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Startrail_wanderer t1_j905jk8 wrote

r/Ukraine bots in excruciating agony to see India have good relations with western countries


lordregulas t1_j90bqo2 wrote

Let's just say mutually beneficial relations rather than good relations


Reselects420 t1_j8xixoj wrote

According to the article, the UK’s offer is an entirely new engine designed specifically for India, and India owns it, produces it, and can decide itself whether to export it. I’m not sure if the US would be willing to match that, but it’s possible.


goodnewbadestnews t1_j8xp9nk wrote

US can match that if it's old tech. New tech they definitely won't do it.


111122323353 t1_j90rqiu wrote

Seems there is quite a complex relationship with India.


SeparatePerformer703 t1_j8zexa3 wrote

Of course. Why not just license the tech to Russia directly?


Patient-Lifeguard363 t1_j90arb7 wrote

I absolutely don't agree with this both US and UK should not give India anything related to military they will just go back to the same hole and buy Russian oil or worst give Russia engine parts that they are providing to them.


Zekrom16 t1_j90wrxd wrote

India has never given any western tech to Russia that would be a really dumb move.


hariomshankar t1_j91u9ln wrote

While you are at it. Add France to the list of competitors.