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Traveller_Guide t1_j9v44r3 wrote

One day in 2022, Putin found a monkey's paw. "Oh Monke Paw," Putin asked the paw "If I invade Ukraine, will I be successful?"

The paw answered "My son, if you invade Ukraine, in one year your tanks will ride through the streets of Berlin."

And so things went.


Galaghan t1_j9v68il wrote

Sounds like a magic mirror. Monkey paws don't speak, they just count with their fingers.


MarkHathaway1 t1_j9w7upf wrote

well written. You have a possible career in journalism.


BriskHeartedParadox t1_j9t8s61 wrote

The Russians get lost or did a Ukrainian farmer drop it off?


JayS87 t1_j9tarpo wrote

Complete story! (You can change the languages in the top right)


bartification t1_j9tbrgo wrote

> Getrieben von einem rassistischen Wahn, setzten sich hunderttausende Terroristen in Bewegung.

You germans have 0 chill and I love it


EinFahrrad t1_j9uwha8 wrote

It's wonderful that they managed to get everything in order in the end but I swear sometimes Germany can be inexplicably, frustratingly, excruciatingly ... German. Berlin truly is a failed state for many reasons but, hands down, this shit could have happened in my small backwater town just the same, step by step. And you wouldn't even need a destroyed tank for that.


[deleted] t1_j9w8onw wrote



mata_dan t1_j9wr6yl wrote

The country that mostly speaks English with the most English speakers (country with just the most speakers is India). And some of the other countries that mostly speak English don't like seeing the Butcher's Apron, or having to click on it identifying with it, so it kind of leaves the US flag as the best international option for the language.


VintageHacker t1_j9tgs9p wrote

Well done Germany! We must stand strong against russian aggression and meddling ,or it will just get worse.


ArticulateAquarium t1_j9xrsjn wrote

You didn't read the article, it seems by your comment.


VintageHacker t1_j9xsrf4 wrote

Actually, I did. What makes you think I didn't ?


ArticulateAquarium t1_j9xt404 wrote

Because the article talks about how lots of Germans are against sending hardware, which makes absolutely no sense to me. I think I understand the reasoning - 20th century history - but still, seems a weird way to justify that stance.


jetelklee t1_j9y2236 wrote

Most people over here are in favour of sending hardware. Today though there is a big protest of "pacifists" who even joined hands with the far right to get their message across.

They are a minority though and simply refuse to understand that Putin cannot be repelled with "pacifism".


ArticulateAquarium t1_j9y38i8 wrote

The article doesn't say it's a minority, it says "the German population is split almost evenly on tank and arms deliveries".

What bothers me more is the 600,000 Germans signing the petition which is "demanding Berlin step up efforts for diplomatic negotiations. “Negotiating does not mean surrendering. Negotiating means making compromises on both sides.."

Elon Musk (is a dick) was saying this and got loads of stick for doing so, as are political members of the far right in the US (who have previously been criticised for being too friendly with Putin).

I don't think there is any reason for backing off one centimetre against Putin's invaders, to let them off in any way is saying it's not so bad invading ex-Soviet countries and committing war crimes against Ukrainians.

Bravo to all the Germans who are for repulsing those invaders in Europe, and Sláva Ukrayíni! Heróiam sláva!


jetelklee t1_j9z5blx wrote

I agree with you 100%. To my knowledge, there hasn't been any comprehensive polling in regard to the German populace's view on the delivery of Leo tanks etc. as of yet.

People are scared of the escalation any major deliveries of arms may cause. They are scared of a full on NATO-Russian war, which is understandable. They criticise NATO's eastward expansion as well as the USA's imperialist/militarist stance now and in the past. They shout "peace" but ignore Russia's utter disregard toward Ukraine's right to even exist. They are apologists and choose to ignore that Russia basically wants to eradicate Ukraine as a culture / sovereign nation.

To many, the situation is a dilemma, which is why they draw historical comparisons to US American illegitimate wars of the past.


VintageHacker t1_ja12l30 wrote

The main point of the article, is they installed a dead russian tank outside the russian embassy. My response to that was. Well done Germany!

The secondary part of the article talked about the difficulty of getting various parties to agree to that and commentary as to why and they pointed towards hesitancy or opposition to supplying certain weapons. My response to that was - we must stand strong or it will get worse. This was to counter the idiots that think holding hands and sucking russias dick will work for the long term.


ArticulateAquarium t1_ja1t4mq wrote

I thought "Well done [the whole of] Germany" was a bit generous, is all, plus the ones who are seemingly supportive of Putin really exasperate me - just as do the US GoP members who are saying similar.

The bombed out tank is a bit of genius imagery, though.


VintageHacker t1_ja6unbe wrote

Ah, I see now where you were coming from. Yes, the far left in Germany seem a bit too helpful towards russia for my liking.


ArticulateAquarium t1_ja7a024 wrote

It's the left in Germany?! How on earth do they and American far right crazies agree on anything? Must be the fascism.


VintageHacker t1_ja7ml0k wrote

Russia plays both sides. Their goal is to weaken. They started with the left and are so entrenched, most lefties have no idea how much of their ideology was originally sponsored by the Kremlin. The right wing infiltration seems to be a more recent phenomenon. Left and right have always been two wings of the same bird.


Ramental t1_j9txst6 wrote

Die Linke and AfD are as never united together at sucking putin's dick. I wish they cared about Germany as much as dictator's well-being.


didistutter69 t1_j9wf96j wrote

Translated to English: "I then received an acknowledgment of receipt. And then, quite soon, a rejection. I don't understand why the case was rejected. One allegation was that people might have died in the tank. That's quite possible, but here's a life hack: Don't commit war crimes in the neighboring country if you don't want to die in the tank! I've lived by this motto for 40 years and so far I've been spared all anti-tank mines and rocket launchers. This is so easy. But that was not the end of the drama."

This man personifies the Germans that I know and work with.


VegasKL t1_j9v7u88 wrote

**parked outside Russian embassy in Berlin

For clarity.


alien_ghost t1_j9v4c1f wrote

The title for this article on another subreddit is "The Second Worst Thing An Artist Has Done To Russia".


StickAFork t1_j9usgki wrote

Destroyed Russian tank that is.


Hobo_Knife t1_j9w1nb0 wrote

Well I’ll be damned, they DID get tank to Berlin.


MajCassiusStarbuckle t1_j9td3nc wrote

Destroy it.


amontpetit t1_j9tiwuk wrote

I’m certainly no tank expert but, uh, looks pretty non-useable to me


AnBearna t1_j9uanm5 wrote

Oh I’m sure after this is over there will be a lot of Russian metal melted down in Ukraine.


awsumsauces t1_j9v46s0 wrote

Even their metal is poor quality and not military grade. Probably worth recycling for some other purpose though.


HaloGuy381 t1_j9vibym wrote

The Putinite mining and smelting industry will help Ukraine get back on their feet a bit.


Traveller_Guide t1_j9v4kdf wrote

The crew burned to death inside when the vehicle's ammunition exploded. Can't get much more destroyed than that without resorting to atomization.