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imakenosensetopeople t1_ja8i97s wrote

This strikes me as a similar move to England’s 1950’s Royal World Tour that the at-the-time Princess Elizabeth was embarking on. Imperial influence waning, time to do a show and tell with the locals. Pretty tone deaf.


LemonAndLies t1_ja9heeb wrote

Especially since its no longer the 1950s and the French President is not as highly regarded outside of France as the British Queen was outside of the UK.

Unless he has some sort of generous deals to offer, Macron is wasting his time here.


CountryOk4176 t1_ja9pppo wrote

It is for domestic purposes. With all due respect, this guy is definitely into show man politics. I thought he was going to kiss Zelensky last time they met.


LemonAndLies t1_ja9q1h3 wrote

Oh that's a very good point actually!

I was only thinking of what it might achieve for France, rather than how it might benefit Macron domestically.


Zefyris t1_jabznpq wrote

I seriously doubt it. Macron has been moving a lot internationally to benefit France. And I have to say, most of those moves made perfect sense, regardless of the execution itself that I will not judge here.


J4MES101 t1_ja9mzd5 wrote

Well I mean it’s not as if France is in a mess and he has stuff to do at home…

Wait. Ok. Yeah. He shouldn’t go.


Zefyris t1_jabzjkx wrote

Most of that is on the gov, not the president. He's not the prime minister.


StranglesMcWhiskey t1_ja8al3o wrote

Maybe they should let the locals have their countries back instead of continuing the colonial legacy.


normpoleon t1_ja8bpff wrote

That would make it impossible for French banks to make money while producing/doing nothing


Mika0023 t1_ja8bei1 wrote

how are they currently continueing their colonial legacy?


tank911 t1_ja8bsej wrote

Caspian report on YouTube literally just dropped a video describing exactly this. They basically have control over the monetary policy of several nations.


Vanished_Elephant t1_ja9gnbt wrote

Big fan of Caspian report.. but that video is full of omissions and is disingenuous at best.


Bicrg3 t1_ja9gu2g wrote

How so? Genuinely curious and don't know much about the topic


Vanished_Elephant t1_ja9jmpo wrote

If you watch the video. This youtube commenter (Albe Van Hanoy) has made a good debunk that can be verified with some extra research. Sorry long message:

"Firstly it's important to note that every member country can leave the agreements at any time. France is forcing noone.

4:50 The operation in Guinea (Known as Operation Persil) happened in 1959. Back then France still had colonies, and was by no means the same country it is today. Caspian Report conveniently ignores this date to make it feel more recent, but it was 64 years ago. The current president of France wasn't even born.

6:11 False. France has no Veto power. In fact France has only one representative in the Central Bank of Central African States (With no veto) , and doesn't even have a representative at all in the Central Bank of Western African States.

6:50 This entire section makes no sense and completely ignores what "money" is. Money is only the means to an exchange, and can only be so if both parties agree on the value of said currency. On its own, money does nothing. The CFA Francs are the sovereign currencies of these African States, and as such, if France does a commercial operation using CFA France, it can only be with a partner from one of these 14 countries. So the accusation of France somehow "using the foreign exchange reserves to prop up its own economy" is nothing but an accusation thrown into the air with no source or facts to back it up.

What France does actually do with this money then you ask? It only prints it, and keeps it safe from political instability, rather than having the reserves be held in a country where Al Qaeda terrorist groups operate and could stage an attack on the currency reserve.

Additionally (And importantly), France pays interest on deposits by member countries, and at a fixed 0.7% rate, even when actual interest rates on the market were negative. This is a net loss of money for France.

There is nothing out of the ordinary with printing the money of a foreign state, several other countries relinquish printing to foreign nations: The Guinean franc, Ethiopian birr, Ugandan shilling and Botswana pula are produced in the United Kingdom, The Mauritanian ouguiya, Eritrean nakfa, Tanzanian shilling and Zambian kwacha are produced in Germany, and The Liberian dollar is printed in the United States. But strangely, only France is ever brought up.

7:46 If any country's company does it, it's called foreign investment. When French companies do this, it's called exploitation and colonization. This double standard must stop.

9:05 These figures are simply nonexistent and unsourced.

