellarblackhole1 t1_j9oicgm wrote

I've looked at your posts, maybe stop simping for a far- right warmongering government like Israel so hard.


Hawkay t1_j9oit4h wrote


Feel free to continue “simping” for Iran or Russia or Palestine or Syria.

Great places to be in if you have any western values.


KONGSSMASHED t1_j9os3fd wrote

Iran is weaker Russia about to get its head kicked in by one of the most technically advanced countries on the planet. But yes US should stay out of it.


Gfbtfv t1_j9ksxio wrote

World yawns