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LeGuizee t1_ja93v4y wrote

When the African will wake up they will realize that most of their strategic infrastructures are owned by China. But Because its not due to direct colonization they don’t see what is coming.


der_titan t1_ja96q1u wrote

Even putting aside the ravages of colonialism, the IMF and World Bank have their own disastrous records in Africa creating export and debt traps that have devastated nations.

It's paternalistic to imply that an entire continent is naive rather than making informed choices.


guysguy t1_ja9eypg wrote

Yes. African countries are all stupid. That’s why they don’t see how the IMF‘s and WorldBank offerings are great but the Chinese investment offerings are terrible. If only they could see how China will do the exact same thing we’ve been doing for hundreds of years.


Cytizens9320 t1_ja9ig0w wrote

There's few African leaders that have their countries best interest. i can count them with one hand


SignificantOkra7208 t1_jaankuj wrote

I didn't realize Africans had the monopoly on selfish leaders, the African populace must be really stupid.


Stormwind-Champion t1_jaax7h9 wrote

yeah cuz the africans are dumb and they don't know what's best for their own countries. instead they should listen to you


bobby_j_canada t1_jab5ms8 wrote

Ah yes, because those silly Africans don't know what's good for them and need a clever Westerner to make decisions on their behalf, right?


Venvut t1_ja9xsc2 wrote

They don’t care because China is an idiot to think they’d ever repay them. China is already struggling with this.


Chubbybellylover888 t1_jaaxwg6 wrote

Eh... Look up the African Frank. France has had economic sovereignty over most of western Africa for over half a century post-decolonisation.

It never stopped.

Russia and China are new to the game with regards to Imperialism in Africa. European nations are a full very much making bank on their exploits.

I say this as an EU citizen.