9:55 This is very misleading. These countries typically outperform neighbouring countries in GDP Growth, and the stagnation reported on the video is not exclusive to the Franc Zone. In fact it is somewhat the opposite: The stability of the CFA Franc made these countries a lot more resilient to economic instability. The COVID crisis resulted in a 1.7% recession in sub-saharan African outside of the Franc Zone. Within the Franc Zone, it was a 0.3% growth.

11:25 This segment completely misrepresents what the Eco is. It is an African initiative, that is encouraged and supported by France. Western African States plan to switch to a new currency, and France won't hold any form of control over it. The centralization of exchange reserves in a French Treasury account will be abolished, among other reforms that will significantly lessen the influence of France. The only thing that will remain will be the fixed exchange rate with the Euro, something African States are all too happy to keep. Presenting this as "nothing but a ruse" is extremely disingenuous and goes contrary to the notion of neutral reporting.

12:20 This is literally false. Mauritania left. Madagascar left. France did not intervene in either case to prevent them from doing so. And Guinea-Bissau literally joined on their own volition in 1997, even though they are not even a former French colony, and not a French speaking country. Why? Simply because they realized it was advantageous. If the situation was as terrible as this video describes, this would be unjustifiable.

I am sure there is a lot more to say, but this comment is already long. Moral of the story: Don't blindly trust a YouTube video just because it has pretty graphics."


Silverwhitemango t1_jaa04on wrote

Thanks for this long comment.

I watched the video too and this was one of the times where Shirvan (CaspianReport) seemed to be really biased and did not reference his sources.

Asides from the above comment, the video also omitted the fact that 2 of the nations in the CFA, Guinea-Bisseau & Equatorial Guinea, aren't even former French colonies yet they still chose to be involved in the CFA franc currency.

Or even omit the fact that nations like Mali were the ones who requested French military support.

CaspianReport & Johnny Harris are just examples of how sometimes with flashy editing and visuals, you can get away with inaccurate shit to your audience.


Vanished_Elephant t1_jaad7tz wrote

Not to mention all the cherry picking he does in this video, like when talking about GDP figures and comparing for example Ivory Coast which was a commodity based economy (cocoa, whose prices crashed in the 1980s) and also in the midst of a brutal years-long civil war while neighboring Ghana experienced relative peace and stability. These types of facts matter when covering geo-political subjects. Or the fancy graphics showing the flow of money going from the CFA countries to France and completely lacking any kind of source info. Maybe he should have included actual import/export statistics and realize that the big majority of CFA nations commerce is with the US/Canada/China. Or which mining companies actually most benefit from the natural resources there (hint, they're not French). Anyhow.. this video reeked of clickbait and anti-French propaganda. I'll keep watching his videos for entertainment purposes but a good reminder to be keenly aware of his bias.


Silverwhitemango t1_jac12vi wrote

Its not just his videos I am worried about.

There have been several anti-France (not so much "anti-French" as in the French people) videos by so-called political channels, and they don't really cite their info on such issues.

Kinda similar to all the anti-US & anti-NATO videos regarding Ukraine but their talking points are distinctively Russia/China.

No one wants to cite their sources properly anymore, and just want to chase the algorithms or fact-check their stuff (Another channel I can think of that keeps getting recommended to me after I un-subbed from them is TLDR news.)


valeyard89 t1_jaaxroc wrote

I found it very interesting Togo and Gabon joined the Commonwealth recently. They were French colonies, not British.


Eogard t1_jabsy4w wrote

Wasn't Togo a German colony that was split between Uk and France after the war?


Silverwhitemango t1_jac0srs wrote

Togoland, yea.

The western part of Togoland occupied by the British got sucked into modern day Ghana.

The eastern part became modern day Togo thanks to the French


tnarref t1_jaa84uv wrote

I'm not sure he's biased, he might just be repeating what he's read elsewhere with no good understanding of monetary policy to make up his own opinion.


SaintTastyTaint t1_jaap3r2 wrote

This is why people should not see Youtubers as authority figures on subject matter, but rather charlatans who's entire purpose is to earn ad revenue.


Kibault t1_jaa8kvy wrote

In this day and age, I wouldn't trust someone with "Caspian" in his nickname. Sounds biased towards some countries around a certain area/sea...


ZZAABB1122 t1_jaauj9u wrote

You write that

"Additionally (And importantly), France pays interest on deposits by member countries, and at a fixed 0.7% rate, even when actual interest rates on the market were negative. This is a net loss of money for France."


That is a deliberate manipulation from your side, interest rates are usually higher than 0.7%. Most of the time it is not a net loss for France but a net gain. Negative interest rates happen far more rarely than positive interest rate. Currently French long term interest rates is at 2.69%.

And then you have the value of someone depositing money in your bank instead of theirs which gives a higher amount of deposits.

Since you are so obviously manipulating in that comment, one must assume that your whole text is nothing but manipulation and lies.


Vanished_Elephant t1_jabd2lz wrote

The minimum rate of 0.75% was set in 2012. And interest rates have been below 1 and close to 0 for the better part of the last decade. Either way I have no horse in this debate. CFA monetary policy is a very complex issue, and France is cooperating in trying to reform it. France has offered to hand over the reserves to the member countries, but the members were not able to agree. Fact is many of the African elites profit from the CFA system and they're not keen on letting go of it. It's a fascinating subject worth of PHd like research with a wide range of variables. Sadly to get back to what I was originally lamenting, Shirvan from the Caspian Report failed to research/mention. Instead painting his video using very black and white brushes.


Uptown-Dog t1_jabelfs wrote

How fucking propaganda batman. If you're clueless enough to equate the outsourcing of making physical money with the onerous, deleterious and all-around-fucked-up impact that not being able to set your own country's economic policies on the fundamental level that being on the CFA is then you're absolutely not one who should be uttering a word here.

For those who don't know: being able to set strength or weakness of your own currency is incredibly important in being able to make your own goods cheaper for overseas markets, making them more attractive to buy, stimulating your own economy. This comes with trade-offs, but the need for poorer nations to do this is very, very real. By being stuck using the CFA as their currencies, dooms these smaller, fledgling economies to never be able to compete on the world stage. Hundreds of years from now, unless they change this, they'll still be backwater nations.

And has absolutely nothing to do with how your physical money gets created. Lots of even first world nations outsource their physical coin stamping and money printing to other countries, it's completely out of scope of monetary policy.

France has every incentive to keep them weak and dependent on France. France uses all its available power to keep its neocolonialism going, and it's been stupendously successful. Propaganda works though, just watch the comment I'm replying to to see it in action.


Mika0023 t1_jabti2z wrote

You miss the point though that they can simply leave the CFA and have all that control


Lost-Presentation114 t1_jac2vnn wrote

>You miss the point though that they can simply leave the CFA and have all that control

No, you deliberately ignore the part where France bribes and incentives the top leadership to do what isn't best for the country. First world nations bribing and corrupting third world nations is par for the course and it's deeply disingenuous to suggest that doesn't happen - France has means, motive, and opportunities in buckets.

And you also ignore the other times they absolutely wrecked the country that tried to leave. They made a example out of it - and we only have to look at the Middle East and Eastern Europe to see that nothing has changed: countries can and do forcibly use hard power to get their way.


Nothingtoseeheremmk t1_ja9rgha wrote

Those countries willingly choose to peg their currency. You’re acting like France forced them to at gunpoint


Mika0023 t1_ja8lf43 wrote

this is what I need. Thanks, will check it out right away.


StranglesMcWhiskey t1_ja8bsta wrote

... how do you think France got any influence in Africa in the first place?


Mika0023 t1_ja8lmex wrote

that wasnt the question though. u/tank911 directed me to something so im good thanks.


CuriousShower9 t1_ja8kkf2 wrote

We’re officially in the new era of post-colonial imperialism in Africa. Russia and China have been heavily involved in African geopolitics to secure resources and now the NATO countries feel the need to respond. It’s the Berlin conference all over again.


der_titan t1_ja8omh6 wrote

I think you have your cause and effect reversed. It was the countries in Europe that colonized and exploited Africa. Russian and Chinese involvement in Africa (and the Global South in general) was a response to Western exploitation and colonization.

The USSR / Russia have goodwill because they helped Africans expel the colonizers. Mozambique even put the AK-47 on its flag! By no means were the Soviets acting out of benevolence, but nonetheless there is goodwill towards Russia that continues today.

China also has been investing heavily in Africa, and providing developmental aid with more favorable terms, lower interest rates, and often fewer restrictions than Western aid. Again, it's not out of benevolence but it does engender good will towards China.


LeGuizee t1_ja93v4y wrote

When the African will wake up they will realize that most of their strategic infrastructures are owned by China. But Because its not due to direct colonization they don’t see what is coming.


der_titan t1_ja96q1u wrote

Even putting aside the ravages of colonialism, the IMF and World Bank have their own disastrous records in Africa creating export and debt traps that have devastated nations.

It's paternalistic to imply that an entire continent is naive rather than making informed choices.


guysguy t1_ja9eypg wrote

Yes. African countries are all stupid. That’s why they don’t see how the IMF‘s and WorldBank offerings are great but the Chinese investment offerings are terrible. If only they could see how China will do the exact same thing we’ve been doing for hundreds of years.


Cytizens9320 t1_ja9ig0w wrote

There's few African leaders that have their countries best interest. i can count them with one hand


SignificantOkra7208 t1_jaankuj wrote

I didn't realize Africans had the monopoly on selfish leaders, the African populace must be really stupid.


Stormwind-Champion t1_jaax7h9 wrote

yeah cuz the africans are dumb and they don't know what's best for their own countries. instead they should listen to you


bobby_j_canada t1_jab5ms8 wrote

Ah yes, because those silly Africans don't know what's good for them and need a clever Westerner to make decisions on their behalf, right?


Venvut t1_ja9xsc2 wrote

They don’t care because China is an idiot to think they’d ever repay them. China is already struggling with this.


Chubbybellylover888 t1_jaaxwg6 wrote

Eh... Look up the African Frank. France has had economic sovereignty over most of western Africa for over half a century post-decolonisation.

It never stopped.

Russia and China are new to the game with regards to Imperialism in Africa. European nations are a full very much making bank on their exploits.

I say this as an EU citizen.


f_d t1_ja9yoid wrote

>It was the countries in Europe that colonized and exploited Africa.

That's what they meant by post-colonial.

>Russian and Chinese involvement in Africa (and the Global South in general) was a response to Western exploitation and colonization.

Russia and China don't "respond" to those things in other countries. They look for their own opportunities to take advantage and guarantee access to resources, like nearly every other country does in its own way. If nobody else was in the way, they would be doing more of it.


Snack378 t1_jabzqt4 wrote

>The USSR / Russia have goodwill because they helped Africans expel the colonizers.

Oh yeah, people in Zimbabwe so grateful for USSR's/China's support for Mugabe, he was such good leader /s

You are ignorant fool, all they done is ruined almost entire continent with their weapon supply for tyrants.


actuallyimean2befair t1_jabvavq wrote

Let them see what it's like with China running the show.


arsinoe716 t1_jac4i99 wrote

They are already benefiting from it. They get infrastructure built as opposed to infrastructure being bombed.


DaNo1CheeseEata t1_ja9fmzj wrote

> The USSR / Russia have goodwill because they helped Africans expel the colonizers

Yeah, another way to put it is they backed friendly movements and regimes that were even more brutal and oppressive then the ones they replaced. Decades later the results speak for themselves.


WheresMyEtherElon t1_jaaqqfz wrote

As someone who grew up under a regime backed by the Soviets that drove the country to the ground, and which replaced a regime backed by the French during which the country had a somewhat adequate level of development, hoping for anything from the Russians is an absolute idiocy. The gap in standard of livings between my youth and my parents' youth was abysmal, and not all of that is because of corruption (because the French-backed regime was corrupt as well).

I don't know enough about China to have an informed opinion.


streetknows t1_ja8rpfx wrote

France always kept heavy ties with Africa ever since colonization ended. Mainly in the financial and military sector with the positive and negatives repercussions it dragged. Also Northern African and ex-colonies diasporas are massive in the country. Both of those points "legitimate" our position in Africa compared to China/Russia.

I'm not saying I agree with this strategy but you can't compare that to "Nato vs China/Russia". It's mostly about France trying to protect their influence in the region in awkwardly manners.


Deicide1031 t1_ja8z1vt wrote

People tend to go with the best deal. It doesn’t really matter how much of the diaspora France has. One of the only reasons they held such sway in the first place was because they were one of the only options.

If France isn’t more proactive and competitive as far as what they offer they are going to lose out completely. Not just to China/Russia but other players like the Americans, japan, other major African countries in Africa, etc.

For starters, those countries want to develop and get rich. Can France help with that? Certainly doesn’t look like they’ve done much but line their own pockets up to now. (No offense)


streetknows t1_ja91go3 wrote

Definitely right and none offense taken. I was just pointing out that a big part of French society is influenced by African diaspora and culture (mainly in the big cities) which is not the case in other country with the same "imperialists ambitions" operating in the continent at the moment.

It brings a mix of "damn if you do, damn if you don't" which is why, in my opinion, we should step aside from this sensible region for a bit and focus a lot more on attracting investments and developments in our DOMTOMs (oversea territories that are fully part of France).


Exocet6951 t1_ja98glm wrote

>Can France help with that? Certainly doesn’t look like they’ve done much but line their own pockets up to now. (No offense)

Yeah I'm sure exporting almost nothing to Mali, and sending 40 million in aid in 2020 alone is massively lining one's pockets....


adilfc t1_ja9n85k wrote

The problem is that most of the leaders tend to go with best deals for them not for community.


Deicide1031 t1_ja9pmxk wrote

Are we really acting like France doesn’t intentionally support those types? The CFA system promoted by France is also not in the best interest of the African participants.

What you’ve said is very much true, but this is very much a two sided issue with both parties not being good faith actors. The fact some of those African players are looking elsewhere after literally centuries depending on the country speaks volumes. If the relationships were that mutually beneficial there’d be no reason for them to look to Russia or China after all that time.


rtseel t1_jaauo86 wrote

> If the relationships were that mutually beneficial there’d be no reason for them to look to Russia or China after all that time.

The relationships aren't mutally beneficial anymore. One of the major reasons is that the public opinion in France (and by extension the French government) has become much more sensitive to issues of corruption and sustainable development. There were many awful things that French companies and African elites did in the past that went with the blessing of the French government. Some African regimes miss that blessed period and just want a "protector" which would fund their lavish lifestyles and help them keep the power, but without imposing their ethics. That's why they don't go with Germany either, or Japan, even though Germany has no recent history with Africa and Japan never had, and both would be ideal candidates as healthier alternatives to France and the UK.


arsinoe716 t1_jac4l3h wrote

Is this the same France that invaded Libya, killed their leader and stole the billions in gold reserves?????


News_Account45 t1_jabx0fv wrote

China is dozens of steps ahead of Russia. I’ve tried to look up what Russia is actively investing in, and outside of a lot of broken vaccine promises, they haven’t done much except have talks with leaders.

Lumping Russia into African geopolitics is in and of itself Russian PR because they’ve done very little


aerospacemonkey t1_jaarn4l wrote

France literally owns the 14 countries still using the CFA franc, and keeps the value of resources artificiality low for themselves. None of those countries have been able to grow out of extreme poverty, and their GDP have been stagnant or declining since the 70s.


e-chem-nerd t1_jab24ol wrote

Damn you fell for that Caspian Report video too? African countries voluntarily use CFA because it provides a stable currency that they are unable to provide for themselves.


tnarref t1_jaa9nhl wrote

Russia is in it for reasons that go beyond Wagner paying themselves with local ressources. The migrant crisis of 2015 deeply divided the EU and the members have since shown a tougher stance on migration, Erdogan's Turkey playing a game of blackmailing the EU about potentially opening migration routes to the EU is something which showed Russia that controlling migration routes can be some sort of leverage to be used against the EU.

So Russia is trying to gain presence in Africa for 2 reasons linked to that: 1. With influence in countries migrants leave from/go through with hopes of reaching the EU, they'll have a card to play to get something from the EU in exchange for their cooperation with whatever migration policy the EU will want to put in place, or straight up go against that policy to try to destabilize the EU. And 2. If these countries stay unstable enough, this will keep a steady stream of potential migrants to the EU open.

TLDR: Russia's Africa policy isn't really about Africa, it's about the EU's migration policy.


k3surfacer t1_ja8d269 wrote

Maybe, when safe, give back african artifacts as a sign of understanding of colonial past? Africans are kind to history.


damienDev t1_ja97emx wrote

yep just leave, let them enjoy their genocide and playing with wagner/china.


Plsdontcalmdown t1_ja9epog wrote

It actually is worrying how much Russians have advanced in some parts of Africa, by "diplomacy", aka bribery.


komeslaze t1_ja8pgy2 wrote

There shouldn't be any "French military strategy in Africa".

Just leave like Meloni told you.


tnarref t1_jaaah9m wrote

Right, let's just let Russia be the most influential power in the countries on the migration routes to the EU, great idea.


macross1984 t1_ja9hgj0 wrote

Does France realize what they did in Africa was not taken kindly by locals?


Im_so_little t1_jabf4el wrote

The only thing that France can do to gain more influence in Africa is to help put Africa on a path to true autonomy over itself and it's resources.

The west treats it like a giant farm and mining operation. No wonder overall Africa wants to get away.


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YizzWarrior t1_jac31jb wrote

TL;DR since africa is being exploited regardless of our disgust to it .we should take it over by any means to develop it while regulating the raw resources and working conditions of people. Its hideous and disgusting but its the fastest way to stop exploitation .



Western block should depose unfavourable leaders in Africa that hinder the development of their nations also punish Western companies / politicians who exploited the regions Congo should be taken our for humanitarian and industrial reasons. For every dollar that comes out of Congo in terms of cobalt etc. should be spent on developing regions infrastructure ;school , hospitals , roads etc. Yes Europeans have brutally colonized the region in the past but its still going on under the name of corrupt local politicians and greedy global corp. Under the flag of UN or EU strategic and humanitarian regions should be taken over by force and ruled until local population reaches some levels of modernity. Leaving the african nations "alone" only causes them to collapse due to extensive foreign involment.


bpooqd t1_jacbj6g wrote

The racism aside that's the standard western schtick, you still live under this false assumption that western countries want african countries to develop and prosper. That there is this genuine liberal interest that prioritizes african nations own self interests, over the interests of western nations and multinational corporations. But the west will never sacrifice its own interests over the people of africa, there will never be a situation where a foreign nation gains influence and power over an african nation and uses that power to actually help that nation succeed and be able to stand on its own and be able to assert its own interests. There will never be a win-win scenario where everyone is happy and prosperous.

This is a liberal fantasy. It seems no matter how often historically this is proven wrong, western people can never let go of this delusion. No matter how much micro managing of african nations economies the western nations do, no matter how much power and influence they have, you will never see the obvious connection to their impoverishment. The only way african nations will ever succeed is if they become actually sovreign nations, but the second this happens, the west will sanction them into collapse or invade them outright.


YizzWarrior t1_jaci69r wrote

Your comment only states the issue I acknowledge also agree everything you say but it doesn't give a solution. Btw I dont think I am racist to underdeveloped parts of the world when I say they are exploited by the West or China and that's the reason they can't develop not because they are inferior. Your last sentence is the summary of the problem so I am only going to talk about that. I think the only way to break western or eastern intervention to Africa is by force. Eliminate all Wagner , corporate, Chinese mercenaries. Eliminate local forces who terrorise the people for power like what el salvador does. Than nationalize cobalt mines , make a collective fund like Norwegian oil fund . Buy cobalt in decent price instead of cheaping out send the money to the fund mentioned. Spend the money in the fund to build infrastructure in those countries. Also do not put a democratic government until population reaches certain point of education ( academic). But gather local leaders to address their issues as a nation wide parliament will get corrupted shortly because population is just not educated. Last part is the main reason my country Turkey is failing. Imposing western style government on uneducated masses causes it to fail in time. We should form an interim government controlled by forces that have all their actions monitored publicly (I am talking GPS position, live cams of police; continous Voice recordings of officials monitored by AI stuff).Afterwards the local authorities can form a their own unique form of government adhering to their cultural norms. Otherwise we are just imposing our own governance style on to them like we have done in the past. İdk wanna talk more here is TLDR; My argument is it's okey to hurt few people now instead let more people suffer in the future. Also developing rest of the world meanw more Amazon customer Jeff would love it so give more money to them


wabashcanonball t1_jaak8jr wrote

How about decolonizing Africa instead?


OdysseyTag t1_jaa73j6 wrote

Hope Francophone Africa speaks loudly and unapologetically.


Old_Substance_7389 t1_jab8ty0 wrote

I wonder if the African leaders will show him the same respect Putin did and stick him at the end of a 30 foot long table. I still don’t think he has figured that one out.


Senator_45 t1_ja8lg21 wrote

African countries should completely cut ties with colonialist countries


pk10534 t1_ja9atao wrote

What possible benefits would African nations see by cutting off all ties with Europe? Sounds like a knee-jerk reaction that would ultimately hurt Africa rather than help it.



But them Wagner chaps are good folk, right?


Senator_45 t1_ja8qbkh wrote

Russia included



>Many scholars contend that Russia cannot be classified as a colonial empire because it expanded only within its own continent.

The clarification is necessary.


danielcanadia t1_ja9oc7g wrote

This a bizarre definition. You don't need to cross ocean to make a colony. Establishing a settlement in large numbers the only requirement for colonial empire imo.


Senator_45 t1_ja8qsat wrote

I see them as colonialists, as they have political influence over many central Asian countries.

Now they are in Ukraine



How is that not covered by the quote?


Senator_45 t1_ja8rk7t wrote

I don't know what you mean, regardless even Russia should keep out of Africa.

As any other major powers that has supported dictators, coups, harsh economic sanctions etc.



Totally agree.

Criticism is good, unless it's being applied unevenly. Keep an eye out for how often posts and comments exclusively call out the First World, while staying mum about the Second. Reddit is rife with this contrarian mentality.


Boat_Worker t1_jabdlbi wrote

It’s a semantic distinction, for all intents and purposes Siberia was like the American frontier.


Exocet6951 t1_ja983bt wrote

I take it that also includes financial aid and migration treaties which lets countries have relaxed rules for studying abroad?

Seems like people always forget about those, and are offended on behalf of those countries.


ShiningPak t1_jabzh2d wrote

My man knows what China et Russia are doing right now 👍👍👍👍


frankenfork123 t1_ja9g8z1 wrote

If we’re liberating Ukraine and Taiwan, why should France have any control over Africa?


EdHake t1_ja9ziqs wrote

>Macron flies to Africa to counter waning French influence

This look more like a good bye trip than a will to salvage anything.

Macron wanting to get out of there, isn't a bad idea. France is isolated in Africa, with US&Uk/Muslim Brotherhood/Russia/China doing everything possible to destabilise the region.

With China massively investing overthere and US intention to invest the area, Africa looks more and more like the battlefield those two decided for their proxiwar.


takcho t1_jab243j wrote

The imperialist mentality is live and well


Axial-Precession t1_jaac46x wrote

Worried Ruzzian/China influence is going to cause africa to dump their French peg and start a local currency headed up by Nigeria


DolemiteGK t1_jaalhwe wrote

They don't need your bitch ass ripping them off anymore Frenchie


Henry1916 t1_jaambf7 wrote

I think that’s going to take some good old imperialism and the 13dble.


Catlenfell t1_ja9nib8 wrote

You don't have a colonial empire anymore, dude. Just give them some aid.


Au_Bord_De_L_eau t1_jabq5ca wrote

You realize france send billions of euros to african countries each year?


ytaqebidg t1_jaah0xf wrote

A good step for France, would be to give their colonies independence.


Uptown-Dog t1_ja9lzw3 wrote

If you want to get a better understanding of just how massively and systematically evil France is when it comes to neocolonialism and their exploitation of their ex colonies, this video - France secretly owns 14 countries -

To the coward who posted a bullshit link that supposedly refutes what I said but then blocked me so I couldn't respond, you're so transparent it's utterly ridiculous. Oh, and I posted a response to their rubbish "takedown" (that is just long and wrong) of the video . The underlying thesis of the video is absolutely accurate: neocolonialism is 100% a thing and completely invisible to 99% of everyone in first world nations. Doesn't mean it's not a bone in the throat of every third world nation, and utterly indefensible.


FrozenIceman t1_ja9xsdw wrote

Well as long as he isn't sending the Foreign Legion to assassinate a bunch of people like last time this happened...


Phaedryn t1_jaa3eh6 wrote

The Legion never left Africa. It's there today.


FrozenIceman t1_jaa54es wrote

The Foreign Legion is being sent to assassinate people in Africa today?

Well it sucks to be a Francophone then...


thinkyoufool t1_ja9ko5k wrote

A colonialist is always a colonialist. Macron you little rat, you cant even make a difference or dent in the history of rich French political scene.


Au_Bord_De_L_eau t1_jabpyvi wrote

French fighters die to help Mali in defending from AlQaida. You should really do not judge france from the french policy existing 100 y ago.